annie wells

​The essence of Christianity is the Lordship of Christ

Jesus is the most significant person to live on the face of the world, Paul Powell, dean emeritus at George W. Truett Seminary, shared during a Monday afternoon workshop at the Annual Meeting in Frisco. Speaking on the Lordship of Christ, Powell shared how integral Jesus was in the history of the world.

"The name of Jesus," said Powell, "is not merely written in history, but plowed into history."

Powell explained the importance of the confession that Jesus is Lord and supported the claim through evidence rooted in... [continue]

​Baptism in today's church

On Monday morning of the 2015 Annual Meeting, Stephen Stookey, a fellow of B.H. Carroll Theological Institute, and Dr. Alan Lefever, director of the Texas Baptists Historical Collection, led a workshop on "Believer's Baptism and Church Membership."

Baptism has been the center of the faith since before the Christian church was formed. Presenters asserted if baptism started with John baptizing Jesus, how is that to be imitated in the Church today?

Lefever addressed two areas of conflict concerning baptism: the age of accountability and how churches handle like faith... [continue]