June 2017

Convención celebrates 100 years of UFM, approves bylaw changes

SAN ANTONIO –The 100th Anniversary of Union Femenil Misionera de Texas (UFM) was celebrated during Convención Bautista Hispana de Texas in San Antonio June 25-27. The sanctuary of Trinity Baptist Church was filled as past presidents lined the stage and Raquel Contreras, director of Casa Bautista de Publicaciones in El Paso, delivered a message. 

Primera Iglesia Bautista San Marcos, the birthplace of UFM, hosted a celebration on June 24. UFM Executive Director Bea Mesquias and her husband, Richard, also presented a $100,000 endowment in recognition of the anniversary to further the ministry’s impact. The couple saw a great need... [continue]

BOUNCERS in Worship

Today was another wet day as BOUNCERS continued working on projects at their worksites.  Each team is closer to finishing tomorrow, despite the heavy rains all day.  Some projects had to take a break between storms, but every team has been working hard all week.

Worship this week has been full of the Holy Spirit.  Dan has done a great job leading BOUNCERS in songs and prayer each night.  Wednesday night was Concert of Prayer, a service of worship through song, silence, scripture reading, and various forms of prayer.  BOUNCERS responded well to the service, and students and adults alike admitted that God was present during the... [continue]

BOUNCERS Have a Wet Wednesday

Recovery efforts continue to move along at worksite today.  BOUNCE has twelve teams in Baton Rouge and surrounding communities.  Houses were chosen by our Construction Coordinator, Charles Carroll, by groups such as Rebuilding Baton Rouge Together, Greater Mount Olive Church and Broadmoor Baptist Church.

Due to some storms in the area, some teams had to briefly work in the rain.  However, because most of the work is being done on the inside of houses, BOUNCERS were still able to continue work. All teams hope to have each house completed by the end of the week!

Ministry teams consist of students and student leaders from their... [continue]

Go Time in Baton Rouge

It’s Tuesday and that means ministry teams completed their first day at their work sites!  BOUNCERS started off the day with Go Time, where our Mission Coordinator Brian Pearce prayed over and commissioned participants as they headed out to their work sites.  Baton Rouge BOUNCE has twelve ministry teams throughout the city, each doing a variety of tasks such as interior sheetrock, painting, and exterior siding, along with any other repairs homeowners need from flood damage.

Local media has been very interested in BOUNCE’s presence in Baton Rouge, as participants are aiding in ongoing recovery efforts from last year’s flooding. ... [continue]

I did not sign up for this

By: Jenifer Wilkes

I have made it to another weekend. It has been long. It has not been what I thought it was going to be, but here we are. There have been multiple times this week that I have said to myself “I did not sign up for this.”

Here are some examples:

  • I did not sign up to do data entry.
  • I did not sign up to clean bathrooms every Monday through Friday.
  • I did not sign up to live with 12 girls.
  • I did not sign up to live, work, worship, etc., all in the same building.
  • I did not sign up to listen to a pre-school child tell me a story we had to report to CPS.
  • I did not sign up to cook for 12 girls.
  • I did
... [continue]

BOUNCERS Charged to Be the Hands and Feet

BOUNCE at Baton Rouge is off to a great start.  All teams have arrived safely and checked into the lodging facility.  Students met BOUNCE staff in the parking lot for a game of Spikeball while group leaders registered participants.  This afternoon, all participants met together for BOUNCE Bash and had fun worshipping, learning BOUNCE guidelines and getting to know one another. 

Aaron Austin, this week’s worship speaker, charged the students to be the hands and feet of Jesus. He discussed the scripture of Mark 10:45 and Matthew 25.  We were reminded that Jesus came to serve, and that “the served serve others”.

Please pray for... [continue]

BOUNCing into Baton Rouge

BOUNCE has made its way from Oklahoma to Louisiana! BOUNCERS will be serving the community of Baton Rouge this week, helping with ongoing flood recovery efforts.  We are excited to welcome Kingwood First Baptist Church in Kingwood, TX, First Baptist Church Plano, TX, Northeast Baptist Church of San Antonio, TX, Second Baptist Church Corpus Christi, TX and South Main Baptist Church of Pasedena, TX.

BOUNCE appreciates Broadmoor Baptist Church for hosting BOUNCE staff and 180 students and student leaders this week. Broadmoor is also providing meals, showers, and a place for worship.

This week’s coordinators include our Mission... [continue]

Pastors & Ministry Dads: 5 Things Your Kids Need From You

By: Carrie Austin

As a pastor’s kid, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of church life. Like many PK’s, I struggled through rebellion and making my faith my own. I have felt the sting of “godly” people doing ungodly things and the heartache and confusion of my own family being their target. I understand, now, the financial toll of a sacrificial life of ministry. I can also say that I have seen the fulfillment and passion that that same life can bring.  

My parents were not perfect by any means--they would be the first to admit their failures-- but as a product of their life of ministry, I can say there is so much that... [continue]


ABILENE – Después de un viaje de seis horas de Lufkin a Abilene, Roseanne Welch estaba agradecida por la calurosa bienvenida que recibió cuando entró en Eunice Chambless Hospitality House. (Casa de hospitalidad Eunice Chambless, en español, ECHH, por sus siglas en inglés).

“Sentí como si fuera a visitar a mi familia”, dijo Welch. “Todos fueron muy amables y nos dieron la bienvenida desde el momento que llegamos. Se sintió como estar en casa”.

Ese fue el primer viaje que Welch hizo para visitar a su hijo, quien está encarcelado en la unidad French Robertson del Departamento de Justicia Criminal de Texas, ya que fue... [continue]


El racismo de la derecha-alternativa (llamada alt-right en inglés) es al mismo tiempo igual y diferente al viejo racismo. Igual en el sentido que ve a la raza blanca como superior y digna de protección; diferente en que se compone de personas educadas, de un contexto secular y jóvenes de edad.

La Convención Bautista del Sur puso bajo los reflectores a la derecha-alternativa la semana pasada cuando inicialmente evitó considerar unaresolución  que condenara los aspectos racistas de este movimiento.resolución. Algunos mensajeros también afirmaron lo siguiente: “denunciamos y repudiamos la supremacía blanca y cualquier... [continue]

BOUNCing Out of Bartlesville

Happy Friday from our BOUNCERS here in Bartlesville! All nine teams finished projects at their worksites today and returned to the church to clean up.  We ended the night with worship and the BOUNCE wrap party.  We are proud of our BOUNCERS for their hard work and determination all week.  The residents of Bartlesville were very pleased and blessed this week.

Samuel Middleton, a seventh-grader from South Oaks Baptist Church, said that his experience has been amazing this week.  This is his second trip with BOUNCE and “it is fortunate to see residents and do the work of God”.  He also added that it is a blessing to see the residents... [continue]

BOUNCing with Our Neighbors

Bartlesville BOUNCERS have been very responsive this week in worship.  From giving to the BOUNCE offering, singing along in worship, and praying for their neighbors, students and student leaders have experienced a renewal in their relationship with God. 

Carlos Montoya, our Worship Speaker this week in Bartlesville, taught out of Luke 10 tonight.  He challenged students to think about who their neighbors are and how they are to welcome them in as Jesus did.  In order for our relationships with others, believers and non-believers alike, do be effective, our relationships with the Father first need to be in order.  Last night... [continue]

BOUNCE students renovate homes in Dallas community

By: Courtney Reeves

Teenagers travelled to Dallas for the summer, not to shop or catch a baseball game, but to work on remodeling houses. The week of June 12-17 saw three youth groups come to the Metroplex as a part of BOUNCE Student Disaster Recovery, a Texas Baptists Missions program.

BOUNCE students worked at three locations in Dallas, which were selected by the City of Dallas’ People Helping People. One of these three homes belongs to 81-year-old Wilma Curry. Curry lived in her house since 1965 and said this was the first time anything had been done for it.

She praised the BOUNCERS, calling the new paint and siding on her... [continue]

BOUNCERS Share Stories Locally

All of our BOUNCERS continued with another hard day’s work.  This week we have nine worksites located in the Bartlesville and the surrounding area.  One of these worksites happens to be located in Chautauqua, Kansas, just north of Bartlesville.  BOUNCE staff made their rounds today, having popsicles for participants during one of their breaks this afternoon.  All of these projects were specifically chosen with the opportunity for ministry, whether that is to the homeowners or surrounding neighbors.

Some of our participants this week have BOUNCED with us before.  They were excited at the chance to join BOUNCE for another summer of... [continue]

Old wolf of racism appears in alt-right sheep's clothing

Alt-right racism is both like and unlike the old racism. Like -- it sees the white race as superior and in need of protection. Unlike -- it is generally educated, secular, and young.

The Southern Baptist Convention brought the alt-right to centerstage last week when it initially failed to consider a resolution condemning racist aspects of the alt-right. Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed, and SBC messengers approved a revised resolution, which decried “every form of racism, including alt-right white supremacy, as antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Messengers also said, “we denounce and repudiate white supremacy and every... [continue]

Cowboy Church builds relationships, churches and soccer fields in Honduras

With a heart for missions and church planting, members of Texoma Cowboy Church in Wichita Falls have traveled on three mission trips to Olanchito, Honduras, in efforts of planting new cowboy churches. Known as the “Christian Cowboys” to the local people, the church has sought to pour into and build relationships with the people of the community.

Their most recent trip to Honduras took place from February 27 to March 4. In past trips, members of the church have focused on evangelism and community involvement, but this third trip was unique. While watching a soccer game a few years ago in Olanchito, an idea came to Jay Lawson... [continue]

Bartlesville BOUNCERS Reach Quarter Offering Goal

BOUNCERS were full of excitement and energy this morning at Go Time! Students and Student leaders circled up for a time of prayer and commissioning as they started their first day at the work sites.  Our Construction Coordinator this week, Lonnie Hoelscher, prayed over them, and the BOUNCE staff waved goodbye as vans and trucks pulled out to serve this community.

Tonight during worship, our BOUNCE offering was collected. This offering will go to support the Missionary Adoption Program, which aids indigenous, Brazilian missionaries as they share the gospel with unreached communities in the Amazon.  BOUNCE wants to raise money to... [continue]

A Life Worth Giving

BOUNCERS have arrived in Bartlesville! Our BOUNCE staff welcomed all of our churches and helped them get settled in for the week.  Participants played Spike Ball and hung out with our collegiate staff while student leaders went through registration. 

Our BOUNCERS are ready to serve the community of Bartlesville BOUNCE back from sub-standard housing conditions through various projects.  These projects include several roofs, wall repair, installing cabinets, and painting.

Earlier this evening, BOUNCE students participated in BOUNCE Bash, while student leaders went out for a group leader meeting with David Scott, our Mission... [continue]

A place to stay, a path to restoration

ABILENE - After the six-hour drive from Lufkin to Abilene, Roseanne Welch was thankful for the warm welcome she received as she walked in the door of the Eunice Chambless Hospitality House.

“I felt like I was coming to visit my family,” Welch said. “Everyone was so kind and welcoming from the moment we arrived. It felt like home.”

This was the first trip Welch made to visit her son, who is incarcerated in the French Robertson Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, since he was transferred from Huntsville to Abilene. As a single mom, with one son still at home, Welch’s budget was tight. Before hearing about the... [continue]

BOUNCing into Bartlesville

Hello Bartlesville! BOUNCE is here to have a great week of serving the community! We are ready to welcome Eastern Heights Baptist Church and New Harmony Baptist Church, both from Bartlesville.  We are also ready to welcome First Baptist Church Navasota, TX, First Baptist Church Seguin, TX, Hulen Street Church of Fort Worth, TX, and South Oaks Baptist of Arlington, TX.

BOUNCE appreciates First Baptist Church Bartlesville for hosting BOUNCE staff and 72 students and student leaders this week.  FBC Bartlesville is also providing meals, showers, and a place to worship for the week.

This week’s coordinators include our Mission... [continue]

BOUNCing out of Dallas

That’s a wrap for our work in Dallas this week! All three BOUNCE teams finished at their worksites today.  Students and student leaders worked hard and had fun too! From painting to installing siding, BOUNCERS have learned new skills and made new friends, all while serving Christ and the community of Dallas.  These BOUNCERS are excited to get back to their hometowns to start serving their communities through the rest of the summer.  Overall, this week was great and the BOUNCE staff was happy to serve alongside these participants.

This week would not be possible without our wonderful coordinators and the preparation they put into... [continue]

BOUNCERS Pray for the "Least of These"

Worship this week in Dallas has been exceptional and the BOUNCERS have participated in every way, from learning new songs, giving to our BOUNCE offering, and praying for “least of these”.  Wednesday night was a Concert of Prayer, which prompted students and student leaders to pray and consider various needs and people of their community.  This concert included songs, silence, Scripture reading, and audible prayers. Our BOUNCE staff also participated by reading Scripture and prompts during the service.  After the service, groups were dismissed to spend time with their youth groups to consider ways to BOUNCE back home and serve their... [continue]

BOUNCE Brings Blessings After 52 Years

Dallas BOUNCERS have been hard at work each day, and are getting close to finishing at a few worksites.  One homeowner, Wilma Curry, couldn’t be more thankful for the work that these BOUNCE participants are doing for her home.  “It’s a blessing”, said Curry, who has been living in her home since 1965.  This is the first time that her home has received renovations since she moved in.  Curry’s home is one of three others receiving rehabilitation this week in the Dallas community.

At another worksite, BOUNCERS met homeowner, Eula Reece, who hugged each of the students as they came up to meet her yesterday.  Homeowners are sincerely... [continue]

Allowing God to use inadequacies for His glory in Leeds

By:  Seth Grant

During our first week in Leeds, Paul and I would walk every morning from our host home to the Emmanuel Centre, the university chaplaincy headquarters. On one such walk, I became terribly aware that none of my clothes fit. At least, that was how they felt: oversized, almost oppressive, tailored for a man far more substantial than I.

In many ways, that was my ever-present struggle on this trip. The clothes never seemed to fit. I am, by nature, a shy, reserved, look-before-I-leap creature of habit with an utter lack of confidence in social interactions; Leeds called me to be a gregarious, warm, adaptable risk-taker... [continue]

Commissioned With a Mission

Today marks the first work day of BOUNCE 2017!  Participants had an early start as they met at 7am after breakfast for GO TIME.  This is an opportunity for our BOUNCE staff to commission these participants as they go out and serve with the love of Christ.  BOUNCERS circled up and Scott Stevens, our Mission Coordinator, prayed over the teams as they begin work this week. BOUNCE staff joined in prayer and waved bye as teams left for their worksites.

Tonight at worship, our BOUNCE offering was collected.  The offering this year is supporting the Missionary Adoption Program, and will be used to buy a small river boat for indigenous... [continue]

How our church found a new strategy to welcome guests

By: Aaron Summers

We noticed a new trend in our church on Sunday mornings. Fewer guests were filling out the communication cards we had in the pews. We had guests, and plenty of them, but there was no way to follow up if we did not have any information from them.

Our church likes to take gift bags to guests at their home. I have intentionally instructed our people that most people today do not want us in their home, but would receive a gift at their home. We believe in building relationships. We have more and more young families moving in the surrounding neighborhoods of our church and we want to share the love and joy of Jesus... [continue]

Duncanville BOUNCERS Reminded to Serve While Being Served

Mission 1 at Duncanville has kicked off to a great start! All the churches have arrived safely and are settled in for a week of serving.  BOUNCE staff met the churches as they arrived and played some Spike Ball as group leaders checked-in.  BOUNCERS are ready to help the community of Dallas BOUNCE back from poor housing conditions through rehabilitation efforts. 

Students participated in BOUNCE Bash this afternoon and had fun playing a few rounds of Kerplunk, while learning some of our BOUNCE guidelines! Dan, this week’s worship leader, led us in a great time of worship, and the Mission Moment highlighted our BOUNCE offering to... [continue]


(El nombre y el lugar se han encubierto por razones de seguridad).

El agua potable es vital. En una de las villas en el sureste de Asia, el agua potable llevó a una comunidad a la iglesia. Una iglesia nueva en un área rural del sureste de Asia instaló un sistema de filtración de agua para su comunidad en el frente de la propiedad de la iglesia. Querían compartir su esperanza y fe en Cristo, y ser una bendición para una comunidad que dudaba y recelaba de la presencia de esta iglesia.

El proyecto Southeast Asia Water Relief (Proyecto de Alivio de Recursos Hidráulicos en el Sureste de Asia, en español), un ministerio de la... [continue]

BOUNCing Into Summer 2017

Summer 2017 has arrived and your BOUNCE staff has been preparing for this summer for a while.  Our first Mission is in Duncanville, Texas, and we are ready to welcome Carmel Baptist Church from Lindale, Texas, Crestview Baptist Church from San Antonio, Texas, and Wylie Baptist Church from Abilene, Texas.

BOUNCE staff for this week includes our Mission Coordinator, Scott Stevens, our Construction Coordinator, Russell Hill, our Local Logistics Coordinator, Ryan Jespersen, our First Aid Coordinator, Tanner Stevens, and our Worship Speaker, Randy Beggs.  The BOUNCE collegiate staff includes Amy Prentice, Isaac Childs, Dan Hassell... [continue]

Dreams of Jesus in South Asia

Today marks one week since we left Dallas for this great adventure! Each day, we wake up to prayer walk and evangelize in the slums from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The people here are friendly and willing to talk. Let me share one encouraging story with you before we head out for another day.

On our second day of evangelizing in the slums, we met a woman who said we could pray and share the Good News with her. She listened politely but was not interested.

While we were talking to her, however, the woman who lived next door popped her head out the door and waved for us to come in. We went in with our translator and found out that this... [continue]

Living water brings hope in Southeast Asia

(Author’s name and location are withheld for security reasons.)

Clean water is essential for life. In one Southeast Asian village, clean water brought a community to church.

A newly established church in rural Southeast Asia requested a community-sized clean water filtration system be installed on the front lawn of their church. They desired to share their hope and faith in Christ and wanted to be a blessing to a community that was uncertain and fearful of their presence.

The Southeast Asia Water Relief project, a Texas Baptist Hunger Offering ministry, partnered with different organizations and local church leaders to... [continue]


¡Buenas noticias!

La noche del lunes en la reunión del Consejo Ejecutivo, el Dr. Tom Howe, pastor de la Iglesia Bautista Birdville y Kris Drees, pastor de la Iglesia Bautista Halton Road, hicieron entrega de un cheque de $29,345.33 a la Ofrenda contra el Hambre de los Bautistas de Texas. Las dos iglesias se unieron para recaudar en dos meses una donación a la Misión Lott Carey, colaboradora de la Ofrenda contra el Hambre, para renovar la torre de agua en Brewerville, Liberia. Este es el proyecto individual más grande de la Ofrenda contra el Hambre hasta ahora.

Se estima que unas 25,000 personas en Brewerville tienen... [continue]


Sus apellidos están grabados en mi mente con el pegamento de los recuerdos: Moore, Smith, Emerson, Coffman y Sandoz. Dejaron más que sus apellidos en mi mente; fueron mis maestros.

Otro año escolar termina y es apropiado recordar a nuestros maestros. Invierten sus vidas en las de sus estudiantes, quienes reciben el regalo de la enseñanza y continúan presurosos con sus vidas. Los maestros dejan huellas profundas, lo sepan o no. Mis maestros lo hicieron –para bien y para mal.

La señora Moore, mi maestra del primer año de primaria me acusó de mentir. Yo no había mentido y no había evidencia que indicara lo contrario, pero por alguna... [continue]

How Christ’s followers are called to serve

“It’s my pleasure.” Perhaps you’ve heard this reply from a server at a particular fast food restaurant that is famous for its chicken sandwiches. It is part of the company’s focus on delivering outstanding customer service at each of its locations and has served as a model for other organizations.

We love to receive excellent service from others, but how eager are we to provide excellent service for others? How often do we look for ways to serve those around us? The truth is, all Christ-followers have been called to a life of service. But this call runs counter to our culture that celebrates self-fulfillment, self-expression, and... [continue]

Honoring the legacy of Dr. Paul Stripling and Elmin Howell

INDEPENDENCE - Friends and family of Dr. Paul Stripling and Elmin Howell gathered together in Independence, Texas, on June 4 to honor their lives and legacies in Texas Baptists ministry at the 2017 Texas Baptists Legacy Awards.

Executive Director David Hardage began the awards ceremony at the historical site of Independence Baptist Church by sharing from Matthew 5:16, setting the stage for the two Legacy Award recipients.

Drawing from the verse, Hardage expressed that it is not our choice to let our light shine, but rather our obligation as Christians. In all the works we do, we are to be noticed by the world. “Our shining is... [continue]

Go Now student missionaries commissioned to serve from Arlington to Zambia

“The genius of the Great Commission is that every one of us is entrusted with the Gospel, and we can share it and teach others to share it,” Gary Stidham, BSM Director at the University of Texas at Arlington, shared with a room filled with Go Now student missionaries and their family members on May 21.

Two hundred thirty students were commissioned during the Go Now Missions Commissioning service, held at Dallas Baptist University, with a total of 278 students to serve on mission trips during the summer. The Go Now students completed a weekend of training and orientation in advance of the commissioning.

"It is amazing to see... [continue]

Singing Women of Texas to host Texas Lone Star Mission Tour

DALLAS – The Singing Women of Texas, Texas Baptists’ affiliated women’s choir, is hosting the Texas Lone Star Mission this June to benefit charities around the state.

The tour will take place from June 19-26. Concert locations include First Baptist Church, San Marcos; First Baptist Church, San Antonio; Calvary Baptist Church, Lubbock; First Baptist Church, Plainview; and First Baptist Church, Wylie. 

The Singing Women of Texas was founded in 1994 as a one-performance choir. Today, 23 years later, there are eight chapters across the state comprised of church staff members, church choir members and music educators. All eight... [continue]

Corpus Christi Hosts First [un]Apologetic Conference

First Baptist Church Corpus Christi hosted its first [un]Apologetic conference south of Highway I-10 on May 5- 6. Three hundred and five people were present.

Brian Hill, pastor of FBC Corpus Christi, said he prayed for over a year for an [un]Apologetic conference to take place in his church. His hopes are that the event "energizes and emboldens" his congregation to better share their faith.

"In an ever growing secular society we cannot just assume people believe God exists and that the Bible is authoritative. We need to be ready to explain why we believe these truths and apologetics helps to remove those roadblocks in... [continue]

ETBU Students Renovate Local Homes

Constance Steadman was afraid to live in her own home.

“I was scared to walk into my bathroom because the floor made a popping sound when I stepped on it and I was afraid I was going to fall through,” she said. “There was a lot of air coming into the house from outside and the ceiling was leaking.”

Steadman applied for help through the City of Marshall and was chosen to receive home renovations through the Neighborhood Renewal Initiative. The initiative is a collaboration between the City of Marshall and East Texas Baptist University (ETBU) to pour into the local community.

ETBU students on scholarship are required to do 12... [continue]