kaitlin warrington

Seasons of surrender

I fought long and hard not to make this move. I liked the way my life was. I finally felt settled - I knew the flow of my job after more than three years in my position. I had finally made good friends, and I felt at home when I was with my life group at church. I had found my place in ministry, discipling girls through the Baptist Student Ministry where my husband worked part time and teaching GAs at our church. I even knew the traffic patterns so well that I could maneuver the streets of this big metro area like the best of them!

But last fall, something changed. Deep down inside I heard whispers saying this season was fading and... [continue]

Soccer and salvation

When Rolando Rodriquez was a kid, he breathed soccer, and it changed his life. It's through a game of soccer that he met a missionary kid who shared about the love of Jesus with him. Through this, Rodriquez chose to follow Christ and the gospel flowed to his family as well.

Fast forward to three years ago. Rodriguez was pastoring Cockrell Hill Baptist Church in Dallas. Rodriquez became friends with the coach for the El Salvador national soccer team who was living in the area then. He shared about the hope of Christ with him and it changed his life. Soon after this, the coach approached Rodriquez and wanted to serve in the church... [continue]

Coaching to mentor

As athletes grow older and out of the ranks of high school and college sports, many turn to younger teams and begin coaching - sometimes for fun and sometimes as an occupation. For some, coaching comes through other natural connections, becoming the parents who coach their son or daughter's team.

Coaching, whether it's out of a desire to stay involved with sports or because your children need a team leader, can be a wonderful opportunity to mentor students and to be involved in your community. For several hours a week through practices and games, these young athletes are in a coach's care. A coach is there to give instruction on the... [continue]

Women in Ministry Conference encourages women to work in courage

ABILENE – Being a woman in ministry requires both courage and encouragement, said speakers at the Texas Baptists Women in Ministry En{in}Courage conference held at Logsdon Seminary Feb. 22. The conference focused on helping women identify or remember their ministry calling from the Lord and to walk courageously.

"We named the conference En{in}Courage to emphasize both the encouragement that women in ministry and those who support them need, but also to respect the fact that women in ministry and their supporters are living in courage as they step out and follow God’s call," said Meredith Stone, Texas Baptists' Women in Ministry... [continue]