Church Starting Profile: Marty Mosher

Today, please welcome Church Starter for Area 6, Marty Mosher!

Marty has been a Church Starter with Texas Baptists for a little over a decade. He started ten years ago on September 1. When asked to tell the story of how he was hired, Marty says, "It was clearly a God thing. I was in my third year as the planting pastor of The Fellowship at Plum Creek, and called the Texas Baptists Church Starter for my area about land loans and discovered he had retired and there was no one in the position." Marty then talked with the Director about what Texas Baptists was looking for in replacing that position. Three weeks later, Marty was hired. He hadn't even been looking for a new job! Marty goes on to say, "They even let me stay part time at the church plant for a period of time to bring in an Associate Pastor and then lead a transition to him as the Pastor."

Marty's official title is Church Starter for Area 6, including Austin and all of its surrounding cities.

"That may sound like I am the Church Planter. I'm not. I work with the church planter, the sponsor pastor and the local association to facilitate a church starting process."

We asked Marty to explain his role as a Church Starter and a member of the team. "Sometimes it is said that my job is to eat BBQ and Mexican food all over Central Texas with folks who want to start churches for people who don't go to church! I do that, but I also facilitate Assessment, Coaching, Strategic Planning, Funding, Accountability and Prayer Support – A complete partnership with Church Planter, Sponsor Church, Association and State Convention. I drive over 4,000 miles a month, but it sure beats having a job! Seriously, helping people start churches which reach unchurched people is a passion and a calling; I believe God has called me to be a Missionary to Central Texas, and it IS a mission field."

If you'd like to get in touch with Marty, feel free to email him at .

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