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Texas Baptist Hunger Offering celebrates 20 years of giving, totaling $15.5 million

The Texas Baptist Hunger Offering celebrated its 20th year connecting Texas Baptists churches to serve and support ministries that meet the immediate nutritional needs of people living in poverty and developing long term solutions. Through 20 years of giving, Texas Baptists have raised $15.5 million, which has been disbursed through worldwide ministries combatting hunger and poverty.

“I like what Phil Strickland used to say,” Charlie Whiteside of First Baptist Church of Kilgore noted. “‘Empty stomachs... [continue]

Texas Baptists missions endeavors to expand to Brazil and Mexico

Texas Baptists Missions announced the beginning of a new partnership between Texas Baptists and the Brazilian Baptist Convention during the Texas Baptist Missions Banquet, on the evening of Nov. 14 at Annual Meeting.

“When I was 14-years-old, I heard the Gospel at a Baptist church and I was baptized by a missionary from Texas,” Brazilian National Mission Board Executive Director Fernando Brandão said. “I am here tonight because you sent missionaries to my country. Myself and my family are fruit of your prayers and your... [continue]

Texas Baptists university presidents talk affordability, Title IX

WACO— Within the first session of Texas Baptists’ Annual Meeting workshops, Texas Baptist university presidents Blair Blackburn, East Texas Baptist University; Eric Bruntmyer, Hardin Simmons University; Adam Wright, Dallas Baptist University and Bobby Hall, Wayland Baptist University, contributed to a panel discussion on the state of Christian higher education in Texas.

Texas Baptists Associate Executive Director Steve Vernon moderated the discussion about issues pertinent to higher education.

One challenge for academic... [continue]

Maciel encourages Texas Baptists to give themselves to God

WACO — Texas Baptists President René Maciel opened his address during the Monday morning Annual Meeting Worship Session with a bold question.

“Can you honestly say you’ve given yourself to God this year?” he asked.

Maciel read from Jesus’ words in Matthew 22.

But when the Pharisees heard that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered themselves together. One of them, a lawyer, asked Him a question, testing Him, ‘Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?’

And He said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God... [continue]

Hispanic Texas Baptists urged to seize the moment when service opportunities arise

WACO, Texas—Hispanic Texas Baptists rallied at the beginning of Texas Baptists’ Annual Meeting 2016 Sunday night at Iglesia Maranata in Bellmead.

The service recognized various ministry leaders in Texas Baptists life. Texas Baptist Hispanic Ministry Director Rolando Rodriguez said that was intentional.

“In celebrating service, I think it’s important we see every aspect of church life and community--pastors, Sunday school teachers, lay leaders,” he said.

He and Dr. Moises Rodriguez, acting president of... [continue]

Building the Kingdom

This week I spent in my favorite sitting chair, with a fractured leg elevated just so. That's a fun story involving a sense of adventure, no sense of balance and a pushy youth group. In between calcium-rich snacking and glimpsing through that stack of books I spent the last nine months swearing I'd read eventually, I find myself missing one thing--my birch workbench.

In the rack I built onto the back end of my bench, just to the right of my chisels, there are a series of measuring devices- a sliding bevel, a small set of dividers, a marking knife and a marking... [continue]

‚ÄčTaking in the Stranger

At a point in his ministry, Jesus identified with the stranger among others -- the hungry, thirsty and prisoner -- the people whose lives indicated some sort of social or economic disconnectedness.

Jesus came to show people how to belong with God and each other. Sometimes that relational notion is inappropriately set apart from the way Christians think of justice, but they are closely collected. Justice means doing the right thing as well as restoring broken relationships.

For the believer, the love of justice arises from life with God; it is a by-product and is,... [continue]

To a new harvest

Sometimes I get frustrated reading hunger statistics. So much of the information comes in particular metrics which seem restrictive to the big picture.

It's not a bad thing. And the sorts of policy solutions and development strategy yielded by looking at hunger in terms of demographics and economic resources certainly have a necessary function.

Hunger across the state, rooted to the nation, and spanning the globe will never be as small a problem as access. I don't think anyone believes that it is.

Hunger is a result of the Fall.

There has to be a bigger problem... [continue]

Giving to Fight Hunger in the Midst of Lent

For many in the developed world, hunger is the sort of thing one may experience after skipping lunch. At least we call it hunger; sometimes there's a headache to go along with it. Real hunger makes a person unable to think clearly. Chronic hunger, according to the United Nations, is that point when the human body begins to break down its own muscle and fat to survive.

For some of us at this very moment, we are duking it out with carnality and all its snacky vices by fasting for the Lenten season, and that might leave us feeling peckish and... [continue]

Anti Human Trafficking Rally

In case you missed it. Here's a look at the anti human trafficking rally last week.

When Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) took to the steps Thursday morning, February 12, at the south end of the state Capitol, she addressed individuals who share a common concern; seeing the end of slavery once and for all in the United States.

She talked about human trafficking, which the State Department of Public Safety defines as the: "Recruitment, harboring, transporting or procurement of a person for labor or services for the purpose of involuntary servitude,... [continue]

Texas Baptists loving neighbors through Hunger Offering

This month, the Christian Life Commission is set to distribute funds to 117 ministries throughout the state of Texas and more than 67 international ones through the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. That is a reflection of the generosity of Texas Baptists, an indication about the contents of their hearts.

Feeding people who don't have enough to eat and helping others to climb out of poverty is part of our obedience to Jesus' command to love our neighbors as ourselves. Doing so in a way that maximizes the support we can offer to... [continue]