Get to know: Clay Carter

  1. Where do you serve and what is your role?

    I serve at FBC Perryton as the Student and Education Minister.

  2. Most influential book you've read in the past two years?

    One book that has impacted me, which I just finished, is "Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom" by Rob Rienow. Great book that challenges ministers on the effectiveness of current ministry practices.
  3. Who is the one person who has had the most impact on your ministry?

    My youth pastor, Jerry Pritchett, who was my youth minister my junior and senior year of high school.
  4. What I love most about youth ministry is . . .

    Seeing students come to know Christ and mature in their walk.
  5. If I could see anyone in concert it would be . . .

    DC talk … old school.
  6. If I could go anywhere on vacation it would be to . . . (and why you would go there)

    Panama City, Florida or Hawaii … I love the beach.
  7. One thing that about me that surprises most people is . . .

    I'm a pretty sensitive and shy guy.
  8. Tell us about your call to ministry.

    When I was seventeen I felt God calling me to serve Him in ministry. God used a youth minister, Jerry Pritchett, in my life and two mission trips my senior year that helped confirm my call to ministry. At the time, I did not realize he was calling me to full time ministry but as I continued to seek and serve Him in my life He showed me that He was leading me to full time youth ministry.
  9. What is one of your spiritual gifts and how does it impact your ministry?

    God has used the gift of teaching in my ministry on a daily basis. It has been awesome and a joy seeing students mature and moving on to serving Christ in their lives after going through our church's ministry.
  10. Where is the best place to eat in your city?

    Margarita's steak house.
  11. If someone gave you $1,000 for your youth ministry, what would you do with it?

    I would use that to help scholarship students to camp and to help improve our youth area.
  12. If someone gave you $1,000 what would you do with it?

    I would put that toward tuition at NOBTS.
  13. Top 3 hobbies you have (or things you enjoy in your free time)

    Enjoying time with my wife and children, riding dirt bikes and water skiing.
  14. Favorite passage of Scripture and why?

    Philippians 4:13 has been my favorite scripture for years because I know that it is only through Christ's strength that I am able to do anything of value.
  15. If you could spend a day with any historical figure (not in the Bible) who would it be?

    I would love to sit down with one of our founding fathers.
  16. If you could spend a day with anyone alive today who would it be?

    I think it would be interesting to sit down with Mel Gibson and talk about struggles in life, as an actor, and struggles living out his faith in his private and public life.
  17. What is your favorite thing about Conclave?

    I love going to Conclave to refuel and connect with other youth ministers.
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