Church Starting Profile: Melody Rich

Today, please welcome Melody Rich to the blog! Melody is the Ministry Assistant for Areas 4 and 6.

Melody has been working for Texas Baptists since July 8, 2015. For over twelve years, Melody has dreamed of moving to Dallas. "After applying for dozens of jobs in the retail and fashion field, God showed me this. I was unfamiliar with Texas Baptists, though I'd grown up in a Baptist church. My mom and sister, who attends Truett Seminary, a Baptist institution, suggested I try there. I applied and a week later came in for computer testing. I had originally applied for a ministry assistant position in Communications, but on my way out of the building I met Paul Atkinson, the Director of Church Starting. I learned that Paul was also looking for a ministry assistant. We talked for about an hour, and the next Monday I came in for a formal interview. At the end of the interview, Paul offered me the job! All around a cool God thing."

Melody is the Ministry Assistant for Areas 4 and 6, assisting Roy Cotton and Marty Mosher. "My job is to deal with the administrative side of planting churches. I deal with weekly check requests, preparing for monthly meetings and anything in between. As ministry assistants, we are the connection between the pastors and the process. Also, a sweet bonus with my job is social media. I get the opportunity to personalize and represent our department on Twitter, Facebook and this blog!"

If you would like to get in touch with Melody, you may email her at [at], or visit our page.She would also love for you to follow the Church Starting Twitter @TXBChurchStart!

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