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Corpus Christi Hosts First [un]Apologetic Conference

First Baptist Church Corpus Christi hosted its first [un]Apologetic conference south of Highway I-10 on May 5- 6. Three hundred and five people were present.

Brian Hill, pastor of FBC Corpus Christi, said he prayed for over a year for an [un]Apologetic conference to take place in his church. His hopes are that the event "energizes and emboldens" his congregation to better share their faith.

"In an ever growing secular society we cannot just assume people believe God exists and that the Bible is authoritative. We need to be ready to explain why we believe these truths and apologetics helps to remove those roadblocks in... [continue]

Golf Classic Creates Connections, Brings Awareness

The Fourth Annual Texas Baptists Golf Classic was as much a reunion as it was a sporting event.

“We have senior pastors and other church staff, camp and associational directors, institutional leaders, and so many others who participate,” said David Adams, Texas Baptists director of church administration and special projects. “The fellowship is really great to experience, and I have been amazed at how many players come every year from all over the state.”

The Golf Classic took place on April 24 at the Golf Club of Houston with 235 participants from across Texas. Teams were comprised of church ministers, associational leaders... [continue]

Satisfying hunger: A Texas Baptist Hunger Offering story

Even as a small child, Terri knew the meaning of hunger. She was poor for as far back as she could remember. Her mom resorted to writing hot checks to buy food and was eventually imprisoned for it.

Her early life took Terri from one challenge to the next. She dropped out of school in 7th grade. At 14, she started drinking and three years later she was using hard drugs.  

By age 40, Terri had already been in more than one abusive relationship and served a 2.5 year prison sentence for a drug charge. Not long after, she became pregnant. Unsure what her future held and with a new life on the way to care for, Terri sought help. She... [continue]


La prisión no es un lugar en el que las personas esperan encontrar libertad, pero es en donde la encontró Lovinah Igbani.

“En el 2010, cuando mi bebé tenía tres semanas de nacido, fui acusada de manufacturar hidrocodona con intento de distribuirla, dijo Igbani. “Me dieron una condena de ocho años. Mi esposo se quedó con las niñas por aproximadamente 10 meses y después de eso le llevó el bebé a una prima … y a mi hija mayor a vivir con la familia de una amiga de ella.

“[En la prisión] … redediqué mi vida a Cristo y comencé a leer la Biblia por primera vez. Esta relación que le permití a Jesús entablar conmigo fue algo... [continue]

Finding freedom in prison

Editor’s note: April is Second Chances Month for the Christian Life Commission in partnership with Prison Fellowship, celebrating a commitment to re-entry ministries, public policy and helping individuals like Lovinah Igbani find freedom through the Gospel.

Prison isn’t a place where people expect to find freedom. But that’s where it happened for Lovinah Igbani.

“In 2010, when my baby was three weeks old, I was charged with manufacturing with the intent to deliver hydrocodone,” Igbani said. “I was sentenced to eight years. My husband kept the girls for about 10 months and after that, he sent the baby to a cousin … and my... [continue]


No todos tienen fácil acceso a una de las necesidades más básicas: el agua.

Cerca de 25,000 personas en Brewerville, Liberia tienen que caminar de cinco a diez millas cada día para obtener agua potable. A veces el agua ni siquiera está limpia.

Tom Howe, pastor de la Iglesia Bautista Birdville, en Fort Worth, supo de la necesidad a través de la Misión Lott Carey (LCM, por sus siglas en inglés), por medio de las donaciones que su iglesia hizo a la Ofrenda contra el Hambre de los Bautistas de Texas, la cual apoya financieramente a la LCM.

A la iglesia le conmovió la necesidad en Liberia y decidió dar recursos para la torre de agua... [continue]

Texas Baptists to honor Elmin Howell and Paul Stripling with Legacy Awards

This June, Texas Baptists is proud to honor two people who have helped mold the direction and effectiveness of Baptist ministry. The 2017 Legacy Award recipients will be Elmin Howell, founder of Texas Baptists’ River Ministry, and Dr. Paul Stripling, executive director emeritus of the Waco Baptist Association.

Howell helped make it possible for all people, not just clergy, to serve those in need. In 1968, he launched River Ministry for the Baptist General Convention of Texas, to meet the spiritual and physical needs of people on both sides of the border.

During his tenure, 670 churches in Texas and in Mexico plus two new Baptist... [continue]

Texas Baptists churches partner to provide water for struggling Liberian community

Not everyone has easy access to one of the most basic resources – water.

About 25,000 people in Brewerville, Liberia have to walk five to 10 miles a day to get drinking water. Sometimes, the water isn’t even clean.

Tom Howe, pastor of Birdville Baptist Church, in Fort Worth, learned of the need in Lott Carey Mission (LCM) through the donations his church made to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering because LCM is one of the recipients.

The church was moved by the need in Liberia and decided to give to the LCM water tower on top of their Texas Baptist Hunger Offering donation.

On March 26, Birdville Baptist partnered with... [continue]