To many in the Baptist world, Advent is a relatively new practice. But, it has ancient roots tied to expecting and welcoming the coming of the Savior. We observe Advent in the days leading up to Christmas when we celebrate the delivery of that Savior.

The four Sundays of Advent showcase hope, peace, love and joy culminating on Christmas with Christ who embodies and offers these attributes. The order in which these appear in celebrating Advent often depends upon the type of church, but the meanings are the same.

Hope, peace, love and joy are great words, concepts and truths which Christians are to celebrate and embody. We are to receive these from Christ and to showcase them to the world.

  • Hope is positive expectations – the absence of fear.
  • Peace is a practiced calmness – the absence anger and resentment.
  • Love is the actions of caring – the absence of self-interest.
  • Joy is excitement experienced with people – the absence of worry and doubt.

Be a Merry Christmas.

Pedal hard.

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