Saddle Up

Today (May 10), starts the first day of the 6th Bike Out Hunger – Texas event, which raises awareness of, and money for ending the cycle of hunger in Texas.

The annual event started as a "Hey, what if …" in the fall of 2009 with the first ride, a six-day 400-mile expedition, in Spring 2010. Of the original small group, four cyclists are riding with us this week and have made all six weeklong rides.

This one "what if" has grown into an organization that reaches more people and impacts more lives each year. This year, there are 8 single-day rides in Texas, one six-day ride, two triathlons and an international ride in Italy – all combining people's cycling/triathlon passion with their desire to help people. For 2016, we are branching into more states and establishing more single day rides in Texas.

One of the reasons I love Bike Out Hunger is it pairs two of my favorite things: cycling and helping end hunger. I'm passionate about both and fortunate enough to have created a way combine them for thousands of people.

My encouragement to you is to find the things you love doing and do them - even if you have to start something daunting.

My ask of you is that you would support our efforts to raise money for feeding our hungry neighbors through the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. You can give at this link or sponsor me as I ride 500 miles and climb over 16,000 feet (Texas isn't as flat as you think if you know the roads to take).

Pedal harder.
Rand Jenkins

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