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BOUNCing Out of Bartlesville

Happy Friday from our BOUNCERS here in Bartlesville! All nine teams finished projects at their worksites today and returned to the church to clean up.  We ended the night with worship and the BOUNCE wrap party.  We are proud of our BOUNCERS for their hard work and determination all week.  The residents of Bartlesville were very pleased and blessed this week.

Samuel Middleton, a seventh-grader from South Oaks Baptist Church, said that his experience has been amazing this week.  This is his second trip with BOUNCE and “it is fortunate to see residents and do... [continue]

BOUNCing with Our Neighbors

Bartlesville BOUNCERS have been very responsive this week in worship.  From giving to the BOUNCE offering, singing along in worship, and praying for their neighbors, students and student leaders have experienced a renewal in their relationship with God. 

Carlos Montoya, our Worship Speaker this week in Bartlesville, taught out of Luke 10 tonight.  He challenged students to think about who their neighbors are and how they are to welcome them in as Jesus did.  In order for our relationships with others, believers and non-believers alike, do be effective, our... [continue]

BOUNCERS Share Stories Locally

All of our BOUNCERS continued with another hard day’s work.  This week we have nine worksites located in the Bartlesville and the surrounding area.  One of these worksites happens to be located in Chautauqua, Kansas, just north of Bartlesville.  BOUNCE staff made their rounds today, having popsicles for participants during one of their breaks this afternoon.  All of these projects were specifically chosen with the opportunity for ministry, whether that is to the homeowners or surrounding neighbors.

Some of our participants this week have BOUNCED with us... [continue]

Bartlesville BOUNCERS Reach Quarter Offering Goal

BOUNCERS were full of excitement and energy this morning at Go Time! Students and Student leaders circled up for a time of prayer and commissioning as they started their first day at the work sites.  Our Construction Coordinator this week, Lonnie Hoelscher, prayed over them, and the BOUNCE staff waved goodbye as vans and trucks pulled out to serve this community.

Tonight during worship, our BOUNCE offering was collected. This offering will go to support the Missionary Adoption Program, which aids indigenous, Brazilian missionaries as... [continue]

A Life Worth Giving

BOUNCERS have arrived in Bartlesville! Our BOUNCE staff welcomed all of our churches and helped them get settled in for the week.  Participants played Spike Ball and hung out with our collegiate staff while student leaders went through registration. 

Our BOUNCERS are ready to serve the community of Bartlesville BOUNCE back from sub-standard housing conditions through various projects.  These projects include several roofs, wall repair, installing cabinets, and painting.

Earlier this evening, BOUNCE students participated in BOUNCE Bash, while student leaders went... [continue]

BOUNCing into Bartlesville

Hello Bartlesville! BOUNCE is here to have a great week of serving the community! We are ready to welcome Eastern Heights Baptist Church and New Harmony Baptist Church, both from Bartlesville.  We are also ready to welcome First Baptist Church Navasota, TX, First Baptist Church Seguin, TX, Hulen Street Church of Fort Worth, TX, and South Oaks Baptist of Arlington, TX.

BOUNCE appreciates First Baptist Church Bartlesville for hosting BOUNCE staff and 72 students and student leaders this week.  FBC Bartlesville is also providing meals, showers, and a place to... [continue]

BOUNCing out of Dallas

That’s a wrap for our work in Dallas this week! All three BOUNCE teams finished at their worksites today.  Students and student leaders worked hard and had fun too! From painting to installing siding, BOUNCERS have learned new skills and made new friends, all while serving Christ and the community of Dallas.  These BOUNCERS are excited to get back to their hometowns to start serving their communities through the rest of the summer.  Overall, this week was great and the BOUNCE staff was happy to serve alongside these participants.

This week would not be possible... [continue]

BOUNCERS Pray for the "Least of These"

Worship this week in Dallas has been exceptional and the BOUNCERS have participated in every way, from learning new songs, giving to our BOUNCE offering, and praying for “least of these”.  Wednesday night was a Concert of Prayer, which prompted students and student leaders to pray and consider various needs and people of their community.  This concert included songs, silence, Scripture reading, and audible prayers. Our BOUNCE staff also participated by reading Scripture and prompts during the service.  After the service, groups were dismissed to... [continue]

BOUNCE Brings Blessings After 52 Years

Dallas BOUNCERS have been hard at work each day, and are getting close to finishing at a few worksites.  One homeowner, Wilma Curry, couldn’t be more thankful for the work that these BOUNCE participants are doing for her home.  “It’s a blessing”, said Curry, who has been living in her home since 1965.  This is the first time that her home has received renovations since she moved in.  Curry’s home is one of three others receiving rehabilitation this week in the Dallas community.

At another worksite, BOUNCERS met homeowner, Eula Reece, who hugged... [continue]

Commissioned With a Mission

Today marks the first work day of BOUNCE 2017!  Participants had an early start as they met at 7am after breakfast for GO TIME.  This is an opportunity for our BOUNCE staff to commission these participants as they go out and serve with the love of Christ.  BOUNCERS circled up and Scott Stevens, our Mission Coordinator, prayed over the teams as they begin work this week. BOUNCE staff joined in prayer and waved bye as teams left for their worksites.

Tonight at worship, our BOUNCE offering was collected.  The offering this year is supporting the Missionary... [continue]

Duncanville BOUNCERS Reminded to Serve While Being Served

Mission 1 at Duncanville has kicked off to a great start! All the churches have arrived safely and are settled in for a week of serving.  BOUNCE staff met the churches as they arrived and played some Spike Ball as group leaders checked-in.  BOUNCERS are ready to help the community of Dallas BOUNCE back from poor housing conditions through rehabilitation efforts. 

Students participated in BOUNCE Bash this afternoon and had fun playing a few rounds of Kerplunk, while learning some of our BOUNCE guidelines! Dan, this week’s... [continue]

BOUNCing Into Summer 2017

Summer 2017 has arrived and your BOUNCE staff has been preparing for this summer for a while.  Our first Mission is in Duncanville, Texas, and we are ready to welcome Carmel Baptist Church from Lindale, Texas, Crestview Baptist Church from San Antonio, Texas, and Wylie Baptist Church from Abilene, Texas.

BOUNCE staff for this week includes our Mission Coordinator, Scott Stevens, our Construction Coordinator, Russell Hill, our Local Logistics Coordinator, Ryan Jespersen, our First Aid Coordinator, Tanner Stevens, and our Worship Speaker, Randy Beggs.  The... [continue]