It starts earlier in some stores. It starts earlier in some people. The sights, sounds, foods of Christmas are in full swing around us.

For most people, it's a time of cheer filled with family and buying gifts for people. Gifts are great. I love giving gifts to family and friends. This year, a giving highlight was to random children selected from an "Angel Tree" on whom we went way over any reasonable budget for a child.

After all, giving is the reason we celebrate Christmas at all. God gave us a gift, His son. It didn't cost money, but it wasn't cheap. That gift of a Savior who became flesh lived among us and experienced life and death. He is here with us, Immanuel.

Giving at Christmas is a representation of and remembrance of God's gift. Perhaps we should make giving a little less about purchasing and a lot more about gifting our life with family, friends and not-yet-friends.

Be a Merry Christmas.

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