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Texas Baptists Chaplain Leading Louisiana Flood Relief Effort

Editor’s note: To learn more about how Texas Baptists are partnering to help Louisiana flood victims through long-term Disaster Recovery efforts, click here

“The devastation in Livingston Parish is overwhelming.” Bob Page reflected on the destruction as he stood in the middle of a neighborhood in Denham Springs, Louisiana. The city and surrounding areas were all but destroyed in the wake of historic flooding of the Amite River.

A 42-year Air Force veteran and retired Texas Baptist Chaplain, Brigadier General Page said he... [continue]

Risenhoover named associate endorser for chaplaincy relations

DALLAS - Texas Baptists have named Chaplain Georgia Risenhoover, of Granbury, associate endorser for Chaplaincy Relations. Risenhoover is the first woman to be named to the position and she will also serve as state coordinator of "Hands on Ministry," a teaching certification program for volunteer chaplains.

"Georgia is well qualified for these positions," said Bobby Smith, director of Texas Baptist Chaplaincy Relations.

Smith also noted he expects Risenhoover to greatly expand the "Hands on Ministry" program.

Ordained by Agape... [continue]

Texas Baptists endorse first oil patch chaplains

DALLAS - Texas Baptists endorsed Hollas and Nelda Hoffman as the first Oil Patch Chaplains on Monday, February 24, during a meeting of the Executive Board. The Hoffmans, of Gonzales, will serve on the oil fields of South Texas as chaplains.

"Endorsement lends integrity, character, responsibility and accountability to a pastoral ministry in a specialized setting," said Bobby Smith, director of Chaplaincy Relations. "Chaplaincy is a respected program of Texas Baptists. Endorsement provides a sense of worth and accountability and provides... [continue]

Texas Baptists' chaplaincy releases guidelines regarding same-sex issues

DALLAS - Texas Baptists' Chaplaincy Relations Office issued guiding principles to its endorsed chaplains regarding same-sex issues in the wake of the military repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and the U.S. Supreme Court's striking down of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Supervisors have asked many of Texas Baptists' approximately 200 military chaplains for guidelines from their endorser regarding how they can minister to same-sex couples.

Chaplains must follow military regulations, but also are bound to the... [continue]

Fight rages beyond battlefield; chaplains on frontline

WAXAHACHIE - Military personnel's fight rages well beyond the battlefield, and chaplains are on the frontlines.

In 2012, military suicides hit a record high since the armed forces began tracking such tragedies. Self-inflicted military deaths outnumbered deaths that took place in combat. The rate is down slightly in 2013 - 161 potential suicides happened this year - but a military suicide takes places about every 18 hours.

Many times, chaplains are the first wave of defense against suicide, said U.S. Navy Chap. Fred McGuffin, who is... [continue]