Church Starting Profile: Meagan Stewart

Today, meet Meagan Stewart! Ministry Assistant for Areas 2 and 5.

Meagan has worked for Texas Baptists since March of 2014, after she met Paul Atkinson when he preached one Sunday at her church. "In his sermon he mentioned a people group from Burma called the Karen people. I was doing an internship with the International Rescue Committee at the time, and I worked with Karen refugees. So I went up to him after the service to talk to him about his sermon. He talked about what he does at the Texas Baptists, and my mom asked if he had any paid positions available (as my internship was unpaid). I was immediately extremely embarrassed, my embarrassment quickly turned to hope when Paul replied that he was actually looking for a ministry assistant in his department. He told me to send in my application and résumé and we would set up an interview. After much prayer, I was hired."

Meagan is the Ministry Assistant for areas 2 and 5, Gary Patterson and Mateo Rendon respectively. Meagan handles the administrative work for the new church starts in those areas. She processes monthly reports that the new planters submit and send out their funding. "When planters have questions about pretty much anything, their ministry assistant is who they call. I work with the church starters to do our part in ensuring that our new church starts become successful churches doing the work of the Kingdom."

If you'd like to contact Meagan, you may email her at meagan.stewart [at], or visit our page.

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