In our world of commodities, where we can actually use something up, we tend to pass that trait on to other aspects in our lives and faith where it simply doesn't apply.

One of my favorite commodities is hummus. Yes, I know it's not the best food option, but I do like it. A lot. I do wish they'd re-label those "family size" containers to read "personal size" – I'd feel better about myself … I can and do reach the end of my serving of hummus.

Since we have finite minds, we find it difficult to think of things in unlimited quantities. That limitation doesn't change the fact that there are aspects and actions that are unlimited in abundance.

Love, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness are a few aspects of a Christian that are not diminishing commodities. They are in abundance from God and should flow from us as abundantly as we receive them.

Pedal hard.

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