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Free media resources to engage millennials more effectively

In a world where advertisements bombard our consciousness and the largest population segment – Millennials – seemingly demand unique information and instant access, churches must engage more via media if they desire to truly touch, teach and transform their attendees in a relevant manner. The good news is that no church needs to "reinvent the wheel" as there are numerous FREE resources available to help churches of any size use media effectively to further the Kingdom of God. Here are a few examples:

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Is Your Website Worthy?

Every user who visits your website takes 10 seconds to answer this question. This means you have 10 seconds to hook your user through graphics, images and bold, concise headlines. The thing that will grab your user the quickest is a consistent look and feel. This is easy to achieve with logos and blocks of color, but it gets more difficult when you consider photographs. If you are using photographs from an array of events, it is likely each gives off a different mood through lighting and color. This has the potential to throw off your user and cause them to leave... [continue]

Web Aesthetics Matter

The general purpose of an online presence has not changed much since the days of dial-up and snail-paced browsing. Websites are now able to do much more, but still serve the purpose of housing and delivering information to an audience, although websites no longer look like they used to. A trained eye is not required to recognize webpages appear differently than those of old.

The look of your website matters

The legitimacy and quality of what information you are delivering is now tied to the look of your website, especially when viewed by the younger generation.... [continue]

Everything you need to know about fonts in 500 words


A font is a set of printable or displayable text characters in a specific style and size. The type design for a set of fonts is the typeface and variations of this design form a typeface family .

So for example, Helvetica is a typeface family. Helvetica italic is a typeface and Helvetica italic 10-point is a font.

In practice, font and typeface are often used without much precision, sometimes interchangeably.

I, too, continue to use them interchangeably, and I enjoy all the fonts our design team has to... [continue]

Before you build a new website: Part 2

Last week, I talked about two things to think about before building a new website: who your organization is and who will take care of your new website. This week, I'd like to talk more about the technical aspect of building a website: design and development.


Now we can start talking about some of the more technical things, like who will design and develop your website. There are probably as many different options for website creation as there are churches in our state. I'm going to mention these next steps at a... [continue]

Before you build a new website: Part 1

I was in an office consisting of wall-to-ceiling windows, which was a little warm because of the sunny summer day outside. It smelled like pepperoni pizza, and my heart was racing because of the coffee I consumed an hour earlier. I wore my new red Van's, Levi's and a gray tshirt. As I closed my eyes to relish in the moment, I was consumed by The Fifth Dimension's Aquarius playing in the background and hearing my coworkers clapping. We had done it...after eight months of hard work (three of which, were spent in this same small office with four people... [continue]

Church Target Marketing

Have you ever heard of the "inch deep and mile wide" theory? This theory states that while our network may be vast, sometimes our connections aren't very rich. We often think our success hinges on how many people show up at our Sunday service, event or conference, but have we ever questioned if turnout equals effectiveness?

The first thing professors teach in marketing classes is that in order to be effective, you must know your target market, or the group of people most likely to benefit from your service. Paul wrote separate letters to the Corinthians, Ephesians... [continue]

Why I started using the Wacom

As a new designer I wanted to be informed of all the latest tips, trends and tools. I asked questions like: What would make working in Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop easier? How are the cool, eye-catching designs thought up? What inspires a designer? I had so many questions about the technique of designing and the software, but using a mouse to design was never a question.

I thought, "This works for me, I can manage." When I created designs using the mouse, at times it was frustrating trying to make the perfect point from a to b and I thought maybe it... [continue]

Using a GoPro camera in your ministry

Sports and action cameras are all the rage. One of the most widely used is the GoPro however there are almost as many varieties of these cameras as there are ways that they can be used.

Starting at under $50 (up to around $600), it is easy to see how their use has caught on with outdoors enthusiasts, filmmakers, and even prime time television production.

Couple the relative inexpensiveness with high quality video (and stills on some models), ease of use, and a plethora of mounting/wearing choices, and a phenomenon has been born.

My... [continue]

Shots a Video Editor hates to work with…

I remember the first video project I shot over 20 years ago...I still cannot watch it to this day. It was horrible for several different reasons, but mostly I didn't know what I was doing, so I faked it when shooting. Luckily, the people who hired me were really good friends and paid me anyway. It was from this experience that I learned to shine in the edit room.

Over the years, as a video editor, I have learned that you will not always get footage from a professional camera operator, (sigh) that's when it get really interesting in editing. There is... [continue]

Apps we can't live without

Have you visited the App Store or the Play Store recently? There's such an overwhelming amount of apps for our devices, how would you begin to choose which ones to download and use? I asked our Communications team to share some of the apps they can't live without, so get your phones, iPads and computers ready to do some downloading.

Joshua Minatrea, Associate Director of Communications

iheartradio:Though I'm technically a millennial, I also happen to be an old-school AM/FM radio listener. When I started working in downtown Dallas, I had a hard time
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A new wrinkle in the same old purpose

It's nothing new to say that the way we communicate is changing. Just observe a young person for five minutes and you'll see it for yourself. "Text neck" is now an actual medical condition. Really.

Nor is it new to say that Texas Baptists exists to help affiliated churches. We've been on mission since 1884, and we show no signs of slowing.

What is new is the combination of these two concepts: a desire to help churches as they navigate the new communications landscape.

From the top down the Convention is rethinking what it means to help the church of... [continue]

Good Grief: A Way through the Holidays after a Loved One Dies

My favorite cartoon to watch is, and will always be, A Charlie Brown Christmas. There is something so poignant and sad, yet celebratory, about the story. On one hand, Charlie Brown works so hard to make Christmas special, and all he ends up with is a small, insignificant tree. On the other hand, the cartoon probably has the most memorable presentation of the Birth of Jesus, delivered by Linus in the school play.

This is the eighth Christmas after the death of my father. As a retired military chaplain, I understand that the... [continue]

Internet Church and you

Live streaming, podcasting, providing worship services online…there are many different ways for churches today to offer online options for their congregations. What works for one church may not work for another, but there are a myriad of options available for churches interested in providing an online community, connections and resources to their members. Lake Pointe Church in Dallas is hosting the iMinistry Conference on October 14-16 and I will be attending this conference to learn more about options available for our Texas Baptist churches.

I visited with... [continue]