7 Reasons you don't want to miss the Micah 6:8 Conference

1. Your feelings when listening to Jen Hatmaker.


Featured speaker Jen Hatmaker, New York Times best-selling author, mother and justice advocate will have you laughing so hard you might cry and clap just like Oprah! Learn more about Jen and her family at jenhatmaker.com

2. How you will feel after participating in workshops led by outstanding thought-leaders in advocacy, ministry, ethics, and justice.


We have over 25 thought provoking workshops led by experts ready to give you practical tips for building and strengthening your justice, mercy and advocacy ministry.

3. How the young people in your church will feel when you attend with them.


The Barna Group found millennial Christians are more likely to stay engaged with churches where they are shown how Christians can positively contribute to society.

4. How you feel after participating in discussions on pivotal cultural topics including human trafficking, payday lending, racial issues, mental illness, public schools, Christian community development and more.

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Workshops include: Biblical Justice and the Problem of Everyday Violence led by Mark Moore from the International Justice Mission; Christians and Public Schools-Together for the Common Good featuring State Representative Jimmie Don Aycock; and, Broken Together--the Mental Health Puzzle led by licensed counselor Katie Swafford. For the full list of workshops, visit texasbaptists.org/micah68.

5. When you have the opportunity to network and meet with justice advocates and ministry leaders from around the state.


The Micah 6:8 Conference is a great way to build your personal and professional network among justice-minded Christians in Texas.

6. It's in San Antonio so you know what that means!


Tacos! Tex-Mex for the win!

7. Your feelings after you learn new things, make new friends, and have a stomach full of delicious queso.


We hope you will join us March 31-April 1 in San Antonio for the Micah 6:8 Conference! To purchase your tickets, visit texasbaptists.org/micah68.