Sanctity of Marriage

Over the past few months there has been an outcry over the "Sanctity of Marriage."

I hold my marriage and that covenant between us and God in the highest regard. Apparently that's not all that common of a belief. There were 32 million names released through the Ashley Madison hack. For the three of you who don't know, Ashley Madison is a website dedicated to helping married couples cheat on their spouse.

As Christians, this information should outrage us as much as any other affront to our beliefs. Thing is, a lot of fellow Christ followers were among the 32 million names. This shows that we are all imperfect. It also shows that we rate other people's sins worse than our own.

Everyone needs grace.

A current song by St. Vincent has the line, "Jesus saves, and I spend grace."

I'm unsure of St. Vincent's (real name is Anne Erin Clark) religious convictions, but this phrase seems to sum up a lot of truth.

Pedal hard.
Rand Jenkins

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