Openly carry

Well, we are a few weeks into Texas' open carry law which states that those certified can openly carry a handgun. I didn't know we were the 42nd state to allow open carry. C'mon Texas, thought we were heavier into the gun love than most states.

Anyway, in these first few weeks, I have seen exactly zero people carrying a handgun openly. Which, personally, I think is a smart option. Why? Because in the off chance that you are in a situation when you would need your firearm for protection, having one showing could very well make you the primary target.

So, why are we excited about openly carrying? Well, it speaks about one's image (that's my opinion). The items one chooses – clothes, car, shoes – are all reflections of that individual. Carrying a handgun openly and the type of handgun displayed both speak of the wearer. Some people will see it as a positive reflection of you – others will not.

As followers of Christ, I suggest openly carrying love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Embodying these fruits of the spirit first requires that we are filled with the Spirit and, as importantly, draws people to the Christ in you.

Pedal hard.
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