bill arnold

What’s not in your wallet?

If your wallet is like mine, it’s easier to put things into it than take them out. I also find that I want to have all the important personal information with me – just in case. My overly-stuffed wallet sends a message that I have a lot of cash or – these days – credit and debit cards in my wallet. Not that the ladies are exempt – in a store not long ago, I watched a lady dig through a plethora of cards to find the one that had enough credit on it (that’s a subject for another article) to buy what she wanted. Had I slipped one of those cards out of her stack, she would have never missed it until she got the bill.

Even a casual... [continue]

Take a minute to say “thank you” to influencers in your life

Recently it has been my privilege on behalf of the Missions Foundation to participate in the Baylor Oral History project. In preparation for those conversations, they asked me to think back, not only over the 31 years of the life of the Foundation but over the path that led to my being president of this organization.

As is often the case, the journey back down the path found good decisions and bad; opportunities taken and missed; and occasional musings of “what if.” The most significant thing to me, however, was to remember the many, many people who had well-influenced the direction of the path along the way. I realize that I am... [continue]