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Why I go to Church. A Personal Journey.

“Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.” Colossians 3:16

Growing up in a Christian family, going to church was a part of my weekly schedule. As the saying goes, every time the doors were open we were there. Having this so ingrained in my being, I thought that when I went off to college it would be easy to continue the tradition. I was very wrong.

See before I left for college my faith was not completely my own yet; my parents had a huge influence on determining whether or... [continue]

#40DaysofPrayer is Coming

We're setting aside July 25-September 2 to stop, pray, and seek the Lord on behalf of Texas College Ministry.

Would you join us during these 40 Days as we pray for college ministry across our state?

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Thank you for journeying with us as we:

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What to Look for in a New Church

As a transfer student from a tiny community college in North Texas to the now-third largest university in the state, there were a lot of things on my mind as I made the move an hour and a half away from home. High up on my agenda was finding a new church in the city I would soon call home for the academic year.

I’m a church kid; grew up in the same, non-denominational church that my parents had selected. However, when it came time to be an adult and pick my own church, I knew I needed to ask some serious questions of the churches I scoped:

  1. Is this church in my vicinity where I can find other believers with whom to grow and
... [continue]

#FreshmenAdvice: Take Initiative to Meet People

Friends. They’re something we all want and desire. They’re people we can talk to and trust and have fun with and experience life with. However, coming into college I barely knew anyone else attending the school, and I knew I would have to make friends. Just like most people, this scared me. I desired a community of people where I could belong and be loved, but I was afraid to go out and meet total strangers who may or may not become my friends. Through my own experiences, I discovered that in order to make friends, I needed to take the initiative and meet people for myself. After all, if you don’t meet people how will you become... [continue]

My Personal Story of Transition to College

I was not ready for everything college had to offer. I think most college students can relate to this statement. We aren’t ready for the stress of a heavier workload, balancing a new schedule, or being more sleep deprived than we could ever imagine. However, I also wasn’t prepared for how good college would be.

A month before classes started, I dragged myself to sign up for classes at Grayson, the community college in my town. I had applied to other colleges, but none of them worked out for me financially, and I was not confident in what I wanted to do. I was reluctant to attend Grayson because of how people talked about it in... [continue]

The End of an Era

Psalm 56:13 – You have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling that I may walk before God in the light of life.

As you are coming to the end of an era, the end of your high school career, I encourage you to reflect on God's faithfulness in the last few years of your life. I encourage you to reflect on the His presence in your life rather than the regrets that you have or the mistakes you made; focus on the light of life rather than the darkness and by this you will draw nearer to God.

During the periods in my life when I desire to be close to God, I feel a distinct yet subtle shift in thought. While I still have times... [continue]

Relationships in College


There are so many types of relationships that can begin, end, or continue to thrive as you enter into this new season of life called college. With this comes a mixture of emotions. Fear and excitement are the two that come to mind for me.

Fear of the unknown:

  • Will I make new friends?
  • Will the friendships I had in high school disappear?
  • How will I find my place?
  • What about my family, will I get homesick?

Excitement for what’s in store:

  • I’ve always wanted to try [insert here what you’ve always wanted to try],
  • I could totally check that out!
  • Freedom…the first glimpse of adulthood!
  • What if I
... [continue]

How to Create a Budget

You’ve been accepted into college! Congratulations!

The next thing you’re probably thinking about is money: how do I pay for… college? student loans? student debt? life? Don’t be disheartened; it’s totally worth it. Take it from me, a poor college student.

Yes life and money can be stressful, but at the same time it can provide many learning experiences. Being on your own takes responsibility, especially when it comes to handling money. So, you might ask, how can I keep up with my money and stay on the ball when it comes to finances? The answer to that question is called a budget, which is pretty easy to create and takes a... [continue]

What is Ahead

When someone says college, what comes to mind?

Most would say freedom, a new beginning, new friends, and a chance to redefine themselves. This is what I was seeking when I went to the campus involvement fair the first night of my freshman year. I could’ve joined a frat, the rugby team, the weightlifting team, but God had a plan for that night that I could’ve never imagined.

He led me to the Baptist Student Ministry.

At the time, I was a new Christian, I hadn’t been baptized, I hadn’t ever shared my faith openly, but none of that mattered. From the first moment, they took me in, offered to take me to a church, and became some of... [continue]

Congratulations Class of 2016

Can you believe that you are actually going to graduate? Congratulations! You are about to start an exciting time in your life - heading to college.

We would love to help you prepare for what lies ahead of you. TxBSM exists to engage YOU, help you follow Christ, and in turn YOU have the potential to be a catalyst for world transformation. We want to get you connected to your soon-to-be college home BEFORE you even step foot on the campus.

All summer you will see blog posts that will help prepare you for what life in college will be like. We will cover topics from spiritual matters all the way to "how to wash your clothes." Join... [continue]

Dear Senior

Dear Senior,

Perhaps you are going into your last few weeks of high school thinking to yourself, How will I be remembered?

Maybe you are the Valedictorian, class president, sports MVP, FCA leader, and teacher's pet. Maybe you are down on yourself because you have been mixed in with the wrong crowd. Maybe you don't ever want to step into another classroom in your life, or maybe you are roaming the hallowed halls of your high school dressed in the colors of your future college. Wherever you may be in the journey of graduation, whoever you may be in the hierarchy of high school, let me speak this truth to you:

People will not
... [continue]