State hat

We Texans like claiming things. I guess all states do, but who really cares that much about the state whatever of Oklahoma?

  • Texas state flower: bluebonnet
  • Texas state bird: mockingbird
  • Texas state large animal: longhorn
  • Texas state small animal: armadillo
  • Texas state amphibian: Texas toad
  • Texas state insect: monarch butterfly
  • Texas state tree: pecan
  • Texas state dish: chili
  • Texas state cobbler: peach
  • Texas state fruit: Texas red grapefruit
  • Texas state flying mammal: Mexican free-tailed bat

If you want a much longer list of official Texas state items, click here.

A new official state item is in the works. This year, a representative from Houston started an effort to get the cowboy hat named as the state hat. Well, with the state sport as rodeo, what else would our hat be?

Pedal harder.

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