olivia williams

Stubbornness: Is it your greatest asset or weakness?

My junior year of high school, I broke my arm. Caused by a cheerleading accident, the incident ruined all my plans, activities and basically everything I had going. It took surgery, plates and screws to put back together the two bones in my left forearm, and even then I had months of recovery ahead of me.

Basketball season was coming, which I had never been absent from, and homecoming was only two weeks away, but I was a tough-spirited 16-year-old girl who refused to be weak and play by my doctor's rules. During homecoming, I cheered in a sling. Even though the doctor told me it would be eight weeks, I fully recovered from the... [continue]

Hispanic summer missionaries help encourage youth to reach goals

One goal of Texas Baptists' Hispanic Education Initiative (HEI) is to encourage the pursuit of college education in Hispanic churches. In a unique effort to achieve that goal, HEI hosts a summer missionary program, which gives Hispanic college students the opportunity to serve as mentors for high school students.

These missionaries, after accepting a call from God to help others similar to them, work with the youth in the church one-on-one and in group settings to give them tips, personal testimonies and past experiences when they were also in high school.

"I have a passion for students who don't have the means for getting an... [continue]

Fireworks & Freedom

I love the 4th of July. We are able to celebrate the independence of our country and come together to barbecue, watch baseball, eat some ice cream, spend time with friends and sing "America the Beautiful." Everywhere you go, people are proud to be American, and to show that pride, we fly flags and can't stop talking about how truly great our country is.

My greatest 4th of July memory is when my family and I vacationed to Washington D.C. and watched fireworks sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I'll never forget this moment which gave me such happiness and a sense of patriotism.

While our nation is so proud to show their... [continue]

Texas Churches Meet the Need in Eagle Pass

In June of 2013, a flooding disaster left residents of Eagle Pass in great need of reconstruction and attention to damage due to rising water levels. Two years after the natural disaster, Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery is continuing to send groups of volunteers to help the community repair damages, provide service to those in need and share the love of Christ.

Eagle Pass, a town on the border of Texas and Mexico, is located in Maverick County, which is the ninth poorest county in the United States. Due to the flooding from 2013, the community's poverty levels only increased as many people lacked the resources to properly fix... [continue]

Found Ministry in Free Counseling

Benjamin Skye's dream was to return to America from his home in Malaysia, get a college degree and live here permanently. Texas Baptists not only helped bring him overseas but also guided him along in his journey to counsel families and serve the Lord.

Born in Pennsylvania, Skye then spent the next 17 years of his life in Malaysia. Despite living in a religiously diverse country in which Islam is the most prominent, he was raised in a Christian household with dreams of furthering his education in the United States, like his father.

"My mother credits our English proficiency to her requiring us to begin reading the Bible twice a day... [continue]

Following God and Going Now

The easiest way to making change in the world is through the law, or at least that is what Lilian thought. However, the Lord showed Lilian Ibarra* throughout her college career just how many different ways she could make an impact on society.

After becoming a believer in high school, Ibarra headed to the University of Texas at Austin where she planned on studying to eventually becoming a federal judge. As a college freshman, she was the youngest fellow in the state office where she worked, and although her experiences there were substantial and educational, is was at school that she saw great potential when she decided to join the... [continue]

Del Rio Church Responds to Tornado Disaster in Mexico

After an F4 tornado struck Acuna, Mexico on Monday, May 25, First Baptist Church Del Rio responded by becoming a collection point for any churches willing to donate volunteers and resources for disaster recovery.

By partnering with a neighbor church, Templo Bautista Bethel, FBC Del Rio is sending long-term help and ministering to those affected by the tornado that killed 13 and injured over 200 residents of Acuna. Teams of volunteers from FBC Del Rio were sent to feed both the disaster recovery workers and the affected families.

Following the crucial support given by the volunteers of FBC Del Rio, Pastor Larry Floyd and... [continue]