david adams

Sufficient unto the day

In college, my Greek professor had a standard answer when worried students started asking about the next exam. With a wry smile, he repeated, "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." In other words, don't worry about that yet. (Or as some of us learned to interpret it, today was to be enjoyed because exam day would be a terrible day of judgment … ). Yes, it's biblical. See Matthew 6:34 in your KJV.

Just as students may worry over an upcoming exam, our uncertain world may cause infectious fear and worry within our churches. Severe weather, violence on... [continue]

A Great (Weird) Title

I recently led a discipleship conference for which my title was assigned. It was: "Connecting Naturally and Spiritually with Those You Care about Without Being Weird." Yes, it's probably the weirdest - and longest - conference title I'd ever been given, but it's also a great topic for 21st century discipleship.

Most of us have friends or family members with whom we'd love to have meaningful conversation about spiritual things. Our heart aches for the coworker who seems burdened by life's load, yet remains dispassionately detached from the very One who makes life... [continue]

Start something new after VBS

Year after year we see that Vacation Bible School is the most effective tool most churches have for leading children to Christ. But how effective is your follow up?

In a Sunday morning conference at Ridgecrest a couple of years ago, a minister of education sitting next to me shared that she was trying something different after VBS. Every year she had faithfully assigned new prospect families from VBS to appropriate Sunday School classes, and each class was to follow up. In addition, each family received a phone call from a phone bank of volunteers who genuinely... [continue]