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Wrapping up Waco-- and Summer 2016!

BOUNCE Mission Waco is drawing to a close. Our twelve teams have worked hard on ten different houses and accomplished a lot this week. From painting, to siding, to construction, to lots of roofing, our students have learned many new skills and served Christ in a tangible way. Some students have even talked about being baptized when they go back home! Overall, it’s been a great week. Despite some challenges, our BOUNCERS have persevered and had fun as well. We have heard stories of mission teams that have worked really well together, finishing tasks while... [continue]

Making Progress

All twelve of our BOUNCE Teams are still hard at work. With the understanding that they will be finished with their houses tomorrow, they have continued finishing their roofs and painting their houses. Some of our staff members had the opportunity to work alongside the students and get to know them better. Some teams have even finished their smaller houses and are continuing work at another site.

Worship services have consisted of singing praises, hearing about resources, and listening to the word of God taught by Aaron. The Beatitudes come from Jesus’ most well-known... [continue]

Hardworking Wednesday

BOUNCERS’ work continued today on their sites. The students were hard at work despite the intense heat, which was up to 97 degrees today. We continued encouraging everyone to use sunscreen and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. The work accomplished so far includes scraping old paint, applying new paint, and repairing roofs.

One homeowner has lived in the same house for 61 years. She said she has been praying for years for help repairing this home. She and her family were physically and financially unable to do the work themselves and are so grateful for the... [continue]

Waco Work Begins

Today was the first day of work for our BOUNCERS. The day began bright and early for breakfast at 6AM, then continued with GO TIME: a time of prayer and commissioning. Aaron Austin, our mission coordinator in Waco this week, encouraged the students and prayed before sending them out to their sites for the first time.

We have a total of twelve teams working on houses this week. The work they will be doing consists of scraping, painting, roofing, siding, and small construction work. The teams are churches from different cities and the students will get to know each... [continue]

Church Arrivals

BOUNCE Mission Waco is officially underway! Our churches have arrived safe and sound from various cities. The staff was glad to meet them and begin the week. We are excited to welcome and serve the 150 participants and leaders.

The week always kicks off with BOUNCE Bash: a fun, high-energy time of playing Giant Jenga, getting to know the staff, and learning about the rules of BOUNCE in an entertaining way. This is facilitated by our Worship Leader, Haley, who engages the students and gets them excited about BOUNCE. These participants are ready to help members of the... [continue]

Welcome to Waco

It is hard to believe that this is the last week of BOUNCE for the summer! We are getting ready to welcome all of the churches arriving in Waco tomorrow. 150 students and leaders will be gathering to serve the Waco community from all over. Participating churches will be Central Baptist Church in Marshall, Crosspoint Church, Eastern Hills Baptist Church, FBC Lufkin, FBC Plainview, Paramount Baptist Church, and South Main Baptist.

Mission teams comprised of these churches will be rehabilitating homes in the Waco Community. This week, we will be partnering with local... [continue]

Wrapping up a Great Week

The BOUNCERS have done a lot of great work in Mineral Wells this week! Some houses have had siding installed, received new coats of paint, and even had porches rebuilt. Students have been working hard this week and we are proud of them for all that they have accomplished. They have come together, gotten to know each other, and learned how to work as a team. These 70 students and leaders did a lot of work for the Lord’s glory, by meeting physical needs and paying attention to spiritual needs as well. We are thankful for the relationships built with the... [continue]

Worship Time

Students had another day of hard work today. A few teams have even been able to finish the work on their houses and contribute to another house’s progress; six teams are working on seven work sites in Mineral Wells. Each night, we are thankful for a time of worship to praise God and hear from His Word.

Worship all week has been about the Beatitudes. Our worship speaker, Dwayne, continued unpacking this part of the Sermon on the Mount this evening. We have learned thus far that true satisfaction is found in Christ and is characterized by humility, righteousness, and... [continue]

Mineral Wells Wednesday

Progress continued at our participants’ ministry sites today. Many of our teams have already finished scraping and priming, and painting has begun on multiple houses. Each homeowner has a different situation, and may have endured hardship after hardship. Some houses are in desperate need of siding installation or painting, and the BOUNCERS are hard at work.

One homeowner named Linda said that these students’ work was an answer to prayer. She had prayed for six years and knew that her house needed repairs soon. She was glad to have a BOUNCE team there. Linda was... [continue]

Work Begins

This morning, we started off the week with GO TIME: an opportunity to commission the BOUNCERS with prayer. We asked the Lord to move this week as students are actively serving Him and reflecting His love to the community around them. All the BOUNCERS met in the parking lot and were prayed over, then the six teams headed out to begin their day. Each morning, as the teams arrive on their worksites, a student selected as Team Chaplain will lead a devotional that allows students to be in God’s Word first thing. This helps the participants remember why they are here and learn... [continue]

Monday Mineral Wells

Mission Mineral Wells is officially underway. Our churches have arrived from all around Texas and even New Mexico! It is great to see churches of different denominations come together to serve and worship the Lord. We have a total of six churches in Mineral Wells this week ready to engage this town for the gospel. Our participants are eager to help the community by doing porch repairs, trim, siding, painting, and roofing. These skills are valuable for the students to learn, but more importantly we are praying for hearts to be changed as God moves this week.

We... [continue]

Bouncing into Mineral Wells

The BOUNCE Team is looking forward to another great week! The Bartlesville mission wrapped up nicely a few weeks ago, and we are ready to jump back in, this time serving the Mineral Wells Community. We will have churches from First UMC Farmington, Cowboy Fellowship, Christoval BC, Brazos Meadows BC, Bethel Chinese BC, and locals from Mineral Wells arriving tomorrow.

The BOUNCE Staff is excited to meet the students who will be serving this week. There will be around 70 students and leaders lodging at Mineral Wells Jr. High School, and we are thankful for a... [continue]

Bye Bye, Bartlesville

BOUNCE Bartlesville is a wrap! We are so proud of the work our BOUNCERS have done this week. They have build wheelchair ramps, constructed decks, repaired roofs, installed siding, painted houses, and more. In just one short week, they have served Christ and been featured in a couple local media sources proclaiming His name.

It has been a great week here in Oklahoma. Thanks so much to everyone who was involved, adults and students alike. This would not be possible without the generosity of all the leadership who was devoted to serving the community and pouring into... [continue]

Nightly Worship

The week is going by quickly and everyone has been hard at work. Several of our groups stayed late at their worksites yesterday in an effort to get more accomplished. Each night, we are glad for a time of worship to praise God for who He is and to hear from His Word.

David, our worship speaker, continued unpacking the Beatitudes. Throughout the week, he has been talking with students about what Jesus teaches in this part of the Sermon on the Mount. We have learned thus far that true satisfaction is found in Christ and is characterized by humility, righteousness, and... [continue]

BOUNCERS Being a Blessing

BOUNCE students are doing great things in the Bartlesville community. Greg Graham, of FBC Bartlesville, had the opportunity to visit several of the houses where BOUNCERS were hard at work. He told a story about one homeowner who was a member of a local congregation. Her own children had been on numerous community service mission trips. “She had been giving all her life, and now through BOUNCE the Lord was blessing her,” said Greg. “Three out of four sites that I visited had homeowners nearly in tears out of gratefulness.” It is awesome to hear stories of how... [continue]

First Work Day

Today kicked off our BOUNCERS’ first day of working! After their arrival yesterday, the groups became acquainted with the facility that First Baptist Church of Bartlesville is allowing us to use to eat, sleep, shower, and worship.

Early this morning, we had a time of prayer over our participants. Go Time allowed us to commission the students to head out into the Bartlesville area to begin working. It was a good reminder that it is not merely about accomplishing tasks, but also about serving people and reflecting Christ. 

Each evening, our students engage in a worship... [continue]

Bartlesville Participants Arrive

Our six churches have arrived safely today. Most of the groups stayed the night in Oklahoma last night and drove to Bartlesville this afternoon. From Crosswinds Community Church, FBC Nacogdoches, New Harmony Baptist Church, Eastern Heights Baptist Church, Frio Baptist Church, and Baptist Temple Church, the BOUNCE team is glad to have the participants here.

The BOUNCE staff and students are ready to serve the community of Bartlesville. Each group will have a unique project that will impact homeowners for the gospel. Some of the projects include laying... [continue]

Hello, Bartlesville

We had a great time in Duncanville last week conducting the Dallas mission for the first week of BOUNCE this summer. The BOUNCE staff has now transitioned to Bartlesville, Oklahoma and is looking forward to meeting our participants arriving tomorrow! We will have students from Baptist Temple Church, Crosswinds Community Church, FBC Nacogdoches, Frio Baptist Church, New Harmony Baptist Church, and Eastern Heights Baptist Church.

Team BOUNCE is excited to meet all the students who will be serving this week. The team this week consists of Michelle Merriott (Mission... [continue]

BOUNCE Dallas Mission Complete

We are so proud of our BOUNCERS for finishing the week strong! It has been tiring, but the students have accomplished a lot in the Dallas community. From priming and painting, to siding, to roofing, to constructing porches and decks, youth groups came together to serve the community in the name of Jesus. The Lord did some great things with the physical tasks, as they were projects that made a difference in the city of Dallas. He also worked in the hearts of students, to help them understand the reason for serving. We work to serve people as a small... [continue]

This Week's Worship

It is difficult to believe that it is nearing the end of the week already! The staff is proud of the BOUNCERS who have been working hard consistently to serve as an expression of their love for Christ. Not only have they been able to accomplish tasks to help meet physical needs in the community, but they have also had the chance to encounter God in worship sessions each night.

Our worship speaker, Randy, has been diligent in his presentation of Matthew 5. Presenting the word in a way that captures the students’ attention, he uses relevant illustrations and is... [continue]

Dallas Mission Continues

Today is day two of the BOUNCERS engaging the community on their work sites. We’ve heard several updates from groups who have accomplished a lot already! Many have been tasked with painting, roofing, siding, or even constructing wheelchair ramps. Our coordinators have been hard at work planning and organizing the various projects, and the students have spent a lot of time bearing the heat and humidity to serve others.

BOUNCE has been fortunate to be featured in a few different media outlets in the Dallas area this week. We are glad to get the word out about... [continue]

Go Time

Participants awoke bright and early this morning to eat breakfast and head out to their worksites. 7am was Go Time, when we commissioned our students and sent them out to serve Christ in the Dallas community. Brian Pearce, Mission Coordinator, encouraged them by reminding them of the gospel and the motivation that comes from being loved by God and desiring make him known.

BOUNCERS dove into work for their first day at seven different worksites around Duncanville. We are thankful for the local Baptist churches that provided lunches to these hardworking students! The students... [continue]

It's Time to Begin!

Despite traffic and weather conditions, all of the Mission teams arrived to Duncanville’s First Baptist Church today! We are so excited to get to know people from these churches all over Texas. There are about 175 students and leaders who made it here safely from Plano, Wylie, Dimmit, Crockett, Southwest Park, Stoneburg, and Kingwood.

When they arrived, our students were able to get situated in the rooms graciously offered by Duncanville’s FBC this afternoon. We are thankful for them this week! BOUNCERS were also able to participate in the BOUNCE BASH, in which they... [continue]

Hello, Summer 2016!

The BOUNCE staff is excited to welcome this summer’s students! We are eager to meet the churches serving in Dallas this week: FBC Dimmit, FBC Crockett, FBC Plano, Kingwood FBC, Southwest Park Baptist Church, Stoneburg Baptist Church, and Wylie Baptist Church. There will be approximately 175 students and student leaders lodging at Duncanville’s First Baptist Church.

Team BOUNCE (Coordinators and Collegiate Staff) is looking forward to meeting the students and their leaders. This summer, the Collegiate Staff consists of Amy Valenta (Mission Administration Specialist),... [continue]