Bigger than the ball pit

There we were standing at the opening of the ball pit and tunnel at a local kids' pizza and play place.

I was trying to convince my young boy that he could jump in, play and then come out the other end, but he was simply refusing out of fright. He could see other boys and girls in there having fun, but apparently wasn't as concerned about their safety.

Not wanting to have a boy afraid of taking calculated risks, I kept encouraging him to enter and explaining how it worked, "You jump in here, play around a bit then crawl out the other side. You'll be fine." He was apparently still calculating his risks.

I was standing there calculating my risks as well. If he doesn't try this, he won't try sports, he won't take creative opportunities, his life is over at age 3. Yes, I was being a little dramatic.

So, to boldly go where no one has gone before, or at least no one of my age: I jumped in the ball pit (making a mental note to shower exceptionally well later). I played around a little then went under the level where I couldn't be seen. I then stood back up and our son ended his frantic searching for daddy.

Then, to my relief, he jumped in too.

All it took was for someone to go ahead of him and show him that it's ok. To prove that I'm bigger than the ball pit and wouldn't lead him into something that would harm him.

That's exactly what Jesus did when he went to the grave and conquered it. Jesus showed us we have nothing to fear in death by going there before us, then coming back showing that He's bigger than death. He went beyond the grave to be able to reach back to us, extend his hand and saying, "I've got this and I've got you. Trust in me."

He Is Risen Indeed.

Pedal harder.

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