Light it up

Returning home from the D.C. area after Thanksgiving, I noticed a certain glow about the DFW area and know that TXU will have another green Christmas.

The Christmas lights are up and on houses, trees, bushes, walkways, driveways, shingles and blades of grass. I've even found a few cars, children and animals with portable Christmas lights strung about them. This reminds me of one of my Christmas traditions – watching Christmas Vacation at least once. Along with that tradition, from Black Friday through Christmas Eve, I daily post on Facebook a random quote from that movie.

"Is your house on fire, Clark?" –Aunt Bethany

The "Rudolf Effect," as I'll name it, of attaching lights to anything that doesn't run away isn't unique to Texas, but it's certainly done bigger here. Prairie Lights is an excellent example. If you are unfamiliar with that, it's a drive-through light exhibit in a Grand Prairie city park along the banks of Joe Pool Lake. Prairie Lights boasts over 4 million lights and 2 miles of driving path. It's kinda big.

"The little lights…they aren't twinkling." -Art

But why do we do lights? Well, without doing research and relying on my own experiences, I've found that cut garland, wreaths and once-live decorations simply dry up in our 70-degree Christmas season weather. This same reason is why we have an artificial tree at home instead of a lovely-smelling live cut tree. Well, that and my wife's rather vivid visual of it catching fire.

Then the house.

Then the neighborhood.

Then the city.

You see how it could ruin the holidays...

So in lieu of frosted windowpanes, snow covered wreaths and boughs of holly, roll out the miles of LED and show your Christmas spirit. After all, we are to be the light of the world and hey, you may get a thank you card from TXU.

Pedal harder,
The Texas Baptistist

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