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Let’s get practical about sexual harassment. This is not just about prominent people and the news they generate; it is about regular folks, as well. The #MeToo campaign illustrated the pervasiveness of sexual assault, and sexual harassment is a close cousin. There are varied behaviors that considered to be sexual harassment... [continue]

Sexual harassment needs to be widely addressed at the practical level

Let’s get practical about sexual harassment. This is not just about prominent people and the news they generate; it is about regular folks, as well. The #MeToo campaign illustrated the pervasiveness of sexual assault, and sexual harassment is a close cousin. There are varied behaviors that considered to be sexual harassment... [continue]

Johnson Amendment protects churches from political manipulation

The tax bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and the version now being considered by the Senate would roll back the 1954 law prohibiting partisan political involvement by nonprofit organizations, including churches. This effort to repeal the Johnson Amendment would harm both churches and the American political process. Currently, pastors can speak to any issue that is important to them and their community, but they cannot push particular candidates in their role as pastor. In other words, from the pulpit, pastors can deal with any issue, but not with candidates. And, away from the church, ministers can work for a candidate, but not as part of their work for the church. Any Christian, including any pastor, can endorse and work for any candidate or cause; he or she simply cannot do it as the church organization without the church paying taxes... [continue]


En la medida que nos dolemos por la matanza sin sentido en la FirstBaptist Sutherland Spring, me las he visto difícilpara saber qué decir personalmente a un nivel práctico, y he llegado a esta conclusión: si vamos a vivir en una sociedad que le permita básicamente a cualquier persona tener un arma de asalto, nuestras iglesias y otras organizaciones que se reúnen van a tener que contratar seguridad profesional. Con esto quiero decir principalmente la contratación de oficiales de la policía fuera de servicio para nuestra seguridad.

A muchos de estos servidores públicos no les caería mal un ingreso adicional,pues generalmente no... [continue]

What do we do in the aftermath of another mass shooting?

As we all grieve over the senseless killings at First Baptist Sutherland Springs, I have grappled with what to say personally at a practical level. I have arrived at this: 

If we are going to have a society that allows virtually anyone to have an assault-type weapon, our churches and other organizations that gather are going to have to pay for professional security. By that, I primarily mean the hiring of off-duty law enforcement for security. 

Many of these public servants could use the extra income because communities generally do not pay them well enough. Also, regarding churches, it would be good to establish closer... [continue]

Reformation is always needed because sin persists in the church

Now I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you be in agreement and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same purpose (1 Corinthians 1:10).

Such verses in the Bible make it strange to celebrate the division of the western church, which began 500 years ago. It was not, it seems, Martin Luther’s desire to split the church asunder when he posted his 95 theses to the Wittenberg door. He desired to remove sin from the church -- primarily the selling of indulgences.

It is inappropriate to think it is only the Roman Catholic Church... [continue]


La glamorosa Las Vegas es la muestra más reciente de violencia. La muerte acabó con la ilusión de un festival. Lo que sucedió en Las Vegas no puede permanecer en Las Vegas; se ha convertido en una noticia trágica, el peor tiroteo en la historia de los Estados Unidos. Los aficionados corrieron, y todos quisiéramos poder escapar de la carnicería maligna que se nos aparece en cada esquina.

Oramos; aun los no cristianos oran, y al hacerlo es como si pensáramos que no hay nada más que se pueda hacer.La violencia no debe sorprendernos. Este mundo siempre ha sido un lugar violento y mortal. Empezó cuando Caín mató a su hermano por... [continue]

We voyeurs of violence continue to beget real violence

Glitzy Las Vegas provides the most recent setting of violence. Death punctures the illusion of carnival. What happens in Vegas can no longer stay in Vegas; it has become tragic news, the worst shooting in United States history. The concertgoers ran, and we all wish we could run from the malignant carnage that seems to confront us at all corners.

We pray. Even rather irreligious people pray. And as we pray it is as if we think there is nothing else we need to do.

Violence should not surprise us. This world has always been a violent, deadly place. It started with Cain killing his brother out of petty jealousy (Genesis 4:1-16). And... [continue]


Hace algunos años estuve postrado en una cama de hospital tres horas con dolores agudos causados por piedras en el riñón. La primera inyección de morfina no tuvo mucho efecto; la segunda sí me ayudó.

Ahora leo en el National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): “El fentanilo es un opioide sintético en polvo que sirve como analgésico yes similar a la morfina, pero de 50 a 100 veces más potente”.

Simplemente se me dificulta entender la potencia de esta droga. Temía el poder adictivo de la morfina, pero el fentanilo es una cosa de otro mundo.

Cuando escuchamossobre la crisis de los opioides, pensamos en el fentanilo, y si bien este es... [continue]

Any of us could be the next opioid victim

A few years ago, I lay for three hours on a hospital bed with pain from kidney stones. The first shot of morphine had little impact; the second got me to a much better place.

Now, I read this: “Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic that is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent,” from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

I simply have trouble fathoming the potency of this drug. I feared the addictive power of morphine, but fentanyl is in another world.

When you hear of the opioid crisis, think of fentanyl. It’s a big part of it but not all of it.

It takes a doctor’s prescription to get this schedule... [continue]


El huracán Harvey ha causado muchos daños y ahora Irma se aproxima. A raíz de semejantes tormentas escuchamos a la gente decir: “Dios está en control”.

Puede que los teólogos deseen matizar esta frase, pero para la persona común significa que Dios está en control de todo, incluyendo los desastres naturales. En pocas palabras, debido a que Dios está en control, es Dios mismo quien provoca estas tormentas y la destrucción.

Dios creó un mundo perfecto y,a raíz de la ruina en que lo hemos convertido, Dios tiene “el propósito”, como dicen las Escrituras, de que su creación... [continue]

Good news on school administrator pay from Houston area

This story in today's Houston Chronicle is encouraging in two regards. First, it shows that some high school principals are being paid well. And, second, it reveals that women principals are making as much as men, actually a little more.

Education is critical for helping children achieve their God-given potential. And educators must be paid well if we are to attract high-quality people into this profession. Education is not an easy job, so we must compensate well the people who take this responsibility. Quite frankly, I think quality teachers and school administrators require as much or more expertise as many high-paying jobs, and... [continue]

Harvey, Irma & God

Harvey has done his damage, and now Irma approaches. In the wake of such storms we often hear people say, “God is in control.”

Theologians may want to nuance this phrase, but for everyday folks it means, “God is in control of everything, including the weather.” In essence, since God is in control, God caused these storms, the destruction.

God created a perfect world and, in the wake of our messing it up, God has “purposed,” as Scripture says, for his creation to be redeemed. Jesus Christ has made possible that final redemption, yet we are still in the midst of this fallen, messed up world seeking to serve God in His redemptive... [continue]


Una hermosa y joven mujer llamada Rhonda obtiene el trabajo de sus sueños. Una importante aerolínea le avisa que ha sido aceptada como aeromoza, y ella sale a celebrar, como cualquiera lo haría en esas circunstancias.

Su sueño se convirtió en pesadilla una noche de 1987. Un accidente automovilístico le provocó a Rhonda fracturas en la columna vertebral y las costillas, y casi le hace perder su pie derecho. “Su pie fue literalmente reimplantado”, dijo su hermana Kathy. “Se encogió de talla y se convirtió en número 3, cuando su otro pie era número 5.

Rhonda no podría haberlo sabido entonces, pero estaba a punto de... [continue]

Opioid epidemic leaves trail of pain

A beautiful young woman gets the job of her dreams. A major airline notifies Rhonda she has been accepted as a flight attendant, and she goes out to celebrate, as anyone would do upon getting her dream job.

The dream turned into a nightmare on that evening in 1987. A car crash broke Rhonda’s back, ribs and almost severed her right foot. “Her foot was literally sewn back on,” says her sister, Kathy. “It shriveled up to size 3 while her undamaged foot was a size 5.”

Rhonda could not have known then, but she was about to begin years of living with severe and chronic pain -- the kind that does not go away, that affects everything you... [continue]


Una imagen en las noticias este fin de semana mostraba a tres hombre blancos sosteniendo escudos y banderas negras. Me di cuenta de que, aunque eran más jóvenes, se veían como yo. Sin sus trajes de bufón, alguien podría confundirlos con alguien como yo. Estoy seguro de que si los escuchara hablar, quizá lo harían con un acento similar al mío.

Pero yo tengo poco en común con esas personas. Quizá la complexión de nuestra piel sea clara, pero debajo de nuestra piel se halla algo diferente. Ellos vomitan odio; yo ni siquiera siento en silencio lo que ellos sienten por aquellos que son diferentes a mí. Ellos despliegan actitudes de... [continue]

White supremacy at odds with Scripture; time to actively reach across racial divides

The staff of the Christian Life Commission condemns the hateful and violent ideology and actions put on display by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend. We also call Texas Baptists to address the less inflammatory aspects of racial division and rhetoric persistent in our culture.

The people who marched in Charlottesville proclaiming messages of white supremacy and hate toward non-whites are speaking against the truth of God as revealed through Jesus Christ and recorded in Scripture.

The Bible says:

-- All people are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27);

-- In Christ, all persons, no matter... [continue]

White like me

A picture in the news this weekend showed three white men holding black shields and black flags. It occurred to me that, though younger, they looked like me. Without their foolish garb, we could be mistaken as being very much alike. If I could hear them talk, we might even speak with a similar accent.

But I have little in common with those people. We may both have light-colored skin, but below the skin there is something different. They spew hate; I do not even silently feel that for those who are different from me. They portray an attitude of bravado; I would much prefer to sit and talk. They bear all the signs of being afraid... [continue]


Una comunidad en Quebec ha hecho algo interesante. La población de Saint-Apollinaire votó para no permitir un cementerio musulmán en la ciudad.

Lo hicieron por una razón importante. Como fue reportado por Peter Stockland en The Globe & Mail, los partidarios de esta prohibición están en contra de los entierros funeralespor motivo de cualquier tradición religiosa, y punto. Tampoco se permitirá un cementerio católico.

“Quieren expandir el concepto de igualdad más allá de la sepulturaa fin de que todos seamos iguales en la muerte”, escribe Stockland.

El igualitarismo tiene una fuerte atracción para las personas en Norteamérica.... [continue]

Freedom and equality go together -- the Bible affirms & we proclaim

A community in Quebec has done an interesting thing. The people of Saint-Apollinaire voted to not allow a Muslim cemetery in town.

They did so for a rather high-minded reason. As reported by Peter Stockland in The Globe & Mail, supporters of the ban are against burial on the basis of any faith tradition, period. No Catholic cemetery either.

“They want to stretch egalitarianism beyond the grave so that we are equally dead together,” Stockland writes.

Egalitarianism has a strong appeal to people in North America. It’s an important principle of Western Civilization. All people, we like to say, are created equal. Egalitarianism... [continue]


El racismo de la derecha-alternativa (llamada alt-right en inglés) es al mismo tiempo igual y diferente al viejo racismo. Igual en el sentido que ve a la raza blanca como superior y digna de protección; diferente en que se compone de personas educadas, de un contexto secular y jóvenes de edad.

La Convención Bautista del Sur puso bajo los reflectores a la derecha-alternativa la semana pasada cuando inicialmente evitó considerar unaresolución  que condenara los aspectos racistas de este movimiento.resolución. Algunos mensajeros también afirmaron lo siguiente: “denunciamos y repudiamos la supremacía blanca y cualquier... [continue]

Old wolf of racism appears in alt-right sheep's clothing

Alt-right racism is both like and unlike the old racism. Like -- it sees the white race as superior and in need of protection. Unlike -- it is generally educated, secular, and young.

The Southern Baptist Convention brought the alt-right to centerstage last week when it initially failed to consider a resolution condemning racist aspects of the alt-right. Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed, and SBC messengers approved a revised resolution, which decried “every form of racism, including alt-right white supremacy, as antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Messengers also said, “we denounce and repudiate white supremacy and every... [continue]


Sus apellidos están grabados en mi mente con el pegamento de los recuerdos: Moore, Smith, Emerson, Coffman y Sandoz. Dejaron más que sus apellidos en mi mente; fueron mis maestros.

Otro año escolar termina y es apropiado recordar a nuestros maestros. Invierten sus vidas en las de sus estudiantes, quienes reciben el regalo de la enseñanza y continúan presurosos con sus vidas. Los maestros dejan huellas profundas, lo sepan o no. Mis maestros lo hicieron –para bien y para mal.

La señora Moore, mi maestra del primer año de primaria me acusó de mentir. Yo no había mentido y no había evidencia que indicara lo contrario, pero por alguna... [continue]

Teachers, we thank you for helping us become all that God intended

Their names stick in my mind with the glue of memory -- Moore, Smith, Emerson, Coffman, and Sandoz. They left more than their names in my mind; they were my teachers.

Another school year closes, and it seems appropriate to remember our teachers. They pour their lives into their students, and then those receivers of the gift of learning rush out into life. Teachers leave deep impressions whether or not they ever know the specifics. My teachers did -- for good and ill.

Ms. Moore, of grade one, accused me of lying. I hadn’t, and no evidence indicated I had. She, for some reason, simply thought I lied. It struck me as odd and wrong... [continue]


El difunto pastor afroamericano Gardner C. Taylor habló en una ocasión de la crucifixión de Jesús como un evento que desenmascaraba al pecado.

En Juan 17:4, Jesús ora al Padre con estas palabras: “Yo te he glorificado en la tierra; y he llevado a cabo la obra que me encomendaste”.

Un poco tiempo después, Jesús, en la cruz, “cruzó el caudaloso río de la muerte”, afirmó Taylor. “En la medida que se acerca al otro lado, un llanto surge de sus labios: ‘Consumado es’, y con ese último gemido cruza el reino de los mortales. Es claro que Jesús señaló en el último momento que algo quedaba completo. Pero, ¿qué significa eso?”. El gran... [continue]

Good Friday takes off the mask of sin

The late African American pastor Gardner C. Taylor once spoke of Jesus’ crucifixion as unmasking sin. This unmasking is the work with Jesus had come to earth to perform.

In John 17:4, Jesus prays to the Father, saying, “I have glorified thee on earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.”

Soon afterward, Jesus, on the cross, “waded out into the cold rushing river of death,” Taylor said. “As he nears the other side there is a cry on his lips, ‘It is finished,” and with that shout he passes from mortal sight. So he was claiming completion at the very end. What does it mean?”

The great Brooklyn pastor answers the... [continue]


No se engañen: de Dios nadie se burla. Cada uno cosecha lo que siembra. El que siembra para agradar a su naturaleza pecaminosa, de esa misma naturaleza cosechará destrucción; el que siembra para agradar al Espíritu, del Espíritu cosechará vida eterna. No nos cansemos de hacer el bien, porque a su debido tiempo cosecharemos si no nos damos por vencidos. Por lo tanto, siempre que tengamos la oportunidad, hagamos bien a todos, y en especial a los de la familia de la fe. (Gálatas 6:7-10, NVI)

Pablo exhortó a la iglesia de Galacia a no desanimarse, pues él probablemente sabía que el desánimo fácilmente puede abrumar a aquellos... [continue]

Bacote: Some practical help to sustain your public witness

Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for you reap whatever you sow. If you sow to your own flesh, you will reap corruption from the flesh; but if you sow to the Spirit, you will reap eternal life from the Spirit. So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up. So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith. -- Apostle Paul (Galatians 6:7-10)

Paul encouraged the church in Galatia to not grow weary because he probably knew weariness can so easily overtake those who seek to do what is good and... [continue]

Bacote: Permission to go out in public

This just in: Christians have permission to go out in public.

Of course, this is not really news, but sometimes evangelical followers of Christ wonder if it is OK to get involved in their broader culture -- the world, the frightful, dangerous world where Satan can trip us up and snatch us away.

The broader culture is rife with dangerous ideas, influences, and people. We have to be careful out there, but we need to be out there.

Vincent B. Bacote, the author of The Political Disciple: A Theology of Public Life, is helping the church see this need to be involved in the broader culture as a commission from God revealed in... [continue]

Parenthood changes with time

It hardly required a thought; it was more an impulse. I grasped the upper arm of my adult daughter, stopped her, and led her backward a step.

We had been in the midst of fevered conversation as only a parent and usually-away-at-college child can be. We walked through an H-E-B parking lot where even at night people zip and zag. The bright white backup lights of a large SUV came on as we approached its rear bumper.

Earlier in the day, a friend had asked prayer for a young woman run over by a SUV backing up in a parking lot.

A parent takes a lifetime of learning and continued learning and turns it into care for a child. In this... [continue]

Let the joy of Christmas shine from our lives

A boy trudged through the snow one cold evening in Connecticut around 1820. He spied the town’s “”little brown Episcopalian church lit up like a beacon in the early darkness,” says historian Debby Applegate.

The boy was no Episcopalian. He attended the Congregational church led by the renowned preacher, Lyman Beecher, his dad. Applegate says the boy, Henry Ward Beecher, “was irresistibly drawn to the open door of the church, and as he peered in he was shocked to find candles blazing at every window; boughs of spruce, pine, and arborvitae twined around the pews; and a choir singing blissfully about the birth of Christ. He had... [continue]


Cualquiera que alguna vez haya tenido un dolor insoportable – la clase de dolor que lo discapacita, que le obliga a retorcerse de agonía – sabe de qué manera el cuerpo y la mente anhelan hallar alivio al dolor.

En mi caso fueron piedras en el riñón hace algunos años. Después de tres horas sin ser atendido en una sala de emergencias, finalmente recibí permiso de un doctor de recibir una inyección de morfina, tras de eso una segunda, y luego, el alivio. Liberación. De nuevo sentí ánimo de vivir, de lo cual no estaba muy seguro tan solo unos minutos antes.

La morfina, al parecer, es un juego de niños cuando se trata de... [continue]


Charlie Strong se fue, Tom Herman llegó…como entrenador de futbol de los Texas Longhorns.

Cuando Strong recién llegó a Texas, se hizo popular una camiseta que no fue reconocida oficialmente por la Universidad: “Texas Strong”.

Strong tenía cinco valores fundamentales: honestidad, trato respetuoso a las mujeres, la no posesión de armas, no usar drogas y no robar. Resultó que algunos jugadores no compartían esos valores y no deseaban adoptarlos. Escogieron su camino y no tuvieron lugar en UT, sin importar lo grande de su talento.

Esos cinco valores son una parte importante de mi respeto por Charlie Strong y la razón... [continue]


‘Black Friday’ se beneficiaría de una dosis de algo de lo que carece: civilidad.  De modo que, si sobrevivió al gentío grosero y pesado este año, probablemente fue porque compró algo diferente al resto de los demás.

El Gran Mandamiento de Jesús es muy necesario en este loco día de compras: amar a Dios y amar al prójimo. Todo lo que yo sé sobre el ‘Black Friday’ es lo que oigo a la gente decir y ver en la televisión. Basado en mi limitado conocimiento, parece ser un día en el que mucha gente pelea por un número limitado de cosas que piensa son indispensables de obtener al costo más bajo de la temporada.

Si usted tiene... [continue]

Fentanyl has a very dark side -- Apache, China Girl, China White, Dance Fever, Friend, Goodfella...

Anyone who has ever had serious pain -- the kind that disables you, causes you to curl knees to chest -- knows how the body and mind can crave pain relief.

For me, it came with kidney stones some years back. After three hours untreated in an emergency room, I finally received a doctor-approved shot of morphine, then a second, then relief. Deliverance. I was willing again to go on living -- having not been so sure a few minutes before.

Morphine, it turns out, is child’s play when it comes to pain relief. Fentanyl is serious stuff -- 50-100 times more powerful than morphine. Fentanyl is prescribed to only the most serious... [continue]

Here's a tip of the hat to 'Texas Strong'

Charlie Strong is out, Tom Herman is in -- as football coach of the Texas Longhorns.

When Strong first came to Texas, a t-shirt became popular that wasn’t officially sanctioned by the university -- “Texas Strong.” Most of us didn’t know immediately all that Texas Strong meant, but part of what it soon came to mean was football players being dismissed from the squad.

Strong had five core values -- honesty, treat women with respect, no guns, no drugs, and no stealing. It turned out a number of players didn’t hold those same values and didn’t want to adopt them. They chose their path and had no place at UT no matter how great their... [continue]

How to shop like a Christian

Black Friday could use a dose of something sorely missing -- civility. So, if you brave the rude and crude crowd this year may you carry with you something different from the rest.

Jesus’ Great Commandment may be most needed on this crazy shopping day -- love God and love neighbor. All I know about Black Friday is what I hear people say and see on TV. I hide. Based on my limited knowledge, it seems lots of people rapaciously go after a limited number of must-have stuff at lowest-of-the-season prices.

If you are intent on going into the melee, remember to love your neighbor as much as yourself, even if it comes down to only one... [continue]

We are a messed up people, by God's standard -- be thankful for salvation

Mark 10 is challenging. In it, Jesus confronts things that are common in our society and churches.

Divorce – “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate” (v. 9).

Remarriage after divorce -- "Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her; and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery” (vv. 11-12).

Wealth -- “You lack one thing; go, sell what you own, and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me” (v. 21).

Controlling leadership -- “You know that among the Gentiles those whom they recognize as their rulers lord... [continue]


Las elecciones son más que ejercicios políticos; afectan las vidas de las personas. Después de las elecciones del martes, el miedo y la confusión están invadiendo a algunos niños, y esto requiere de nuestras oraciones. Dos amigos compartieron las siguientes peticiones de oración y me dieron permiso de compartirlas en público.

 “Mi esposa es bibliotecaria en una escuela y me llamó para compartir conmigo que muchos estudiantes latinos están devastados; sus padres son indocumentados y los niños tienen miedo de que sus padres sean deportados”. 

“Por favor ore por estos niños; esto probablemente está ocurriendo en escuelas a lo

... [continue]

We are in need of a God-produced craving for righteousness

Monday I wrote about righteousness and humility together, but I wanted to share a little more of what the late Quaker Thomas R. Kelly had to say about righteousness in his book,

A Testament of Devotion


. . . God inflames the soul with a burning craving for absolute purity. One burns for complete innocency and holiness in personal life.

The key word is “craving.” All of us know we are not absolutely pure. We are sinners, and to our utter disgust we continue to fall short even after deciding to follow Jesus. Sin is not the marker that separates the saved from the unsaved; the craving for purity is what separates. Followers... [continue]

Pray today for frightened children

Elections are more than political exercises; they affect lives. Fear and confusion is gripping some children today, so they need our prayers. Two friends shared the following prayer requests and gave me permission to share them more broadly.

“My wife is a high school librarian. She called to let me know many Latino students are distraught. Their parents are not in the US legally and the students are afraid their parents will be deported.

“Please pray for these students. Today this is probably happening at schools throughout Texas.”

And another friend responded:

“My wife is a pre-k teacher . . . and she has

... [continue]

We are in need of God-blinded faith -- true humility

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you (James 4:10, NRSV).

Monday, I wrote about righteousness and humility together, but I wanted to share a little more of what the late Quaker Thomas R. Kelly had to say about humility in his book, A Testament of Devotion.

Kelly spoke of humility as resting “upon a holy blindness, like the blindedness of him who looks steadily into the sun.” All of us have probably experienced the visual memory that occurs immediately after looking at a bright light, especially the sun. It is as if the light still shines in our vision even when we have looked away, and it can even make... [continue]

Jesus confronts us in our religion -- pursue righteousness and humility

“God inflames the soul with a craving for absolute purity. But He, in His glorious otherness, empties us of ourselves in order that He may become all.” --Thomas R. Kelly

God both inflames us for right living and empties us of our sinful pride. God calls us to a different kind of living and stands against our ego-driven desires. God brings to us new desires that are beyond us, yet they become part of us as we seek to follow Christ. There is a battle raging within us between the god of self and the God of Life.

Jesus confronted this internal battle that expresses itself outwardly. In Matthew 23, the Messiah told a crowd that the... [continue]


Hace algunas semanas dejé de hacer comentarios sobre las campañas presidenciales en las redes sociales. No había apoyado a ningún candidato en particular, pero dejé de opinar porque no confiaba en mí mismo. Estaba empezando a disgustarme y me sentía tentado a hacer comentarios ofensivos, a etiquetar a las personas o a faltar al respeto.

Ha sido difícil dejar de hacer comentarios, pero me alegro de haberme refrenado. Mi enojo y mi rabia no habrían sido de ninguna bendición para mi familia, amigos o para mí mismo.

Hoy estamos cerca del final y me pregunto de qué manera el lenguaje cruel de esta campaña nos afectará como personas... [continue]

San Diego statue reminds of Christ's work

How does Christ’s church, his people, turn the anger and violence of this world into something good? A church statue in San Diego provides a visible guidepost. Here’s the story, not a new one but one worth retelling.

In about 1980 vandalism to a statue of Jesus at Christ the King Church left the plaster Messiah without hands. Sam Lucero photographed the statue in 1986 and retold the story in 2013. Lucero writes:

Rather than repair the statue, Jesuit Fr. Robert Fambrini, pastor at the time, placed a sign at the base to reflect the mission of the people of God. “I have no hands but yours.” The sign was later replaced by a

... [continue]

Zacchaeus story teaches much about "sinners" coming to Christ

“Zacchaeus was a wee little man,

and a wee little man was he.

He climbed up in a sycamore tree.

for the Lord he wanted to see.”

This song, burned into the memory of possibly every child Christian in America, is rooted in a story in Luke 19:1-10. Van Christian, pastor of First Baptist Church in Comanche, preached on this story Sunday, Oct. 30, and said some things that need to be heard by many of us.

Two things Dr. Christian said stood out:

1) The crowd tries to keep Zacchaeus from seeing Jesus. Verse 3:

He (Zacchaeus) was trying to see who Jesus was, but on account of the crowd he could not, because he was short in... [continue]

After a season of harsh words, may we find new ones to heal

A few weeks ago I stopped posting on social media about the presidential campaign. I had not taken sides. I stopped posting because I didn’t trust myself. I was beginning to get angry and wanting to say mean things, to use unkind labels, to disrespect.

It’s been hard to not comment, but I’m glad I refrained. My anger and meanness would not have been of any help to my family, friends, or me.

Now we near the end, and I wonder how the vitriolic language of this campaign will affect us as a people going forward. (I'm not speaking of policy disagreements and discussion of facts; I'm speaking of the name-calling, fear-mongering, and... [continue]

Americans care less about personal immorality in politicians

Americans today are more likely to say elected officials can act ethically in office even if they have behaved immorally in their personal lives, according to a PRRI/Brookings survey Oct. 19. And white evangelical Protestants are even more likely to hold this view.

Sixty-one percent of Americans say “immoral personal behavior does not preclude public officials from carrying out their public or professional duties with honesty and integrity.” Only 29 percent disagree. This compares to a 2011 survey that recorded a 44 percent-44 percent split on the question.

The biggest change came among white evangelical Protestants (WEPs), with... [continue]

Changing drug laws change the road

David Aggio drove into a California intersection in the middle of the day in March 2014. Another driver, Rodolfo Alberto Contreras, ran the red light traveling at close to 80 mph, lost control, crossed the center divider, and struck Aggio's oncoming Ford Explorer. Aggio died instantly, according to channel 23 in Bakersfield.

This year, a jury convicted Contreras of "second degree murder, gross vehicular manslaughter while impaired by marijuana, and DUI by marijuana causing injury. In the almost six years that the District Attorney has had a DUI-focused specialized unit, this is the first conviction for murder by someone impaired... [continue]

Ninety years to make a life

Ninety years ago today a young sharecropping couple celebrated a birth and named the baby Ferrell but would call him Gene. He grew up with Texas dirt literally between his barefoot toes in the sandhills of East Texas near Athens. A dream grew up with him -- to be a wealthy cattleman like his maternal grandfather.

But life takes an interesting course. Gene dropped out of high school to take a job in Dallas, finished school at night, served in the Army in the Pacific as World War II wound down, returned to Dallas to work and take a bride, fathered a daughter and son, bought a small place near his hometown, took a promotion to a... [continue]

El conducir un auto es reflejo del carácter

El conducir por la autopista interestatal 35 entre Austin y Dallas-Fort Worth es navegar en medio de obstáculos de construcción, tráfico pesado y accidentes frecuentes. Puede convertirse en una tarea tensa y aburrida.

Esta semana hice un experimento. Puse el piloto automático en la velocidad límite y quité el pie del acelerador. La velocidad máxima entre Austin y el Metroplex varía entre 60 a 75 millas por hora y a menudo cambia, de modo que se requiere ajustar el piloto automático muchas veces.

No le va a sorprender si le digo lo que experimenté al conducir a la velocidad máxima permitida por la ley. La inmensa mayoría de los... [continue]

Driving says something about character

Driving on Interstate 35 between Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth is like navigating an obstacle course of construction, heavy traffic, and frequent crashes. It can be a tense, mind-numbing task.

This week I tried an experiment. I set my cruise control on the speed limit and gave my right foot a rest. The speed limit between Austin and the Metroplex varies from 60 to 75 and changes quite often, so it requires multiple resettings of the cruise.

You will not be surprised by what I experienced by driving the fastest speed allowed by law. The vast majority of cars zoomed by on my left. Some crowded right up behind as if they wanted to... [continue]

George C. Marshall y la importance del dominio propio

Me pregunto cuántos estadounidenses hoy en día están familiarizados con el nombre y las hazañas de una de las personas más importantes del siglo XX: George C. Marshall.

Marshall fue el autor de una de las victorias militares más importantes de la historia –La Segunda Guerra Mundial—y después de la guerra dio forma a uno de los logros más importantes para la paz en la época de postguerra, lo que ahora se conoce como el Plan Marshall. En resumen, Marshall nos guió en la derrota de nuestros enemigos y después los convirtió en nuestros amigos. ¡Verdaderamente sorprendente!

David Brooks, columnista del New York Times, resalta a... [continue]

George C. Marshall & the importance of self-mastery

I wonder today how many Americans are familiar with the name and exploits of one of the greatest persons of the 20th century – George C. Marshall.

Marshall orchestrated one of the greatest military victories of history – World War II -- and then shaped one of the greatest achievements of peace after the war with what came to be known as the Marshall Plan. In essence, Marshall led in the defeat of America’s enemies and then built them back into friends. Truly astonishing!

The New York Times columnist David Brooks highlights Marshall in one chapter of his book, The Road to Character. The chapter on Marshall is titled... [continue]

El Orar por Nuestros Líderes Políticos Marca la Diferencia

Un exlegislador de Texas me dijo un día que al estar en su asiento en la Casa de Representantes para ponderar un proyecto de ley, comenzó a meditar en lo que la Biblia dice. Este hombre no es alguien que asiste a la iglesia regularmente, pero aquel día en Austin recordó que la Biblia dice que amemos a los niños. Votó a favor de los niños de Texas, lo cual asombró a algunas personas y probablemente le causó dificultades políticas.

No les diré su nombre porque solo hablábamos de temas diversos y este fue uno de tantos en nuestra conversación.

Después dijo algo relevante para el día de hoy. Alguien se quejó con él sobre los... [continue]

Praying for political leaders makes a difference

A former Texas legislator told me the other day of sitting in his chair on the House floor, considering a bill, and thinking about what the Bible says. This man is not a regular churchgoer now, but that day in Austin he remembered the Bible talking about loving the children. He voted for the children of Texas in a vote that shocked some people and promised to cause him political difficulties.

I don’t share his name because we were just visiting about different matters, and this was a passing part of the conversation.

He next said something important for today. Someone complained to him recently about one of this year’s... [continue]

Chaos should not surprise us

Our world seems to be drifting toward chaos. There is violence in our American streets and in our broader world. The killers of innocent people are moving us toward terror.

In confusing times it can help to look back in time. One hundred and one years ago, a young man graduated from Yale Divinity School and moved to Detroit to become a pastor. His 13 years at Bethel Evangelical Church began years of change for the young minister, and his ideas would impact his nation.

His name: Reinhold Niebuhr.

In Detroit, Niebuhr began to recognise problems in the liberal theology he had imbibed at Yale. Niebuhr, however, could not be fit... [continue]

Palabras de Paz en Nuestros Días de Muerte

Bienaventurados los pacificadores, porque ellos serán llamados hijos de Dios

(Mateo 9:8).

Como resultado de los más recientes días de muerte, muchos seguidores de Cristo se han levantado para tomar el manto de los pacificadores. Necesitamos que todos los cristianos sean pacificadores.

El ya fallecido pastor bautista Herschel Hobbs, dijo una vez que Cristo es un mediador de paz entre Dios y la humanidad (Colosenses 1:20-22) y entre los seres humanos (Efesios 2:12-18).

Nuestra paz con Dios es lo que nos motiva a buscar la paz en todas nuestras interacciones. Queremos ayudar a llevar la paz de Dios a los demás. En la medida en... [continue]

Words of peace for our killing days

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9).

In the aftermath of our recent killing days, many followers of Christ have arisen to take on the mantle of peacemakers. We need all Christians to be peacemakers.

The late Baptist pastor, Herschel Hobbs, said Christ is a peacemaker between God and humanity (Colossians 1:20-22) and between people (Ephesians 2:12-18).

Our peace with God is what causes us to seek peace in all of our interactions. We want to help bring God’s peace to others. And in being such peacemakers, we are revealed as children of God.

That’s the way we are supposed to be.... [continue]

The importance of "Black Lives Matter"

It is hard for some people to understand the importance of "Black Lives Matter." They want to say, "All Lives Matter." A post by GeekAesthete on reddit.com helps explain it.

Imagine that you're sitting down to dinner with your family, and while everyone else gets a serving of the meal, you don't get any. So you say "I should get my fair share." And as a direct response to this, your dad corrects you, saying, "everyone should get their fair share." Now, that's a wonderful sentiment -- indeed, everyone should, and that was kinda your point in the first place: that you should be a part of everyone, and you should get your fair

... [continue]

No Siempre es fácil discernir entre lo bueno y lo malo

Determinar lo que es malo (pecaminoso) a veces es difícil. Aquí hay una historia para ilustrarlo:

Crecí en una familia que iba a la iglesia cada domingo en la mañana y en la noche, así como la mayoría de los miércoles. Después, alrededor de 1964, empezamos a ir a los juegos de futbol americano de los Vaqueros de Dallas los domingos; por lo cual no fuimos a la iglesia en algunas ocasiones. Ahora que veo hacia atrás, esos recuerdos familiares son de mis favoritos.

Las comidas, la iglesia y los juegos de futbol americano eran tres cosas que hacíamos como familia, pero los juegos de futbol americano eran los únicos de los que... [continue]

It's not always easy to know right and wrong

Determining what is wrong (sinful) can sometimes be difficult. Here’s a story to illustrate:

I grew up in a family that went to church every Sunday morning and evening and many Wednesdays. Then, in about 1964, we started going to Dallas Cowboys football games on Sunday. This often required missing some church time. Looking back now, those family memories are some of my favorites.

Meals, church, and football games were the three things we did as a family, but only at the football games did we really talk, celebrate, and suffer with each other. At church, we didn’t talk to each other. At the dinner table, Dad and my sister argued... [continue]

Lidiar con la Complejidad Después de la Tragedia

La masacre de 49 personas en Orlando ha producido en

muchos de nosotros una ola de tristeza, una profunda tristeza. 

Toda persona es una criatura de Dios, y hemos perdido ahora a 

50 de ellos: las víctimas y su verdugo.

A esa cruda realidad se añade otra tristeza: el asesino actuó a partir de un tipo de lealtad a un grupo terrorista que se adscribe a una fe religiosa. La mayoría de nosotros, incluyendo a muchos musulmanes, no tenemos ese tipo de fe. La fe cristiana, afortunadamente, nos mueve a amar a todas las personas, especialmente a aquellos con quienes estamos en desacuerdo. Jesús dijo:

"Pero a ustedes que me escuchan

... [continue]

Dealing with complexity in the aftermath of tragedy

The massacre of 49 persons at a gay nightclub in Orlando has produced in many of us a wave of sadness — a deep sadness. Every person is a child of God, and we have now lost 50 of those children -- the victims and their assailant.

To that sad truth is added another sadness. The killer acted out of some kind of allegiance to a terrorist group that claims a religious faith. Most of us, including most Muslims, do not have such a faith. Christian faith, thankfully, moves us to love all persons, especially those with whom we disagree. Jesus said:

“But I say to you that listen, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless
... [continue]

Muchos de Nosotros Compartimos la Culpa d Exaltar al Falso Dios del Fútbol Americano

Así como la gente de los tiempos antiguos, nosotros todavía lidiamos con dioses falsos. Los dioses falsos se nos presentan en la forma de dinero, gratificación sexual, residencias lujosas, poder político, amor romántico, seguridad financiera, nuestra apariencia, impresionantes títulos de trabajo, algún tipo de colección, carros, armas e invitaciones a reuniones exclusivas. Podría continuar con la lista, pero uno de nuestros más grande, el mío, es el de los deportes, particularmente el fútbol americano en Texas.

Nos hemos salido tanto de control en cuanto a nuestra actitud hacia el fútbol americano que ponemos la seguridad y el... [continue]

Many of us share guilt in exalting the false god of football

Like the people of ancient times, we still struggle with false gods. Today's false gods come in the form of money, sexual gratification, fancy homes, political power, romantic love, financial security, our looks, impressive job titles, a collection of some sort, cars, guns, and invitations to exclusive gatherings. I could go on. But one of our biggest -- one of my biggest -- is sports, particularly football in Texas.

We have gotten so out of hand with football that we are putting the safety and wellbeing of women at risk. We do this when we do not hold football players to the same ethical and criminal standards as others.

We... [continue]

Education inequity should concern Christians

Some things are simply wrong. They harm people; they dishonor God. And, it is wrong what we are doing to children in Texas. We are failing to educate many of them during a time in which education is essential to their future well-being.

As Christians, we care not only for our own children and the kids in our church; we have a deep concern for all children because they contain the very image of God. Just as our “pro-life” stance causes us to care for the lives of unborn children, we are called to care for them after their birth. ( Christianity Today recently published another article I wrote on this subject, which also deals with... [continue]

Plan ahead for important healthcare decisions

There are too many “special” days with which to keep up, so I missed one this month that I wish I hadn’t -- National Healthcare Decisions Day, April 16. Missing the day, however, does not mean we have to miss the point.

The day “exists to inspire, educate and empower the public and providers about the importance of advance care planning. NHDD is an initiative to encourage patients to express their wishes regarding healthcare and for providers and facilities to respect those wishes, whatever they may be.”

The 50-state annual initiative promotes providing “clear, concise, and consistent information on healthcare... [continue]

Good things happening in Marshall and at ETBU

Marshall anchors the eastern entrance to Texas near where Interstate 20 crosses from Louisiana. It is a smaller city that is home to East Texas Baptist University, which sits on a hill in the northwest portion of the city.

Once the fourth largest city in Texas (1860), Marshall has been an important community both for the state and its Baptists. Marshall has been a key transportation hub -- first as a stagecoach route, then a railroad center and now with highways (I-20 and U.S. Hwy. 59). But it’s the school on the hill that has been the Marshall focus for Texas Baptists.

Blair Blackburn is the newest president of ETBU. He and I... [continue]

Cosas beunas están ocurriendo en Marshall y en ETBU

Marshall marca la entrada a Texas por el Este, cerca del punto donde la Carretera Interestatal 20 cruza por Luisiana. Es una ciudad más pequeña y es la sede de la Universidad Bautista East Texas, la cual está asentada en una colina en el lado noreste de la ciudad.

La que una vez fue la cuarta ciudad más grande del Texas (en 1860), Marshall, ha sido una comunidad importante tanto para el estado como para su población bautista. Marshall ha sido un eje de transportación, primero como ruta de diligencias, luego como centro ferroviario y ahora con sus autopistas (I-20 y US Hwy 59). Pero es la escuela sobre la colina lo que ha... [continue]

Texans spending billions for booze

Texans are going to bars and drinking deep of alcoholic beverages, according to a story in the Austin American-Statesman.

Beer, wine, and mixed drink sales reached almost $6 billion in Texas last year, an increase of 6 percent over 2014.

This figure saddens me. Some of it accounts for just basic refreshment. Some people drink a beer in the same way I drink a Dr. Pepper. Some people drink a glass of wine for health benefits. Some people just like the taste. But, I suspect, most of the alcohol is consumed to alter one's mood -- to help unwind at the end of a day, to become more loose at a party, or to hide from life's pains.

That... [continue]

Bono rocked the world 10 years ago with words about poverty, justice

Ten years ago today, rock star Bono delivered an amazing address at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, with President George W. Bush sitting nearby.

Bono, lead singer of the Irish rock band U2, said an encounter with a wise man had changed his life "in countless way, big and small." The singer said he was "always" asking God to bless his family, a tour, a song. "Could I have a blessing on it."

And this wise man asked me to stop. He said, Stop asking God to bless what you're doing. Get involved in what God is doing -- because it's already blessed. Well, let's get involved in what God is doing. God, as I say, is
... [continue]

It is good to stand with God in valuing life

Walking into the airport. Approaching the first security checkpoint.

Officer: Final Destination. Me: Washington. Officer: Purpose of your trip. Me: Evangelicals for Life meeting. Officer: Keep up the good work. (fist bump)

All of us who care about the sacredness of life from conception to natural death need to keep up the good work. We have shown over the past 43 years that the Supreme Court does not determine right and wrong even though it may determine what is constitutional and unconstitutional.

Quite simply, it is wrong to take another life simply because it is inconvenient to someone for the life... [continue]

MLK: God and God's people confront evil together

We Christians still have a problem faced by the first disciples of Christ. We have a hard time, a very hard time, casting out evil.

In the New Testament, this is recorded in Matthew 17:19-20. The disciples could not heal a boy, and they did not understand why.

Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, "Why could we not cast it [an evil spirit] out?"He said to them, "Because of your little faith. For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of amustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you" (NRSV).

Martin Luther King, Jr., preached a... [continue]

​Nonviolence became MLK's defining method of seeking justice

Many people know of Martin Luther King, Jr., as a champion of nonviolence. This was not new to African American churches.

William D. Watley said King's theological and ethical perspective, including the belief in nonviolence, "was founded on the bedrock of black religion and then shaped by his formal theological education."

King's first speech of the Montgomery bus boycott illustrates that the principle he espoused was not rooted in a secular or non-Christian philosophy. He did not use the word "nonviolence" in the speech, but he eschewed violence from of distinctly Christian perspective. King said:

And I want to say that we are not
... [continue]

​MLK saw community as essential

Love was critical in the thinking of Martin Luther King, Jr., and it relates directly to the importance of community.

In King's treatment of love in Stride Toward Freedom, he connects love to community. He repeats "community" 13 times in one paragraph, thus pointing to the importance of community in his thinking. To cite most of the uses of the word and reveal how King viewed community, here is a portion of the paragraph:

Agape is love seeking to preserve and create community. It is insistence on community even when one seeks to break it. . . . Agape is a willingness to go to any length to restore community. It doesn't stop at the
... [continue]

​New Testament love stood at foundation of MLK's work

The New Testament concept of agape love informed the civil rights work of Martin Luther King, Jr., as he became the voice of the movement in the 1950s and 1960s.

"Along the way of life," King wrote, "someone must have sense enough and morality enough to cut off the chain of hate. This can only be done by projecting the ethic of love to the center of our lives."

King clarified that he was not speaking of "some sentimental or affectionate emotion," but rather as a connection that "means understanding, redemptive goodwill." He went to the Greek language to make his point, explaining the meaning of agape.

Agape . . . is an overflowing
... [continue]

MLK offers insights that can still help Christians confront injustice

Every adult American can hear in their minds the voice, rhetorical skills, and moving words of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. He had the ability to move people with his spoken words in a manner possible of few people in history. He made the phrase, "I have a dream," forever a part of the American experience.

Behind King's powerful spoken words lay a theological and philosophical grounding that shaped him while growing up in the segregated South. The 1955-1956 bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, pushed King into the limelight at age 26. The particular talents and skills of King died with him in 1968, but today we can build on the... [continue]

It's January, but March 1 is coming

Things are about to get crazy in Texas – or crazier. It is less than two months before the Republican and Democratic primary elections here (March 1), and early voting begins Feb. 16.

No party speaks for God. There will be committed Christians, as well as others, running in both parties. Some of them will actually use language that connects deeply with those of us who seek to follow Christ.

Language is a powerful tool for good or evil, right or wrong. As a result, we Christians need to listen with all the intelligence and wisdom we can muster through the help of the Holy Spirit. We listen with the ears of Texans and Americans, but we... [continue]

New CLC resources posted online -- biblical perspectives

The Christian Life Commission has produced five resources in its new Biblical Perspectives series. The first topics are civility in public discourse, human trafficking, immigration, justice, and pornography. These can be found on the CLC web... [continue]

Religious liberty and openness at the core of U.S.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday we need a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on."

It is sad that a candidate for president would say something so contrary to the founding and sustaining principles of this great nation. Religious liberty stands at our nation's core, and openness to immigrants has filled our population with a diverse people unparalleled anywhere on earth. America is at its best when it allows people to pursue their religious beliefs and when it treats all people with respect and dignity.

These principles of... [continue]

Merry Christmas from Texas to Europe

Serbian Baptists have risen up to meet the vast needs of Middle East refugees arriving in their country. Now, a Texas Baptist family is sending $15,000 to help meet the need.

The ongoing work and the new gift are, in a way, a Christmas gift of love to a mostly Muslim people in need. The Texas Baptist Hunger Offering has facilitated the connection between Texas and Europe.

I contacted the European Baptist Federation a few months ago as the migration became prominent news around the world. EBF personnel worked to clearly identify specific ways funds could be used well in addressing the crisis, because we wanted the money to... [continue]

Hunger Offering needs are still great

Hungry people in Texas and around the world need your help. Giving through the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering has dropped greatly this year, but the need has not.

People in poverty need your support now. November has a fifth Sunday, which many churches use to collect Hunger Offering funds. Also direct individual gifts to the offering are being promoted through a Thanksgiving Share-a-Thon. Give by calling toll-free (800) 791-1544 (English or Spanish) or give online at either hungeroffering.org or the Spanish-language site, ofrendacontraelhambre.org.

Through October, Texas Baptists have given $543,518 through the offering. That's a lot... [continue]

Christ’s light shines among refugees

An American Christian asked the gathered children if any had experienced difficulty in forgiving someone. One small boy raised his hand and said it was difficult forgiving the armed men who blew up a car, killing his uncle.

This very public and understandable confession occurred at a Baptist camp in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. Texas Baptists are supporting ministries to Syrian refugees there through the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering and through the refugee efforts in Lebanon.

Despite the boy's struggle with forgiveness, he also spoke of "his trust in Jesus and how much joy he has in his life," according to a California Christian who... [continue]

We have a problem with authority

Two Texas high school football players gained infamy recently when they intentionally and brutally hit an official who had ejected two of their teammates. A week later, another Texas player shoved an official.

Let's simplify this. Everyone comes to a football game to see two teams play; those teams have all of the attention. But the truth is that the officials are in charge. Officials represent the University Interscholastic League, which seeks to promote fair contests of skill and will.

These contests generate a volatile brew of passion, and that passion can lead to anger. Usually it comes out in verbal attacks by fans, parents and... [continue]

Two words can say much

Driving to work in the darkness of the early morning hours, two words captured my attention – "You OK?"

A business owner spoke to National Public Radio about his family-owned business declaring bankruptcy in 2012. The Charlotte Observer published a short story online, and Rodney Player's phone started ringing.

Player's son, who was away at college, saw the news. "He knew things were difficult for us," Player said, and then his sentence kind of fell apart. He seemed to be saying the news surprised his son. Then, "I think the actual filing hit the public airwaves and, you know, he sent me a text, a simple note – you OK?"

This question... [continue]

Hurting for Law Enforcement

The lead headline in Wednesday's USA Today may elicit sadness, anger, concern, or any number of reactions -- "Chilling: 4th Cop Slain in 9 Days."

Gliniewicz, Goforth, Nelson, and Vincent are the names of the four slain officers. We grieve with their families.

The cop world is dangerous. Cops have guns, and it seems everyone else has guns. And guns are good at killing people when in the wrong hands.

I hope we find this situation unacceptable -- that we not just shrug and say that's the way it is, that's the way it has always been, and that's the way it always will be. Jesus is about redemption, both eternally and temporally, brought... [continue]

Football season is here

It must be football season because I dreamed about Bob Stoops last night. For those who don't know, Stoops is coach of the Oklahoma Sooners.

I hate the Oklahoma Sooners. They're like the evil Pied Pipers of Texas, luring our high school football players across the Red River, and who knows what happens north of the border.

The bad thing about my dream was that Stoops was a nice guy. He, one of my sons, and I were actually planning an IT startup together. It was all cutting edge; we were building a new thing called a personal television that was big and boxy. OK, dreams can be really strange. The main thing was this: What was Bob... [continue]

​Putting the wiggle back in life

Chubby Checker came to mind as I sat at my home office desk the other day. Checker made "The Twist" a dancing sensation in the 1960s. He came to mind because a pre-teen girl rode by our house wiggling back and forth on what is basically a two-piece skateboard.

I did a Google search for "wiggling skateboard" and learned about the Ripstik. YouTube has various videos on how to ride a Ripstik, and virtually all of them are produced by and starred in by pre-teen kids.

When I first saw the girl ride by my window I thought, That looks like a lot of work for a little fun. It's obvious I see everything through old eyes. That would be great... [continue]

Lessons from a life lived well

A beautiful blonde woman is pictured looking upward beyond the eye of the camera that is photographing her. Her mouth forms a slight, very sweet smile.

It is a picture that should not be in a newspaper, at least not on the page where it is printed. It's on the page titled "Funerals and Memorials."

Twenty-six-year-old Natalie Dailey died Aug. 16 in downtown Austin when an SUV struck the motorcycle on which she rode. "Police said the car failed to yield," the Austin American-Statesman reported.

I did not know Natalie, but she attended one of our Texas Baptist churches -- First Baptist in Austin. Her passing has hurt many people, as... [continue]

Video helps us hear a heart

Our eyes can deceive us. We look at someone and think we know what we see. But there is more to knowing that seeing.

A video that has gone viral shows a homeless man with beard and long, scraggly hair and hunger-thin arms. But there is more to the man than his homelessness. Donald "Boone" Gould plays piano beautifully, as captured in the video shot at an outdoor piano in Sarasota, Fla.

Now, we can know a bit more about the man in this video. WWSB, the ABC affiliate in Sarasota interviewed Gould.

The 51-year-old started with a clarinet as a kid, eventually playing the instrument for the U.S. Marine Corps. Shortly after his service, he... [continue]

Religious Liberty in Nepal

People of Nepal have been dealing for months with the aftermath of an earthquake disaster. Now, the Asian nation faces a possible religious liberty disaster that could impact people's lives for years.

The Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission is part of an international Baptist effort to encourage the Nepal government to not include restrictions on religious liberty in its new constitution, as currently proposed.

Working with the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, the CLC staff is encouraging religious leaders to sign a letter to the Nepal government. This needs to happen quickly. To co-sign the letter, send an email with your... [continue]

It's Time to Learn About West Papua

I hugged three men today. Each was physically smaller than me, but they seemed larger than life. None looked me in the eye before we hugged, but each returned the embrace.

The men did not say anything. All I could say was something like, "God bless you. We will not forget you." It seemed so weak and inadequate, but I didn't know what else to say.

These men live in West Papua, a part of Indonesia. Life is not good in West Papua.

At the Baptist World Alliance Congress in Durban, South Africa, Socratez Yoman presented videos, photos, and information regarding human rights abuses in West Papua. At the end, the moderator described the... [continue]

Truth – Take Two, No Three

Last week, I wrote about plagiarism. Now, another truth story is big news – Rachel Dolezal portrays herself as a black woman although she is actually white.

Dolezal says she "identifies as black," borrowing the language of the sexual identity movement. Identifying as African American was not her problem; she went afoul of good judgment by lying and misrepresenting herself.

In other words, it would have been fine for her to say something like, "I'm a white woman, but I identify deeply with the experience of African Americans." But that's not what she did. The Washington Post summed it up this way: Dolezal "had dyed her hair, darkened... [continue]

The world according to Benny

Plagiarize. Multiple times. Get fired. Get a better job. In what world does that progression of events make sense? Ours.

The story of Internet phenom Benny Johnson exemplifies today's web-based culture. Ben Terris captures the essence of Buzzfeed Benny well in a Washington Post article.

Benny climbed atop the "listicle" web world with some 500 posts in about a year and a half. Listicles are enticing. They offer the possibility of quick and quirky info that might make interesting conversation fodder at a party or online. Terris cites several of Benny's listicles – "19 Times American Politicians Tried to Look Normal and Failed;" "The... [continue]

The Bible and family

Family stands at the core of our social existence. In an ideal world, a family includes a man, a woman, and children. The ideal is lifted up even though we face the reality that some families break apart or never exist as a committed whole.

The Bible talks about some very dysfunctional families. Cain killed his brother, Abel. Abraham lied about Sarah being his sister instead of his wife. Jacob and his mother connived to cheat Esau out of his inheritance. Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery. David committed adultery and ordered the murder of the offended husband. Solomon had way too many wives. Martha complained to Jesus about... [continue]

Cultural implications of Bruce becoming Caitlyn

The picture of a new person, Caitlyn Jenner, has intruded itself into our world. Bruce Jenner, the amazing male athlete of a few decades ago, has changed his gender, and the results are supposedly revealed in a Vanity Fair cover story.

Some people are talking about the courage it took for Bruce to become Caitlyn. Courage did not come to my mind when I saw the picture and story. Sadness came. I hurt for this person.

Bruce/Caitlyn has become the great exemplar of a movement to push transgender into the mainstream of society. Transgender is, of course, the "T" in LGBT and LGBTQ and LGBTQIA and a growing string of letters.

... [continue]

A primer on biblical marriage

A pastor friend told me recently something like this: "Ferrell, in my ministry I deal with a whole lot more heterosexual sin than homosexual sin."

The truth can hurt. Sexual sin is widespread. In confronting sexual sin, it is important to consider marriage. Here's a little primer on biblical marriage.

What we call marriage today began as an act of creation. The Bible tells of God creating male and female persons. But God did not simply create them and put them in the garden; God told them to do something.

God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the... [continue]

Stephen Curry lights up basketball world

Curry Fever overtook me quietly as I sat watching my first game of Golden State Warriors playoff basketball. Before the game ended I had experienced a flashback to my days in Illinois and the Michael Jordan hysteria that gripped so many of us in the 1990s. Stephen Curry is an amazing basketball player.

I'm not a big NBA fan; it's casual fandom for me. After Jordan, the game bored me. Then the Dallas Mavericks captured some magic, if less beautiful and exciting, but then their franchise let the guys who won them a championship go. My interest waned. I pulled for the Spurs to beat the Heat last year, but that meant watching one series... [continue]

Between a rock and a hard place

A friend shared with me a few days ago of feeling "between a rock and hard place." That's how it can feel when one seeks to stand for Christ in the midst of a wide array of competing interests in the broader public square, including the Christian portion of that square.

Trying to stand for Christ and the things Christ valued is not easy, even among Christians, because good people have come to different conclusions regarding what is right or best in dealing with the details of day-to-day living and societal interaction.

Take politics for instance. If you want government to be like Jesus and help the poor then people on the right think... [continue]

Bad blood

Pop singer Taylor Swift is famous for putting her hurts and pain into song. She's done it again. The word on the street (the web) is that another pop icon, Katy Perry, is the newest object of her ire. That really doesn't matter; the words matter.

Now we've got problemsAnd I don't think we can solve 'emYou made a really deep cutAnd baby, now we've got bad blood, hey!

Many of us can identify with those words. People hurt us; they figuratively cut us. Our hurt and pain causes our blood to rise, as the saying goes. We get angry.

Did you have to do this?I was thinking that you could be trustedDid you have to ruin what was shiny?Now it's... [continue]

​Help for dealing with a changing culture

The American culture seems to be getting away from us; that, at least, is how many Christians with more traditional values feel.

One of the most seriously threatened values is the sacredness of marriage between one man and one woman for life. First, we saw the "for life" part mostly fall away as divorce grew more common, and now the "one man and one woman" portion hangs in the balance.

Most states already have redefined marriage as including same-sex relationships, and now many experts think the U.S. Supreme Court is about to make that redefinition apply to the remaining 13 states, including Texas.

For many of us, this just seems... [continue]

Daniel had a better way

Three members of my family just completed an altered version of the Daniel Fast. It's a 21-day "partial fast" based on the experience of the prophet Daniel. I learned some things.

First, I'm no Daniel. My version was substantially less strenuous than recommended.

Second, my version was a challenge. I consumed no fried food, soft drinks, beef, pork, eggs, snack food, leavened bread or regular milk. I tried to avoid cheese, but that stuff is on virtually everything. I had only two cups of coffee.

Third, I realized I was addicted to caffeine and sugar. I didn't think I was a big drinker of soda and coffee, but headaches and... [continue]

Time to fall out of love

"Love" is an extremely important word because it speaks of a very powerful reality. Our culture today, however, generally speaks of love in a manner very different from the biblical agape love.

Take Nate Ruess for example. He's the lead singer for the band, Fun, and now has a solo single, "Nothing Without Love." This is a great song about the power of romance.

Three years at sea after the storm And this sinking ship of love you put me on God, I wish a gust of wind would come And carry me home ... She made me feel hope, you know I am, I'm nothing without love

Those lyrics convey a deep sense of lost love. The words... [continue]

'A.D.' shows resurrection was not the end of the story

Easter ended this year with a very human tale on television. NBC aired the first episode of "A.D.: The Bible Continues," which started with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus and will, in coming episodes, tell what happened afterward.

Unlike the recent movie, "Noah," that had little resemblance to the biblical story, "A.D." remained true to the Bible. As a result, it felt more real.

"For us (the producers), it's just about telling these stories in a very human way," said co-producer Roma Downey in The Hollywood Reporter. "These characters didn't know they were in the Bible. They didn't know the outcome from the Bible. They're... [continue]

'Uptown Funk' has taken us by storm

Millions upon millions of Americans know the music and lyrics of the mega hit, "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson (featuring Bruno Mars). Billboard says "Uptown Funk" is still the No. 1 song. It is the quintessential pop song – a beat you can dance to, repetitive lyrics that get stuck in your head, and themes that connect with the young and young-at-heart. Listen to "Uptown Funk" here...

"Uptown Funk," however, is not just your ordinary pop song; it has expanded its reach. It is becoming iconic. Two Texas schoolteachers are part of the craze.

In January, Dallas high school drama teacher Scot Pankey organized students into a... [continue]

Violent tendencies

A violent man is coming to Dallas. He didn't simply pick North Texas as a good place to live; a wealthy family in the city offered him $11 million to come to town.

Greg Hardy is indeed coming to Big D. Hardy will be the newest pass rushing "savior" of the highest profile American football team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Hardy; however, has a past. Last year, a judge found him guilty of assaulting and threatening to kill his girlfriend. Hardy then requested a jury trial, which never happened because the girlfriend would not cooperate with the prosecution. She, instead, accepted an out-of-court settlement. In my neighborhood, we would say... [continue]

Spring break with the geese

My daughter, Tabitha, and I sat on the bank of the San Gabriel River the other day to watch the geese. From the start, it was an odd day. Normally, the geese rush visitors in hopes of bread crumbs or other food. No rush on this day.

There actually were pieces of bread scattered on the ground near us that the water fowl were ignoring. They ignored us, as well. They were, rather, enamored with each other.

We gradually realized that "enamored" was indeed the correct word. Spring had come to the river, and the geese couldn't care less about food. They had their minds on mating.

Some of the animals already had paired up and were content to... [continue]

​Living as a black man in Ferguson

In the summer of 2012, a 32-year-old African American man sat in his car cooling off after playing basketball in a public park. A law enforcement officer pulled up behind the man's car, blocking him in, and demanded the man's Social Security number and identification.

That's how the story begins. It's part of the U.S. Justice Department's report on racial discrimination in Ferguson, Mo. If those of us who are Anglo Americans do not understand why many African Americans distrust law enforcement, this story offers an example of why.

Without any cause, the officer accused the man of being a pedophile, referring to the presence of... [continue]

Trying to get this church-state thing right

Some Bible verses are so clear and direct they are like taking a finger in the eye; you can't ignore them. Paul seemed to specialize in the finger-in-the-eye genre, while generally, Jesus was more subtle, as if whispering a word one had to take some time to think about.

In one of Paul's finger-in-the-eye passages, he told the Christians in Rome the following:

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities; for there is no authority except from God, and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists authority resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur
... [continue]

Of skinny jeans and cool socks

A few years ago, a TV beer commercial introduced me to skinny jeans. I thought skinny jeans had to be the most stupid jeans idea yet, at least for guys. But, no, they are proliferating.

And just the other day, a skinny-jean-wearing friend told me about the newest trend: the slim, shortened legging, which enabled people to see his socks. Why on earth would anyone want to see my socks? He showed me his socks, and they were kind of cool and colorful. I realized then that no one would want to see my socks because they are not interesting; they are always one basic dark color.

If I had my druthers, I would wear jeans every day of the... [continue]

Grieving with the family of the cross

They have names - Milad Makeen Zaky, Abanub Ayad Atiya, Maged Solaiman Shehata, and on and on - 21 of them. Their names seem odd to most of us in America, but they are our brothers. Our human brothers. Our Christian brothers.

The Islamic State beheaded these Coptic Christians in Libya. There is no way to ignore the religious nature of this massacre. Muslim extremists killed Christians because of their faith.

The video of the killings is titled "A Message Signed with Blood to the Nation of the Cross." Of course, we are no nation; we are a family.

Coptic Christianity counts John Mark, the author of the Gospel of Mark, as... [continue]

Beyond Fifty Shades of Grey

The National Football League is getting serious about the scourge of violence against women. The Grammy Awards show featured the importance of battling domestic violence. But the violence-ridden book, Fifty Shades of Grey, has been extremely popular among adult women, and it now has become a movie.

Here is Time magazine's description of Fifty Shades:

"Nobody gets raped … and all the physical acts are consensual, but a romance about the possession of a virginal college student by a more powerful, older guy that involves her having to bend to his every whim, call him 'sir' and get beaten in the process could be accused of
... [continue]

Dramatic presentations part of this year's annual meeting

"Theatre for the Mind and Spirit" is coming to the Texas Baptist annual meeting Monday, Nov. 17. This is how Bruce Kuhn describes his dramatic presentations. Kuhn will be part of the morning and evening worship services at the Waco Convention Center.

Bruce's presentations bring Scripture alive. The words are literally from the biblical text, but Bruce helps them breathe with human passion. Below are 2 seven-minute videos of Bruce presenting a portion of the Gospel of Luke and Tales of Tolstoy, and there are other videos listed on his website.

More videos...

A number of Texas Baptists saw Kuhn's presentations at... [continue]

'The Blind Side' couple to end BGCT Annual Meeting

The BGCT Annual Meeting this year will end with a special event on the Baylor University campus. Baylor President Ken Starr will host a "conversation" with Sean and Leigh Anne Touhy, the couple featured in the book and movie, "The Blind Side."

It is part of the university's "On Topic" series of events at Waco Hall. Tickets are required but are free and will be available Sunday and Monday, Nov. 16-17, at Waco Convention Center during the BGCT Annual Meeting. Tickets also will be available Tuesday, Nov. 18, at Waco Hall before the event.

"The Blind Side" tells the story of Michael Oher, a homeless teenager turned first round draft pick... [continue]

CLC director expresses concern regarding Houston subpoenas

Gus Reyes, director of the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission, has released the following statement regarding the City of Houston's subpoenas sent to five churches:

"We are glad Mayor Annise Parker now agrees with critics that the initial City of Houston subpoenas were overly broad.

"The U.S. Constitution protects religious freedom, and that includes the right of pastors and church members to speak on social and community issues without fear of intimidation by the government.

"We now wait to see what city officials do next. We hope they display a renewed commitment to religious liberty and recognize that efforts meant to... [continue]

Texas Baptist Hunger Offering needs end-of-year boost

Texas Baptists are generous, but our giving to fight hunger and poverty has lagged this year. Through August, Texas Baptists gave $548,395 through the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. That's a lot of money, but it is significantly less than we gave last year -- $727,877 or 75.3 percent.

As we give millions of dollars to support church programs, it is important to remember that Jesus said care for the poor is a key indicator that a person is seeking to follow Him. When we seek to follow Christ we will have a Spirit-inspired burden to care for those who suffer. If we don't, something's wrong with our spiritual life.

Despite the lag in... [continue]

Following Christ involves welcoming children

Parents will do just about anything to help their children. In Central America, parents are trying to help their children in ways that may seem odd and downright unwise to those of us in the United States, but their circumstances are very different. Their children's lives are at stake.

Drugs, violence, and lawlessness threaten to engulf their children, so they do what must be heartbreakingly difficult -- they send them away on a long, perilous journey to a place that seems to offer hope for their children. Many of those children make it, and they cross the border into their place of deliverance -- the United States.

Children are... [continue]

Union Association fighting human trafficking

Union Baptist Association, our state's largest regional body, is taking a leadership role in the fight against human trafficking in Texas. The association's UBA E-Notes this week highlights two human trafficking items.

The first connects to a YouTube video and a web page titled "Where Do I Start?" The page stresses the three steps of learn, pray and act.

The second item gives information on a Sept. 20 event at South Main Baptist Church in Houston. It will feature presentations by experts, a tour of high-risk local areas, and times of worship.

Thank you, Tom Billings, for your leadership of the UBA in regard to this... [continue]

Spiritual living connects to ethical living

Ethical living and spiritual living are linked; they both connect the believer to the world beyond himself or herself. The spiritual connects one to God, and the ethical deals with how one lives with others.

Thessalonians 5:17 says to pray continually. Structured prayer is difficult for many of us, but we can still cultivate a spirit of continual prayer -- simply praying as we go about our daily activities.

When a person "practices the presence of God," to quote Brother Lawrence, it is as if God becomes a friend, a companion who goes with you to all places and through all moments. A cynic could say that we are only silently... [continue]

'Kumbaya' should be no joke

In 2010, a story in The New York Times noted that the song, "Kumbaya," had lately been "transformed into snarky shorthand for ridiculing a certain kind of idealism, a quest for common ground."

I remember singing the song in the 1960s, and we loved it. It was no joke; it called us toward something better than what we knew. I did not initially know that "kumbaya" meant "come by here" and was meant as a prayer to God.

"Come By Here" is a song "deeply rooted in black Christianity's vision of a God who intercedes to deliver both solace and justice," The NY Times piece said.

The oldest known recording of the spiritual occurred in the spring... [continue]

Muehlhoff speaks on civil communication in CT

Christian author Tim Muehlhoff says believers need to "yield to God's power from outside" themselves in order to communicate in a civil, Christlike manner.

Christianity Today has published a Q&A with Muehlhoff regarding his book, I Beg to Differ: Navigating Difficult Conversations with Truth and Love (InterVarsity Press, 2014).

Muehlhoff says that "in the heat of the moment" of a conversation a Christian should remember the advice of A.W. Tozer. "You shall receive power, a potent force from another world invading your life by your consent, getting to the roots of your life and transforming you into someone like Christ." Muehlhoff... [continue]

Trafficking -- the difference between victims and criminals

The Dallas Morning News carried an excellent opinion piece in its Feb. 23 edition about children and prostitution. The article, by Malika Saada Saar, expresses a broad national perspective. In Texas, we are actually doing better than reflected in Saar's article, but we still have lots of work to do.

Saar points out that about 293,000 U.S. children are "at risk of being exploited and trafficked for sex, according to a 2011 FBI report on trafficking. Most are girls ages 12 to 14. They often are abducted or lured by pimps and traffickers, beaten into submission and sometimes even branded with the pimp's name." She tells of one... [continue]

Connecting religious liberty and evangelism

Evangelism and missions can be conducted openly and forthrightly only in an environment that fosters and protects religious liberty. The United States, with its constitutional protections, is a shining example of this reality, while nations with limits on religious expression are examples of the opposite.

Brent Walker, in the January Report from the Capital, develops the link between religious liberty and evangelism. Americans are "able to practice our religion as we see fit and free to go tell others about it," said Walker, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty.

One person's freedom, however, can... [continue]

Write your senator and representative

Bread for the World has announced its 2014 Offering of Letters to United States senators and representatives. Bread does not send these letters; Bread encourages and empowers individual Christians to conduct this annual letter-writing campaign, and this often occurs through churches.

This year's effort asks lawmakers to reform United States food aid in times of crisis and to foster long-term solutions to hunger. Specifically, it asks for legislation to pursue three goals:

1) Improve efficiency in international crisis aid by allowing more food to be bought in or near the country where it is needed and by reducing sales of... [continue]

'Simple touches' in Huntsville

The Hospitality House in Huntsville ministers to the families of those who are incarcerated, and Texas Baptists help support this effort.

Executive Director Debra McCammon said, "The simple touches, conversations, hugs and smiles help us to share the love of Christ with them."

She also wrote:

"Loving those who are hurting is always about the little things we do: small craft gift on their pillow, a 'Welcome' picture postcard sitting on top of their linens, providing a sewing kit when their dress has torn, putting a candle in the brownies, cakes or pies on their birthdays and presenting them with a small gift, or especially a Bible of
... [continue]

War through the eyes of faith

War powerfully shapes a person's understanding of the world, including one's faith. World War II created in many people a veneration of the United States that caused love of country to sometimes override love of God or to conflate the two into one love. The Vietnam War then brought about a mindset of distrust, and since love of God and country had often been melded the two could be dismissed together by some.

It is not surprising that war shapes understandings of faith, but it is surprising that faith does not more often shape understandings of war.

The other day I ran across an article written by Charles Colson in July 2001 shortly... [continue]

CLC 83rd Session Report

Christian Life Commission Final Report: 83rd Regular Legislative Session

During each legislative session, the Christian Life Commission (CLC) works to promote sound public policy on a variety of fronts important to Texas residents. The following is a list of bills the CLC actively followed, supported and, in some cases, opposed during the 83rd Session of the Texas Legislature.

In this edition: Predatory Lending Food Policy Gambling/Texas Lottery Human Trafficking Public Education Adult Education Immigration Advanced Directives Stay Informed


In the 83rd Legislative Session, the CLC... [continue]

Opposing abortion in a world of vulnerable people

The Christian Life Commission has received a couple of questions about why it honored Texas Sen. Wendy Davis with its Horizon Award in 2012. As virtually everyone knows, Davis was thrust into the national political spotlight in June with her filibuster in opposition to a bill supported by many Texas Baptists, including me.

The CLC honored Sen. Davis last year for her support of various issues that are important to Texas Baptists, including opposition to predatory lending practices. The senator from Fort Worth has been vital to the legislative effort to limit immoral payday and auto title lending practices, which are devastating... [continue]

Love for neighbor should compel us toward immigration reform

The U.S. Senate has shown both courage and wisdom in passing the sweeping immigration bill. In order to get bipartisan support, the bill had to reflect the concerns of people across the political spectrum, and this has resulted in a bill that addresses the needs of security, business and immigrants.

Scripture teaches us to care about the "stranger" in our midst, and it also teaches us the importance of honoring laws. As a result, those of us who are Christians can rejoice in the fact that these two principles are being honored.

We know, of course, that there are many good people, including Christians, who are concerned about... [continue]

A place for civic duty

Again a summons has come. This time it is from the U.S. District Court with a demand that I report for jury demand. It is probably my fourth summons during the past few years. They never come at a convenient time, but I always feel slightly honored to be summoned. It means my country, my state or my county need me.

It is a matter of civic duty, and it is important because I possess a great civic debt. To live in the United States is one of the great privileges of my life, and with that privilege comes responsibilities.

Quite honestly, it surprises me how much some people complain about a summons to jury duty or go to extreme means to... [continue]

The 'mark of God on your heart' is what matters

Legalism is so tempting. Even if we understand the biblical concept of being saved by God's grace through our faith, there is a pull toward legalism, to judge based on rules. Just as 2+2=4, we want to know what you have to add up to equal "good" or "godly."

A New Testament view of life, however, is less like basic math and more like calculus, which involves the study of change by using symbols in making calculations. Following Christ is about change in our lives, and we talk about that change using various expressions.

The "legalistic critics" referred to by the Apostle Paul generally do not get it when it comes to understanding... [continue]

Six year old Evan knows how to have a holiday

Six-year-old Evan Jenkins is full of energy. That energy shows up in various athletic pursuits, but it showed up in another way over the holidays.

Evan's dad, Rand, reports that in the midst of family holiday house cleaning, Evan "disappeared for a bit and came back wearing his orange 'No Kid Hungry' sunglasses and carrying all the money he could find in the house."

It turns out that Evan broke his piggy bank, found some change here and there around the house and even a $5 bill. He then made Rand and Denise stop cleaning in order to count his money. It came to $25.57. "Wow!" was his first exclamation. Second came, "I want to... [continue]

Christmas is when we remember and worship

It is amazing that more than 2,000 years after the event, more than two billion people around the world will again remember a birth in an obscure village. Why?

The late Texas Baptist ethicist T.B. Maston said Jesus represented the supreme revelation of God's nature. "The revelation of God recorded in the Bible, a divine-human book, is climaxed in Christ, a divine-human Person," Maston wrote in Why Live the Christian Life? (p. 51).

"We find in him the climax of the self-disclosure of God. God's final and perfect word concerning his own nature and character is found in Christ: in his life, his death, his resurrection." (p. 51)

And it... [continue]

Ethicist Gushee offers an action plan on gun violence

Baptist ethicist David Gushee, writing at the Huffington Post, has laid out 12 proposals for action in the wake of the latest "American massacre." Why has he done this?

"I have become convinced that we need to treat this steady downpour of gun massacres as a form of domestic terrorism that must be deterred, prevented and punished through every possible effort of government, civil society, families and individuals. Everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to end these monthly massacres of children in school, mall shoppers, churchgoers, movie watchers."Only a comprehensive solution will do. Every aspect of this problem needs
... [continue]

Americans and our guns

Our president has asked us some straightforward questions.

"Can we honestly say that we're doing enough to keep our children, all of them, safe from harm?"Can we claim, as a nation, that we're all together there, letting them know they are loved and teaching them to love in return?"Can we say that we're truly doing enough to give all the children of this country the chance they deserve to live out their lives in happiness and with purpose?"

President Obama asked those questions Sunday night in Newtown, Conn., after the latest explosion of gun violence. He answered his questions with an honest "no."

I'm an owner of multiple guns. I... [continue]

Internet lawsuits remind us of the importance of truth

A Washington contractor is suing a Virginia woman for posting scathing reviews online about the contractor's work, according to the Washington Post.

This is one of a growing number of cases alleging Internet defamation. "Lawyers across the country are more aggressively using a combination of legal maneuvers and computer forensics to help uncover the identities of anonymous commentators and sue them," the newspaper reports.

Such lawsuits have the potential of dampening consumer reviews, which can be of great help in today's over-crowded marketplace. Most Internet users want access to unbiased reviews, and we want people to have the... [continue]

Time to face up to climate change

Climate change should be obvious by now. The vast majority of scientists in the field have been certain of it for some time now, while some of us regular folks haven't known what to think.

The super storm that struck the New York City area is like an exclamation mark on the scientific statements regarding climate change. "Things are different now," the storm seemed to be saying. This has been what scientists have been warning us will happen.

It is important to use the term "climate change" and not "global warming" because the latter term can lull one into thinking if "my temperatures" are not getting hotter, then this must... [continue]

Of people and solitude

People energize. Solitude energizes. But they do so in different ways.

I suspect those are gifts from God. Let me illustrate.

When I walk through the doors where my Bible study group meets, I suddenly have more energy than I had moments before. I rotate teaching the class with Richard Griffin, but I feel this energy even when I'm not teaching. A similar thing happens at Baptist meetings I attend around the state.

This also happened recently when my daughter, Tabitha, and I spoke on "Ethics in Leadership" at a secular college campus. In other words, the energy boost is not just related to being with fellow followers of Christ; it is... [continue]