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I fear many young people who have been gifted and called into church ministry are simply excusing their calling by saying things like:

  1. “I feel unworthy.” Some young people have the impression that ministers are super spiritual giants who have few if any failures in life. This simply is not the case. What did Abraham, David and Paul all have in common? They were murders. Trust me when I say that the feeling of being unworthy to serve in church ministry is the very feeling that makes you the most qualified. I’d be more concerned if you felt you were worthy of such a calling.
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Work worship

As Christians we must avoid any task that takes our minds off of Jesus. Too many become worshippers of their work rather than true worshippers of God. This is a form of idolatry. This is especially tempting for those whose work is Christian ministry. It is far too easy to rationalize our work in ministry as being worthy of our full attention and worship. This is a recipe for burn-out or something far worse. 

Our efforts to serve the Lord must not become a substitute for our pursuit of knowing the Lord. What is the difference? One focuses on accomplishing tasks and the other... [continue]