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Texas Baptists to host Hispanic evangelism events for students and adults

The Texas Baptists Hispanic Evangelism team is gearing up for a busy but invigorating year, complete with evangelism training opportunities for Latino churches around the state.

Both students and adults will have opportunities to gain valuable evangelism training through regional Renovación Hispanic Evangelism Conferences and through Congreso, a youth evangelism conference. Joshua del Risco, evangelism lead for the Texas Baptists Great Commission Team, said he is excited for what is in store for each upcoming... [continue]

Twelve ways to share your faith this year

"I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ." (Philemon 6-7)

Each New Year brings an opportunity to adopt one of many potential resolutions, which will bring us health, wealth and happiness in 12 months' time. As Christians, we seek to continually grow spiritually. The apostle Paul communicates to Philemon that when we share Christ with others God allows us to gain a deeper and greater understanding of every good thing in Christ.

Do you see the direct... [continue]

New block party trailer to open doors for evangelism in Collin County

FRISCO—From colorful bounce houses and entertaining games to savory-smelling food and captivating music, block parties have a way of drawing a crowd and are a popular outreach tool. But they can also be expensive and burdening to plan.

Last weekend, Collin Baptist Association (CBA) received a brand new Block Party Trailer, complete with all of the essentials a church needs to host a block party for no cost, aside from commodities and food.

The trailer, gifted to CBA by the Texas Baptists Evangelism Team and assembled by... [continue]

Be unApologetic about your faith

Always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence. 1 Peter 3:15

Just as the biblical figures of Paul and Peter were ever-ready to give a defense to various groups for the hope that they had in Jesus, Christians today should arm themselves with scripture to defend their faith and the authenticity of the Bible.

According to Barna Research, 59-69 percent of people ages 18-29 are leaving the church or rethinking their faith. Mike Licona, a frequent speaker... [continue]

A burdened heart for the lost, Former FBC Shallowater pastor joins evangelism team

Texas Baptists welcomes Mitch Wilson, former pastor of First Baptist Church in Shallowater, as director of church evangelism.

In his 19 years of pastoring at FBC Shallowater, which is located just seven miles outside of Lubbock, Wilson developed a burden for the lost and felt a tug on his heart to research data in Lubbock County. The burden became heavier as he discovered there were 160,000 unchurched people in the county, and he began shepherding his church to engage in more evangelism... [continue]

Igniting a fire in Hispanic Evangelism

SAN ANTONIO—With no seating room to spare, congregants of the Hispanic Evangelism Conference packed tightly inside a corner room in the Life Church of San Antonio Feb. 21-22, lifting prayers for revival in their churches and cities.

"Sheep without a shepherd are defenseless and directionless," Joshua Del Risco, Texas Baptists' director of Hispanic Evangelism, told the Spanish-speaking crowd in the large group celebration service following the prayer time.

Even more congregants nearly packed the sanctuary as Life Church's band led the group in... [continue]

City Reach Waco shares Gospel and inspires local churches in evangelism

In a celebration luncheon on Monday during Annual Meeting, there was cause for much rejoicing as stories were shared of evangelism outreach throughout Waco and the surrounding Central Texas area. City Reach Waco, an intentional emphasis on evangelism in the Annual Meeting host city, involved a prayer initiative, soccer tournament, prison outreach and neighborhood block parties.

Vince Smith, director of missions for Collin Baptist Association, shared about an initiative in Collin County to pray for every home in... [continue]

Engage 24 stories from around the state

Engage 24, an intentional one-day emphasis on evangelism, was held this year on October 14. Texas BSMs found unique ways to embrace the emphasis on their campuses, some making it a week-long event and others choosing more than one day to reach their campus.

The goal behind Engage 24 is to empower students to get on their campuses and in their communities and start Gospel-centered conversations. Below are stories from BSMs across the state about the impact of the intentional outreach.

Texas A&M University

At Texas A&M University, the BSM... [continue]

Reaching Waco through the world’s most popular sport

WACO—Nearly every fair weather day of the week, grassy soccer fields see an abundance of size three, cleat wearing little leaguers running back and forth while parents and siblings cheer from the sidelines.

Texas Baptists, in partnership with the Waco Regional Baptist Association and the Central Texas Hispanic Ministers Alliance, hosted a City Reach event called the Fiesta Familiar soccer tournament and festival on Sept. 27 as an effort to reach a community that admires soccer.

City Reach is conducted annually as an... [continue]

My loud mouth and God's appointments

Surely if you know me well, you have seen the openness in many of my responses that are without thought. From time to time my "loud mouth" has led me to conflict, but recently it opened a door for a friendship with a girl named Enus to continue to grow!

During a conversation, Enus mentioned how she was going to go shopping and immediately the words that came out of my mouth were, "Can we come with you?"

She smiled so big and replied, "Yes!"

So we spent our day shopping with our friend. We were able to shine the light of Christ to Enus outside of teaching... [continue]

Park Ministry in Alaska

The first day in the park we introduced the kids to the Bible. We told them that the Bible is God's word and that everything in it is true. Every child that stayed for story time was given a Bible that day. As soon as story time was over a group of them ran to the table and started reading Genesis 1. I was blown away!

One of the girls who was a part of that group has stood out since that very first day. We asked for a volunteer to pray and she basically prayed the sinner's prayer. She is always excited for story time and is so interested in what we are teaching. We... [continue]

YEC students learn to get the Word out

BURLESON -- Over 1200 students lifted their hands and hearts in worship at this years' Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC) at Venue 510 in Burleson, Texas on June 27-28.

The theme, "Speak His Name," was evident as students heard Christian artist Propaganda rap, worship leaders Dara Maclean and For King and Country sing, and speaker Dave Edwards share a message, all about God's name.

"It's a call to evangelism," said Leighton Flowers, Texas Baptists' youth evangelism director, about the theme. "When we experience God at our events like Super Summer or... [continue]

Eyes opened, heart broken for refugees

I have been given the opportunity to serve this summer in Nashville, Tennessee for two months. I am interning at World Relief Nashville by helping resettle refugees. Before coming to Nashville, the word refugee was nothing more than a word because I never really knew what it means to be a refugee. I just used the word "refugee" to describe what I was going to be doing this summer.

After orientation, I learned that a refugee is someone that "flees their country and is unable to return due to a well-founded fear based on persecution for reasons of race,... [continue]

Humbled by children's feet

From day one we were asked by our team leader to be FAT. Of course I had already had a few Brazilian meals by that time and was definitely on board to be fat on this trip, but she had another meaning in mind. FAT: fluid, available and teachable. It seemed easy enough.

Most mission trips require those basic qualities, but it was certainly harder than expected. We really had to learn to "let go and let God" because we never really knew what was in store for us from one day to the next.

We were so blessed to work with Samaritan's Feet while in Brazil, an... [continue]

A goat run and a divine appointment

So I'd like to tell you a story that happened while we were back in the city after our last trek to the countryside. It will describe just how the Lord makes things happen that he wants to. To do this I'm just going to tell you one of my journal entries for that day, I feel like it'll explain it best.

Sometime between 12 and 1 we were told that we were going on a walk. So my partner, the pastor (Harry), me, Reed (our translator and national partner), and Suzanna (Harry's daughter who it feels like she and Reed like each other) all set off on a journey that... [continue]

HPU group travels to Slovakia for cross-cultural mission trip

BROWNWOOD -- June 13, 2014 -- Dr. Melody Maxwell, assistant professor of Christian studies at Howard Payne University, and five students from her spring International Missions Practicum course recently traveled to Važec, Slovakia, for a week-long mission experience. The course, required for all cross-cultural studies majors, is designed to give students firsthand experience in cross-cultural ministry.

The group led ministry activities among the Roma and Slovak people and learned from the missiology of Shane and Dianne McNary, the... [continue]

Called to be different

Different. That's how I would best describe the past five months of my life since I left Texas, and headed off to live in the Middle East. It's not a bad different, it's just different. The people are different, the smells are different, their decisions are different, the sounds are different, viewpoints are different, I'm different.

However, this isn't a bad thing because in fact we are called to be a different people in a place that believes and practices things contrary to what we believe. We are called to be in the world but not of it, we are called to be different.... [continue]

I don't fit in this country

I have never, in all of my life, consistently been the tallest person in the room, but that happens here a lot... that is unless my 6' 8" supervisor is with us. I really have no idea how he does it, because bus seats, taxi roofs, doorways, and even some covered walkways are too small for me. I find myself bending over much more frequently than I ever did in the states, but I guess we all have to make sacrifices for the gospel.

So first I want to explain a little bit about my job here in South Asia because, as always, it's not exactly what you envision when you sign up.... [continue]

Crab Fest and conversations about Christianity

The Lord began my summer of service with an amazing week in Kodiak, Alaska at Crab Fest. This week my Go Now Missions team and I served alongside missionaries from Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Missouri. Every year, the city of Kodiak holds Crab Fest, a festival that brings families together to have tons of fun. We partnered with Frontier Baptist Church and Kodiak Island Outreach to hold a booth that gave away free hot chocolate, New Testament Bibles, and small kids toys. What seemed like a simple booth turned into a life... [continue]

Final preparations for student missionaries

As I've been preparing to serve this summer, I thought there wasn't anything else to know than what I've experienced overseas already. I thought, "culture shock didn't happen to me, I knew what to expect." But sitting through the session about it, I realized that I actually had experienced it, I just didn't know how to label it at the time. This is pretty much how my entire weekend went--with me walking into a session thinking I knew exactly what to expect, and leaving humbled, yet encouraged, with new knowledge.

This past weekend, May 17-19,... [continue]

Executive Board adopts Engage24 as emphasis for Texas Baptists

DALLAS - During their Feb. 25 meeting, the Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board voted to adopt Engage24, challenging every Texas Baptist to share the gospel with at least one person on Oct. 14, 2014. This day of intentional evangelism will be held in conjunction with a National Collegiate Ministry initiative to share Christ on campuses across North America

"This is a chance for us as, Texas Baptists, to show the power of 24 hours," said Nathan Buchanan, a member of the Baptist Student Ministries committee and pastor... [continue]

"Toma" on Margarita

MARGARITA, Venezuela - A "Toma" is a "taking" in Venezuela, a term used for an invasion of a territory. Paul and Delia Lozuk have used this strategy for evangelism on Margarita Island, invading the area for Christ as a rescue mission. A man named Omo came out of this "toma" on Margarita.

On a Friday afternoon, the missions team divided into groups began going door-to-door to share with those who wanted to hear the word of God. A man answered at the first door. They told him the plan of salvation and he gave his life to Jesus.

As they were leaving the house, they looked to... [continue]

Record number of students respond to 'Who will go?'

MIDLOTHIAN - Who will go? That is the question that Go Now Missions has been asking college students around the state for the past year. This weekend, 205 students responded to that question with willing and able hearts as they attended Discovery Weekend, an interview and application weekend for summer and fall student missions.

"This is the largest group of students we have ever had," said Brenda Sanders, director of Go Now missions. "We have been praying that students would hear God and obey. This is the first step in obedience."

Discovery Weekend... [continue]

Mission Drippin' - A model for community outreach

Mission Drippin' is a week-long community outreach ministry of First Baptist Church of Dripping Springs. Read about the practical ways that their church implemented this ministry, so you can similarly create a model like this in your church. Click here to read the background, mission and vision of Mission Drippin'.

The Practicals of community outreach through Mission Drippin':

Leadership: A leadership team is formed, placing a team lead with each ministry project for the week.

Kick-Off Worship Service: We have a worship and prayer service with the... [continue]

Mission drippin' - reaching out to our community

Six years ago, First Baptist Church of Dripping Springs burned to the ground at the hands of an arsonist. Many people at that time left the church. There were about 50 people left to determine the next step. The small group hired a great interim pastor that helped the church through a healing process.

At that time they also determined they would come together in unity to rebuild the church. Gradually, the church began to grow and they brought on a full-time pastor, Craig Curry and his wife, Fallon.

During our second year we began looking for ways to help... [continue]

Truck Stop Church (at least for a few minutes)

Recently, we were on a trip across Texas, something I love to do, especially with my family. Joanna was feeding Mary Kate in a Loves truck stop, sitting in the booths that were for the Subway restaurant. In this particular truck stop, the booths were right next to where all of the truckers came in. Rachel Beth was walking up and down the long bench by the windows and stopped at the other end. When she stopped, she began telling me to hurry because church was about to start.

Mommy asked her who was preaching today and she named a little boy in her... [continue]

Continue on with the challenge

At the age of 21 sitting in a room filled with about 6,000 Hispanic youth and young adults at Congreso, my heart pumped quickly, my lungs needed to inhale deeply and a non-stop stream of tears came down my face. It didn't take long before realizing the altar call was for me! Right then and there, it could not be clearer; I needed to answer the call as a bilingual Hispanic pastor in Texas and to respond with being on mission for God along with encouraging others to do the same.

You either are living on mission or you are not. Please keep in mind there is no... [continue]

Parenting PKs

All of us in ministry know what it is like to live in a fish bowl. While it is hard on us, it is harder on our kids. Too many PK's (preacher's kids) grow up with a deep resentment toward the church, Christians, their parents and sometimes God because of all the expectations placed on them. We have raised four children in that fish bowl and I have spoken to hundreds of pastor's wives, some of whom carry a broken heart over their kids. As I look back on those child-rearing years, there are a few thoughts I would like to share.

The first thought is that God chose us to be the... [continue]

Soccer and salvation

When Rolando Rodriquez was a kid, he breathed soccer, and it changed his life. It's through a game of soccer that he met a missionary kid who shared about the love of Jesus with him. Through this, Rodriquez chose to follow Christ and the gospel flowed to his family as well.

Fast forward to three years ago. Rodriguez was pastoring Cockrell Hill Baptist Church in Dallas. Rodriquez became friends with the coach for the El Salvador national soccer team who was living in the area then. He shared about the hope of Christ with him and it changed his life. Soon after this,... [continue]

Snapshot from the field

May 18-20, 200 Go Now Missionaries gathered at Dallas Baptist University for Orientation. They were prepared for service through worship, training sessions and seminars. On Sunday, May 19, family and friends were invited to attend a Commissioning Service. Below is a peek into orientation from some of our students. Our Go Now student missionaries will be serving from 2 weeks to 10 months in 13 different states and 21 countries. We are scattering Texas student to the nations!

Ready to Go!

"Go Now Missions Is" Instagram challenge Sharel (UNT), will serve the fall... [continue]