andrea johnson

I am not a hot shot

Trust is hard for me. Not because I've been let down or burned by people I had once trusted, but because I like to think I don't have to trust people to begin with. I can keep everything inside, and do everything myself. I wish I could be a self-sufficient individual who doesn't need to rely on anyone or anything, but I am not, and it has been made very apparent to me this year.

I went at this past semester, Spring 2015, like I was a hot shot. It was my sixth semester of college, and I thought I knew what I was doing. I signed up for tough classes I was excited for, and continued to be involved on campus and planned to use the... [continue]

Is Your Website Worthy?

Every user who visits your website takes 10 seconds to answer this question. This means you have 10 seconds to hook your user through graphics, images and bold, concise headlines. The thing that will grab your user the quickest is a consistent look and feel. This is easy to achieve with logos and blocks of color, but it gets more difficult when you consider photographs. If you are using photographs from an array of events, it is likely each gives off a different mood through lighting and color. This has the potential to throw off your user and cause them to leave your site. Going into Photoshop and editing the photos to give them... [continue]