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Lessons from a London learning lab

The London I'd heard of was damp and dreary, but the London I experienced on the first Texas Baptists Learning Lab was anything but. I found the city awash in mid-summer sunlight, broad rays bouncing off weathered stones and gilded storefronts, illuminating bustling faces full of energy and thought. There wasn't the slightest hint of a fog. My expectations proved to be amiss.

And in a way, that's exactly why I was there. Fourteen of us – men and women, young and not-so-young, pastors and lay leaders – banded together from across the state to... [continue]

Trouble with first-timers

Do you tweet? I don't. There. I said it. I've tried a few times but never really stuck with it. I like the challenge of finding something witty to say in 140 characters or less, but it's not something I can have running in the background of my mind while moving through the day. For me, tweeting takes too much time and attention, and like other social media platforms, it is hard to measure the ROI.

After listening in on an earnings call this week, CNN Money reported that Twitter has acknowledged it is facing a significant problem. It appears that people who know... [continue]

Summer symbiosis: A guide to ministry internships

Summer is upon us. As I write this in mid-March, I'm interviewing candidates for a handful of internships within the Convention's communications department. While it takes time and energy to establish a perennial program, the payoff both for our department and the interns themselves is well worth the effort. Interns bring boundless life, energy and awareness to our team, they tackle projects in new and creative ways, and while they collect only modest compensation, the experience, school credit and resume bolstering they receive can be... [continue]

Crack of the bat

Sporting goods giant Wilson has acquired the iconic Louisville Slugger baseball brand for $70 million cash. What does this have to do with the Convention and its churches? Quite possibly everything. Here's how.

The Louisville Slugger brand was established after Bud Hillerich made a bat for Pete Browning, star of the Louisville Eclipse, back in 1884. Bud identified a need, developed a quality product ball players liked, and a successful business was born.

But, after decades of popularity the market changed. Youth and college sports became astonishingly more... [continue]

A new wrinkle in the same old purpose

It's nothing new to say that the way we communicate is changing. Just observe a young person for five minutes and you'll see it for yourself. "Text neck" is now an actual medical condition. Really.

Nor is it new to say that Texas Baptists exists to help affiliated churches. We've been on mission since 1884, and we show no signs of slowing.

What is new is the combination of these two concepts: a desire to help churches as they navigate the new communications landscape.

From the top down the Convention is rethinking what it means to help the church of... [continue]