Nathan Brandenburg

Comm Shop Tip #43: Asking for help

There is no shame is asking for help as you build and/or design a website. Asking for help creates great learning opportunities.

Comm Shop Tip #39: Be trendy!

Keep up with web trends. Being familiar with and implementing current trends will help your website appear up to date and relevant.

Comm Shop Tip #35: Your website’s navigation

The navigation within your website is very important. This can seem like a daunting task, especially with larger websites, but is terribly important. If your website has multiple pages it may be a good idea to utilize a search feature as well.

Comm Shop Tip #31: Acknowledge and celebrate your success

Acknowledge any success you have, no matter how small. Take note when positive things are said. I recommend celebrating with pizza.

Comm Shop Tip #22: Realistic Expectations

Create realistic expectations. Striving to meet truly unrealistic expectations can leave you feeling discouraged. Expectations and goals are good motivators, but they must be attainable.

Comm Shop Tip #16: Take a break

Go on walks. Staring at a computer screen for an extended period is sometimes necessary, but be sure and make time for some vitamin D. It is good to stand up and go outside for a moment.

Web Aesthetics Matter

The general purpose of an online presence has not changed much since the days of dial-up and snail-paced browsing. Websites are now able to do much more, but still serve the purpose of housing and delivering information to an audience, although websites no longer look like they used to. A trained eye is not required to recognize webpages appear differently than those of old.

The look of your website matters

The legitimacy and quality of what information you are delivering is now tied to the look of your website, especially when viewed by the younger generation.... [continue]

Comm Shop Tip #7: Pleasant Websites

Dedicated website maintenance requires much time. It is important to have time devoted to content updates and technical maintenance. If you are tempted to push these things to the back burner, think again. Outdated websites which do not function properly are no fun. Let’s make our websites pleasant!

Comm Shop Tip #1: Make an Inspiration Folder

Keep a folder on your desktop with screenshots, links and ideas that inspire you. Draw from this pool of inspiration when you are in a creative rut or need to clear your head.

HPU group travels to Slovakia for cross-cultural mission trip

BROWNWOOD — June 13, 2014 — Dr. Melody Maxwell, assistant professor of Christian studies at Howard Payne University, and five students from her spring International Missions Practicum course recently traveled to Va┼żec, Slovakia, for a week-long mission experience. The course, required for all cross-cultural studies majors, is designed to give students firsthand experience in cross-cultural ministry.

The group led ministry activities among the Roma and Slovak people and learned from the missiology of Shane and Dianne McNary, the... [continue]

Help provide an accurate compensation baseline among churches

The 2014 SBC Church Compensation Survey helps determine fair pay for church pastors and staff. All submitted information is kept private and no individual reporting is created – it just creates ranges for compensating ministers fairly.

Texas Baptists prepare response to Typhoon Haiyan

Multiple thousands of people are feared dead in the Philippines, killed by what many are calling the worst storm ever recorded in the country.

Central Texas Flooding

Flooding in the Austin area has affected over 1,600 homes. Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery, working with our State VOAD partners, is assisting in the cleaning out of homes and first response case management.