Church Starting Profile: Paul Atkinson

Paul Atkinson is the Director of Church Starting. He has been with Texas Baptists for over 16 years! Before Paul began his career with Texas Baptists, he was Director of Missions at Golden Triangle Baptist Association in Beaumont, TX. There he worked with Bernie Spooner in the Sunday School department developing a training program called "Jesus Cares 2000". Each year, their team trained 1,500 leaders on Sunday School, deacons, evangelism, prayer and missions. During his work there with Bernie Spooner, Paul learned of an opportunity for a church growth consultant with Texas Baptists. Paul served in this position for six years until he was approached to be the Director of Church Starting in 2006.

As director, Paul manages the process he developed by which we plant churches. Church Starting as a whole currently works with approximately 425 churches of all ethnicities, people groups and affinities. From Anglo to Chin and everything in between!

"Our process is unique. We have between a 95-98% success rate. One of the unique things about our process is just that. It's a process. We can equip to any model and start within any model. We start churches that start churches. It's a very non-restrictive process," Paul says.

We are proud to call Paul our leader and appreciate his service and ministry for Church Starting and Texas Baptists!

If you'd like to get in touch with Paul, you can email him at , or visit our page.