Texas Baptist Missions Foundation

Department: Texas Baptist Missions Foundation

Staffers: Bill Arnold, President; Larry Thomas, Vice President; Bob Feather, Consultant; Marcy Strube, Donor Relations Coordinator; Rita Griffith, Administrative Assistant

Explain your ministry:

The Missions Foundation works with individuals that want to financially support missions in Texas and around the world. We do this by receiving cash and noncash gifts as well as by working with people who want to include missions in their estate plans.

What are the different aspects of the TBMF?

Working with the BGCT staff to determine the opportunities that need support, working with donors who have an interest in providing for those opportunities, and working with donors who want to leave a legacy to missions in their will.

What is a short history of the TBMF?

Thirty years ago the Foundation began with the challenge to help provide the resources to start 2,000 new churches during Mission Texas. We have continued to work with generous Baptists to support mission activities in Texas and around the world.

This year, you're celebrating the foundation's 30th Anniversary. What are some of the most exciting things about this celebration?

It has been particularly inspiring to hear the testimonies of the people that the Missions Foundation has helped, as well as the testimonies of the donors who have provided the resources. The commitment to Christ and a desire to share His love around Texas and the world was evident in the spirit of the people attending our anniversary luncheon.

I love this year's new initiative, "30 ways $1,000 Can Make a Difference." What was the purpose of creating this initiative?

Of course, the "30 Ways" was a reflection of our 30 years of ministry. While we were celebrating the work of the last thirty years, we didn't want to forget about current needs and we wanted an easy way for one person or a group of people to help. The "30 Ways $1,000 Can Make a Difference" booklet is a way for people to give to a specific need, whether individually or together as a group such as a Sunday School class. And we were able to include our BGCT staff in our celebration by asking them to suggest the 30 projects we're currently involved in.

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What projects is the foundation currently working on?

To name a few, we are currently working on: the UNT BSM capital campaign, new church starts, cowboy churches, disaster relief and campus ministry interns.

How did TBMF get involved in the UNT BSM building project?

We offered to help. We have previously raised the funds to replace the BSM buildings at Texas A & M, Stephen F. Austin, and UT-Tyler.

How important is giving in the life of a believer?

It is an essential part of the Christian life. Giving generously of your financial resources allows a believer to have a part in sharing the gospel in places they would never go. It is also an acknowledgement that all we have belongs to God and we are to be stewards.

Are there any projects you see a need for, but currently do not have much financial support? If so, what is the project about?

We need funds to develop ministries with the people who are moving into Texas to work in the oil industry. At the present time, there are 88,000 oilfield workers in Texas with many more coming every day. Our local churches need assistance to minister to them as well as new ways to reach them for Christ.

The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation of Tulsa, Oklahoma has issued a $400,000 challenge grant to Texas Baptists to complete funding for a new Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) building on the campus of University of North Texas (UNT). The total cost of construction is estimated at $2,000,000. Because of what Texas Baptists have already given, only $100,000 is needed to reach this goal.

On September 18, Texas Baptists participated in North Texas Giving Day - a one-day, online giving event that provides North Texas non-profits a unique opportunity for exposure and relationship. This year, our focus was on education; one of the two initiatives, spearheaded by the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation, was to finish raising funds so construction can start on the new BSM building at UNT. Around $30,000* was raised.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and helped in raising these funds. If you are still interested in giving towards the new BSM building, please contact Rita at (214) 828-5343 or give here.

*Official amount raised to be released November 2014.

Interested in learning more about the ministries TBMF helps support? View or download their 30th Anniversary video below.

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