Do you know people who are cheap? I don't mean responsible with money, I mean just won't or hates to give or spend money?

Christians are to live generously. We are to give our money and ourselves to God and to others. But what's the opposite of generous? Miserly. God asks us to be cheerful givers. This helps place the appropriate priority on our money and time.

In my experiences, I've found that the more generous a person is, the happier he/she is. I've also found the opposite to be true. The more miserly one is, the more miserable he/she is. Did you think of someone you know who is cheap? Is he/she a genuinely happy person? Doubtful.

A miserly person is usually miserable because simply living takes money, which means they have to spend it. Going to work costs fuel or a mass transit ticket. Eating costs money – be it at a grocery store or at a restaurant. They have to part with that which they most desire to hold on to.

Often a miserly person looks to others, perhaps a generous person, to pay for something. It's not that they are looking for a handout; it's just easier to allow someone else to part with their cash.

We are not meant to hoard anything given by God. And since every good gift comes from above, we are to share our wealth, our day and our love. I'd like to think that by giving more those we know who are cheap and miserable would find a new way of living.

Pedal harder.

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