Texas Baptists responds to the ebola crisis in West Africa

Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery has been in communication with the Baptist World Aid Alliance, Liberia Baptist Missionary and Education Convention and the Virginia Baptist Convention regarding the Ebola crisis situation in West Africa. All of these organizations are working with ground personnel in the West African countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, who have reported that the situation is dire.

Due to the persistent fear of the spread of the disease, there has been a shutdown of schools, government offices, worship services, or gatherings of large groups. There is also an increased crisis of food scarcity, leading to starvation in parts of Liberia and Sierra Leone. It has been reported that many area farmers have died, leaving unmanned crops; and a lack of workers resulting in no paychecks.

The most urgent need that we have become aware of in this region is for food in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The lack of food has escalated in-country prices which makes it more economical to ship or truck food in from other areas.

Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery Response:

Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery is partnering with the Virginia Baptist Mission Board through a gift of $5,000 to assist in providing a shipping container of pre-packaged rice and high nutrition meals trucked into the Liberia from South Africa. We are also looking into providing a large shipment of rice and beans to Monrovia, Liberia from the U.S. This food will be distributed to partnering churches, which will distribute to needy communities through the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Education Convention.


Pray for the people of West Africa as they continue to seek ways to survive.

Pray for the ministry leadership and doctors who are working to end the spread of Ebola and provide food to those who are dying of starvation.

Pray for Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery as we ask the Lord to guide us in the ways we can provide more assistance.

More information will be provided as we move forward with assisting where we can during this crisis.