Angie Carter

It all starts with a relationship. Most people won't respond to something that doesn't feel genuine – be real, vulnerable, and honest, and God will do the rest

Name: Angie Carter

Spouse: Nathan

Children: None, just a cat

Ministry: Hispanic Evangelism

Position: Events Coordinator

Number of years: 10.5, will be 11 in the summer

Where did you grow up?

Elsa, TX in the Rio Grande Valley

How old were you when you became a Christian and what is the strongest memory about that time?

I was in the 4th grade and I remember it was at a revival at my uncle's church in Manvel, TX. The great evangelist Homer Martinez was preaching, and I have loved his sermons ever since.

Where did you do your undergrad?

Baylor University – Sic 'Em Bears!

If you did any post-graduate work, where did you attend and what degree did you earn?

I got my Masters in Writing & Publishing from Emerson College in Boston, MA

What are you most passionate about? How does this play into your daily life?

I love my family, they're what excite me. I think about things I've learned from them daily to inspire me.

As the Hispanic Evangelism Event Coordinator, what event has always been the most challenging to plan? Most rewarding? What lessons have you learned from event planning that you'd like to share with our readers?

Most challenging and most rewarding is the same – Congreso. It is an ever-growing and changing event for students, and as students evolve and grow, so does the event. The number one lesson I've learned is to expect the unexpected – major details can change at the last minute, but that's when you put your faith in the Lord and amazing things happen.

What events are coming up this year that you feel our readers should put on their calendar?

We are celebrating 51 years of Congreso this year! We'll be at my alma mater again, Baylor University, April 24-25, for an amazing time of worship and inspiration. We'll also be having our Hispanic Evangelism Conferences: February 21-22 in San Antonio, and March 13-14 in Jacksonville.

If they could bottle your personality, what would the label read?

CAUTION: Contents May Cause Uncontrollable Laughter

If you could host a dinner party and invite any four people, dead or alive, whom would you invite?

I love to laugh so it would have to be people who make me laugh the most: my uncle Ray, who passed in 2001 from brain cancer, who was the biggest prankster I know; my nephew Max, who is like a mini-version of my uncle; and two of my favorite comedians, Cristela Alonzo and Brian Regan.

You work with such a broad array of people in Hispanic Evangelism, from youth to pastors to senior adults. What about your work excites you most?

I love meeting people from different parts of our state, and hearing how God is working where they are.

What is one piece of advice you give to someone about evangelism?

It all starts with a relationship. Most people won't respond to something that doesn't feel genuine – be real, vulnerable, and honest, and God will do the rest.

What is one thing most people don't know about you?

I have stayed in the castle used in the movie, "The Sound of Music", but I have never seen the movie.

If your life had its own soundtrack consisting of 5 songs, what would they be?

Hmm, this is difficult paring down to only 5 as I love so many different kinds of songs, but here's my best attempt:

  1. "Clocks" by Coldplay;
  2. "January Rain" by David Gray;
  3. "Under Pressure" by David Bowie & Queen;
  4. the hymn "It is Well With My Soul"; and
  5. "September" by Earth, Wind, & Fire.

What was your best find while thrift shopping?

This could take all day asthrift shopping is one of my favorite things to do in life, but probably a cashmere sweater for $2. FYI, I know all the good places in Dallas, I will hook you up.

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