Gabriel Cortes

Book Review: Experiencing God

The “Experiencing God” book is actually a 13-week study.  It’s all about how to know and do God’s will. It’s Bible based, so there’s a lot of opportunity for God to speak to someone to call them or affirm their calling. It’s full of Biblical and historical examples of how men and women responded to the Lord’s call upon their life and how He did amazing things through them. Besides the Bible, “Experiencing God” has been the way through which God has spoken to me the most.

Blackaby, Henry and Richard. Experiencing God: Day by Day Devotional

How I knew I was called

During a youth camp when I was in college, I went forward to pray for a young person. I heard God calling me through the preacher, and I experienced a burning in my heart while bursting into tears thanking God for His calling. When I was asked to preach and teach, God confirmed his calling through other people. Also, I saw people respond to the messages/lessons that I was led to share with them. The internal satisfaction I felt was also a testimony of this. I knew I was called as I saw God at work in my life, making things happen and opening a way for me to follow Him.