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Feeding the 500

So it isn't the 5000 that Jesus fed in one afternoon that we read about in Mark 6, but in the past month the BSM at UTD has fed about 500 students lunch for free! Starting the week after Labor Day, we have had over 100 students come to our free Monday lunches. This number is consistently higher than anything I have seen before at UTD, and it is terrific!

Students are given a free meal and then participate in discussions around their tables, led by one of our student leaders, or a local church volunteer. We try our best to work the Gospel into every conversation, so... [continue]

Painting Nails with the nations

As the doorbell rang, I answered it not knowing what to expect. Although I had participated and planned ministry events as a student, this was one of my first events to host as a brand new Campus Missionary Intern. “Would it be awkward?” I wondered. “Would we find things to talk about?” I, along with my roommates Putti and Caitlyn (who also work at the UTA BSM), was hosting a girl’s night at our house. The idea was simple: we would paint our nails, eat snacks, and just have fun!

Girls on the leadership team invited girls from their dorms,... [continue]

Burrito Blog

While waiting in line at a Welcome Week event, Jenny and Cole met two international students, Lucy and Yorick, who just recently arrived in Texas from China. They made a discovery - the pair had never before eaten a burrito.

This is Texas. The land of Tex-Mex. Without thinking very long or hard about it, I can name six different burrito and taco restaurants within a five minute drive of the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). And for Cole, who eats burritos as often as possible, typically multiple times a week, even being in Texas for just two weeks without having a... [continue]

For the least of these

Johnnie Musquiz serves as Pastor of Iglesia Bautista Houston. Below is a first-hand account of his experience taking a volunteer group from his church to serve Central American family units in McAllen.

Three weeks ago I toured the Catholic Charities in McAllen. I came back and showed pictures to my church about the need and also the opportunity. My son (Timothy) came and shared with me that he wanted to organize a group and go help with the effort at the Catholic Charities. The dates (Aug 15-16) were scheduled and a group of nine volunteers were enlisted. We took... [continue]