December 2015

Disaster Recovery offers opportunity to respond to North Texas winter tornadoes

The day after Christmas took a vicious turn in North Texas as a line of storms brought numerous devastating tornadoes. Texas Baptists Disaster Recovery (TBDR) began making plans for recovery efforts immediately following the storms on Saturday evening, according to David Scott, director of Disaster Recovery.

TBDR personnel are assessing damage and are communicating with disaster relief contacts to identify what role Texas Baptists will play in cleap-up and rebuilding of houses and lives.

The twisters affected... [continue]

Seeing God’s sovereignty through small blessings

On my third day of working with Mission Arlington, I was able to do something new from my regular job in child care. I worked the in the front office.

My job was to help people who needed food, clothes, help paying bills, etc. I would bring them into a room, talk to them about what they needed, pray for them and then take them shopping in our store where everything was free.

I talked and prayed for several people. After about four hours, I had a woman come in. When I sat her down to talk, I asked her how she was doing. She looked tired,... [continue]


To many in the Baptist world, Advent is a relatively new practice. But, it has ancient roots tied to expecting and welcoming the coming of the Savior. We observe Advent in the days leading up to Christmas when we celebrate the delivery of that Savior.

The four Sundays of Advent showcase hope, peace, love and joy culminating on Christmas with Christ who embodies and offers these attributes. The order in which these appear in celebrating Advent often depends upon the type of church, but the meanings are the same.

Hope, peace, love and joy are great words, concepts and truths which... [continue]

Get to know: Clay Carter

  1. Where do you serve and what is your role? I serve at FBC Perryton as the Student and Education Minister.
  2. Most influential book you've read in the past two years? One book that has impacted me, which I just finished, is "Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom" by Rob Rienow. Great book that challenges ministers on the effectiveness of current ministry practices.
  3. Who is the one person who has had the most impact on your ministry?My youth pastor, Jerry Pritchett, who was my youth minister my junior and senior year of high school.
  4. What I love most about
... [continue]

Get to know: Scott Dishman

1. Where do you serve and what is your role?

First Baptist Church Palestine, Texas. Youth Pastor

2. Most influential book you've read in the past two years?

The most influential book is "Jesus Focused Youth Ministry", wish I has read it years ago. Made me take a total different look at my ministry to students.

3. Who is the one person who has had the most impact on your ministry?

My wife Laurie Dishman has had the most impact on my ministry. She has been my rock from the very beginning. She is always there to listen and puts up with my... [continue]


It starts earlier in some stores. It starts earlier in some people. The sights, sounds, foods of Christmas are in full swing around us.

For most people, it's a time of cheer filled with family and buying gifts for people. Gifts are great. I love giving gifts to family and friends. This year, a giving highlight was to random children selected from an "Angel Tree" on whom we went way over any reasonable budget for a child.

After all, giving is the reason we celebrate Christmas at all. God gave us a gift, His son. It didn't cost money, but it wasn't cheap. That gift of a Savior... [continue]

Walking in the fire

When you have given of yourself until there is nothing left to give, there is a way to recover.

I sat in my office at the church and cried, "God, I don't want to do this anymore." It wasn't the first time God and I had this conversation, but this time was different. Times before I was frustrated, or I just didn't like some of the current issues the church was going through. This time I was depressed, my heart was aching and I literally felt like every part of my insides had been poured out. There was nothing left but the physical part of me trapped being a pastor.

For... [continue]

Spoiler Alert: Christ is Returning

I hate suspense. For as long as I can remember, I've hated that pit in my stomach when I don't know how the story is going to end. My aversion to suspense means reading the end of books when it's not clear who's the villain, it means surreptitiously getting on while watching the latest blockbuster, and it means an aversion to surprises in any form.

You can imagine how the aversion to suspense played out as a child during the Christmas season. I was definitely the kid shaking presents and trying to untape and retape gifts before December... [continue]

Five Mistakes I Wish I Had Made Sooner

I'm sharing five mistakes I wish I had made a lot sooner. Sooner, I say, because some lessons I seem to insist on learning by the experience of my own failure rather than by the observation of others' mistakes. These are ones I wish I had gotten out of my system sooner.

And, I'm sharing these five (there are more, believe me), because there is no reason for you to go out and repeat them just for fun. Of course, if you're the type who insists on sticking your tongue to the frozen flag pole of life just to see what happens, then by all means go... [continue]

Church Starting Profile: Jair Campos

Jair Campos is the Church Starter for Area 3 which includes Beaumont, Galveston and Houston. Jair has worked for Texas Baptists for seven years, beginning in August of 2008. He began his relationship with Texas Baptists when he planted a church, and worked as a contract worker with the Intercultural Department. He was then hired on as a Church Starter.

As a member of the Church Starting team, Jair assists new church plants. In doing that, he works with the seven local Baptist associations as they also assist the churches.

If you'd like to get in touch with Jair, feel free to email him at .

Literacy ministry helps church outreach in communities

Language connects people, but Texas is now home to many people who know little of the English language. These residents have their beautiful and valued native languages, but they desire to function more fully as part of American society.

Many churches are stepping up to minister to this need, which also gives them the chance to touch the lives of families in various other ways, including through evangelism and discipleship.

South Main Baptist Church in Houston calls its literacy ministry South Main International Learning... [continue]

New CLC resources posted online -- biblical perspectives

The Christian Life Commission has produced five resources in its new Biblical Perspectives series. The first topics are civility in public discourse, human trafficking, immigration, justice, and pornography. These can be found on the CLC web site.

Do you have Christmas expectations?

The turkey buzz is over. This week alone we have five Christmas parties! I am tired just making my checklist of what to bring to each party, what to wear, scheduling childcare, etc ... As I thought about what to write for this blog my heart was overcome with the emotions and stress of the season. I want to be joyful and sentimental and have all of those "christmasy" feelings, but instead I feel cranky and frazzled.

As a teenager who felt a strong calling to ministry, I never imagined I would feel this way about Christmas. My favorite thing to do was... [continue]

Religious liberty and openness at the core of U.S.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday we need a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on."

It is sad that a candidate for president would say something so contrary to the founding and sustaining principles of this great nation. Religious liberty stands at our nation's core, and openness to immigrants has filled our population with a diverse people unparalleled anywhere on earth. America is at its best when it allows people to pursue their... [continue]

Church Starting Profile: Mateo Rendon

Today, meet Mateo Rendon! Church Starter for Area 5.

Mateo has ministered with Texas Baptists for thirteen years! Before he came on with Texas Baptists, Mateo was the pastor of Primera Iglesia Bautista in Corpus Christi. "I felt that God had something else for me to do and resigned." Mateo was right. At that time, Texas Baptists' Hispanic ministry wanted to promote a preaching conference at Truett Seminary in Waco, TX and needed someone to take that on. Mateo was the man for the job. He helped within North Texas, which then evolved into the... [continue]

Five ways to have a strong Christmas Eve outreach

Christmas seems to come sooner and sooner each year. Most retailers are displaying and selling Christmas merchandise in the middle of October, some before the end of September. Radio stations begin playing Christmas music in the middle of November. My daughters begin talking about Christmas in March. Facebook memes will typically come out on December 26 touting 364 days until Christmas. While some people get quite annoyed at the early nature of Christmas, others welcome it. Regardless of how you feel about it, as church leaders we can... [continue]

Church Starting Profile: Marty Mosher

Today, please welcome Church Starter for Area 6, Marty Mosher!

Marty has been a Church Starter with Texas Baptists for a little over a decade. He started ten years ago on September 1. When asked to tell the story of how he was hired, Marty says, "It was clearly a God thing. I was in my third year as the planting pastor of The Fellowship at Plum Creek, and called the Texas Baptists Church Starter for my area about land loans and discovered he had retired and there was no one in the position." Marty then talked with the Director about what Texas... [continue]

Merry Christmas from Texas to Europe

Serbian Baptists have risen up to meet the vast needs of Middle East refugees arriving in their country. Now, a Texas Baptist family is sending $15,000 to help meet the need.

The ongoing work and the new gift are, in a way, a Christmas gift of love to a mostly Muslim people in need. The Texas Baptist Hunger Offering has facilitated the connection between Texas and Europe.

I contacted the European Baptist Federation a few months ago as the migration became prominent news around the world. EBF personnel worked to clearly identify specific ways... [continue]

Hunger Offering partners with Baugh Foundation for refugee relief in Serbia

AUSTIN - December 2, 2015 - In response to an overwhelming number of Syrian refugees flooding into Europe and through a generous gift from the Baugh Foundation, the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering sent $15,000 to Serbia on Tuesday, Dec. 1, to provide aid for refugee relief.

The funds will be used by Baptist partners in Serbia for food, transportation, hygienic materials, shoes, waterproof jackets and other supplies for refugees. Currently, partners are assisting approximately 2,000 refugees a day through volunteer... [continue]

Church Starting Profile: Meagan Stewart

Today, meet Meagan Stewart! Ministry Assistant for Areas 2 and 5.

Meagan has worked for Texas Baptists since March of 2014, after she met Paul Atkinson when he preached one Sunday at her church. "In his sermon he mentioned a people group from Burma called the Karen people. I was doing an internship with the International Rescue Committee at the time, and I worked with Karen refugees. So I went up to him after the service to talk to him about his sermon. He talked about what he does at the Texas Baptists, and my mom asked if he had any paid... [continue]