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How Christ’s followers are called to serve

“It’s my pleasure.” Perhaps you’ve heard this reply from a server at a particular fast food restaurant that is famous for its chicken sandwiches. It is part of the company’s focus on delivering outstanding customer service at each of its locations and has served as a model for other organizations.

We love to receive excellent service from others, but how eager are we to provide excellent service for others? How often do we look for ways to serve those around us? The truth is, all Christ-followers have been called to a life of service. But this... [continue]

A look at the new BaptistWay Press study - Power & Purpose: God Unveils the Universe

In the beginning… God! From the very first words of the Bible, we learn that it is a book about God. The Bible is about who God is and what God has done. He revealed himself as the Creator of the universe whose powerful words brought forth everything that has ever been created.

In the first 11 chapters of Genesis, we see history on a universal scale. We learn about the beginnings of the earth, the plants and animals and the crowning achievement of God’s creation: human beings. We also discover how sin... [continue]

Choices and consequences: The newest study from Connect 360

Choices and their inevitable consequences. We just can't seem to get around them. Whether it's the food we choose to eat, the speed we choose to drive, the relationships we choose to enter, the people we choose to follow, or the habits we choose to form; we all live with the positive and negative consequences of our choices. Fortunately, God has provided us an "owner's manual" that can serve to guide our choices. The Bible contains stories of real people, their choices, and the resulting consequences.

The Books of Joshua and Judges are full of such stories –... [continue]

BaptistWay Press to release 14 Habits of Highly Effective Disciples

What can be done to address the discipleship deficit in the evangelical church in America? Perhaps a renewed focus on what it means to be a disciple is in need. BaptistWay Press is speaking into this challenge by releasing a new Bible study this spring, 14 Habits of Highly Effective Disciples.

This study will address habits that should be a regular part of the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ. Habits to be studied include: Bible study, confession, faith, fasting, fellowship, love, obedience, prayer, purity, service,... [continue]