We Hold These Truths - Haggling over small things

"There is too much to be done to haggle over small things."

We live in a broken world that aches for Christ. Until His return, we are to work as Jesus worked. And there is plenty to do.

People are hurting. People are lost.

Atrocities previously unimaginable seem almost commonplace.

A human life isn't seen as important or equal to another's.

The earth is changing climates. Disasters are harsh.

The divide between those who have and those who have not is widening at an astounding pace.

Yet, too often, individuals haggle over how to go about reaching people. We discuss the reason for doing things far more than doing them. We reminisce about how it used to be instead of enacting change.

There are millions of Texans who need to hear the Gospel. Reaching the hurting world should unite us – a common goal exemplified through Christ's life should trump our petty differences.

Let's get to work.
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