July 2017

Short-term Project, Long-term Investment: Hunger Offering provides hope, healing for Ebola orphans

By Jaclyn Bonner

Abandoned, isolated, alone -- this is the fate of thousands of children in Sierra Leone who have been orphaned by the deadly Ebola virus. Although the Ebola scare is no longer prominent in international headlines, the devastating effects of the outbreak have changed a surfeit of lives.

A 2015 report* found that more than 12,000 children in Sierra Leone have lost at least one primary caregiver to the disease. The average Ebola orphan is 9 years old.

Restore Hope, a faith-based ministry that serves Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone, explains that children lose more than just their parents to the disease. The... [continue]

MAP Director experiences firsthand mission work along the Amazon

Texas Baptists’ new Mission initiative, the Missionary Adoption Program (MAP), exists to partner churches in Texas with churches in Brazil to jointly sponsor missionaries. These missionaries focus on evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

In other words, “MAP is about planting churches intentionally with indigenous peoples,” said Jair Campos, director of Texas Baptists’ MAP.

Campos, a native of Brazil, has experience as a missionary in Europe. While he was overseas, individuals from his church decided to sponsor him financially to ensure that he could continue his work without any worry.

“When I came to the states in... [continue]

Sharing the Gospel on a soccer field in Zambia

By Tim Williams

God is good. He truly is strong when we are weak (2 Corinthians 12:9-10). Today was my lowest day yet. I felt lonely. I felt weak. I felt bitterness. I continued thinking of home, family and friends. I felt discouraged.

But, God said, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9) Thank you, Lord, for my national teammate David. Our program today got cancelled, so David came over around 13:30 so we could look for some ministry opportunities. Before he came and before we left, I prayed that God would glorify himself in whatever we did. I prayed that he would make... [continue]

Go Now partnership allows Korean students to serve in Texas

By Ruth Whorton

Jinjoo Oh is a university student. She works two jobs, has a curiosity for new cultures, and she is active in her local church. She has a deep love for God and missions with a smile that radiates. She feels lonely sometimes, but clings to prayer. She had an experience this summer that redefined and expanded her view of our God.

While she is a college summer missionary serving with Go Now missions, she is not from Texas or even from America. Jinjoo is from South Korea.

Jinjoo traveled 6,777 miles from South Korea to Texas, arriving in Austin on May 29. Through the summer, she served with youth and children at... [continue]

Texas Baptists welcome Tom Revilla as Central Texas Church Starter

DALLAS - Texas Baptists Church Starting welcomes Tom Revilla as the new church starter for Area 6, Central Texas. This area spans from Austin to Central East Texas.

“I am excited to have Tom Revilla join our Church Starting Team,” said Paul Atkinson, director of Church Starting. “Tom brings high levels of experience in all aspects of church leadership. His recent work with Buckner International and Life Church of San Antonio have given him a set of skills which will benefit his work with new church starts in Central Texas. Texas Baptists is fortunate and blessed to welcome Tom Revilla to the Texas Baptists staff.”

Revilla’s seven... [continue]

A Christian response to hunger: How church ministry is distinguished from cultural trends

By Jaclyn Bonner

Lately, I have been thinking about culture and faith.

I just finished perusing Leviticus and am journeying again through Numbers. These two Old Testament books, perhaps more than other parts of the Bible, are challenging to read, understand, and apply. The meticulous law, the priesthood rituals, and the early history of the Israelites can seem archaic, mundane, and irrelevant.

However, I am discovering how much the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) emphasizes God’s desire for holiness. Holiness is to be set apart. It is to be separate from the world. However, holiness is not a call to negligence... [continue]


Por Jaclyn Bonner

Isaías 58 es un llamado a ir más allá de los hábitos religiosos culturales y vivir activamente la fe por medio de la restauración de la justicia, el compartir alimentos con los hambrientos y cuidar a los desamparados. Este conmovedor pasaje revela el corazón de Dios, y del mismo modo expresa verdades inmutables y enseñanzas para todas las épocas. Inspiró a la Iglesia Bautista Roya Haven en Farmers Branch para proveer las necesidades de la comunidad a su alrededor por medio de un ministerio de la  Ofrenda contra el Hambre de los Bautistas de Texas al que se le puso el nombre de i58 debido al pasaje en... [continue]


Después de 140 días, la 85a Sesión Legislativa de Texas ha terminado, y aunque una sesión especial dará comienzo el 18 de julio, se aprobaron algunos proyectos de ley importantes en los últimos cinco meses.

Algunas preocupaciones al respecto de la libertad religiosa encabezaron la lista de prioridades de la Comisión de Vida Cristiana de los Bautistas de Texas. La Comisión ayudó a dirigir los esfuerzos para proteger los derechos de conciencia religiosa de las agencias religiosas para el bienestar de menores. La HB 3859 protege los derechos de las agencias religiosas de colocar a los niños de acuerdo a sus creencias... [continue]

The method does not change the message

By Ruth Whorton

In a society that is seeing a decline in the number of youth who attend church, news of effective evangelism outreach is an encouragement to all. First Missionary Baptist Church (FMBC) in Fort Worth saw the Lord work in ways far beyond expected at the beginning of the summer through a summer concert, where 22 youth came to know the Lord.  

The Saturday after school ended in Fort Worth, FMBC hosted Christian rap and hip-hop artists at their first ever Summer Jam concert. The event was hosted for youth in the community who were not involved in church.

The heart behind the concert came from an effort to “get out of... [continue]

BOUNCing Out of Waco and Summer 2017

And that’s a wrap in Waco and for Summer 2017.  We are impressed by the work that was completed by our BOUNCERS and proud of the mark they have left on this community and its residents.  We want to thank Cristoval Baptist Church, Crossroads Baptist Church, and First Baptist Church Lampasas for participating and serving with us this week.  Our BOUNCE staff hopes you all have safe travels back home, and that you would continue serving even after this week.

This week would not be possible without the work of our coordinators and partners in the community.  We would like to thank Aaron Austin for his work as Mission Coordinator, as... [continue]

Looking Forward to Seeing BOUNCERS Continue at Home

BOUNCERS are moving right along at their worksite.  We continue to have media coverage, which helps spread the word, not only of the gospel, but of the need for service in this community.  Our participants have been noticed by neighbors and others in the community, and our hope is that this work would continue even after BOUNCE is gone.

Worship this week has also been exceptional.  Our BOUNCE staff enjoys joining in worship with our participants, listening to them sing, read scripture and pray during the service.  It has been a great way to wrap up each day of work.

As we wrap up this week and the summer, we look forward to... [continue]

BOUNCERS Worship in Waco

Wednesday in Waco saw some help from our BOUNCE staff today! Some of us went out to worksites to help teams with some roofing projects.  It is awesome to see our staff working side by side with our BOUNCERS. 

Tonight at worship, BOUNCERS participated in a Concert of Prayer.  This is a time when students and student leaders have the opportunity to worship through guided prayer for their neighbors and friends.  This is one of our favorite nights, and we love to hear the testimonies of both students and student leaders alike about how they have gone back home to minister to the “least” in their schools, churches, and communities... [continue]

Go Time! in Waco

Participants had an early start as they met at 7am after breakfast for GO TIME.  This is an opportunity for our BOUNCE staff to commission these participants as they go out and serve with the love of Christ.  BOUNCERS circled up and Aaron Austin, our Mission Coordinator, prayed over the teams as they begin work this week. BOUNCE staff joined in prayer and waved bye as teams left for their worksites.

Tonight at worship, our BOUNCE offering was collected.  The offering this year is supporting the Missionary Adoption Program, and will be used to buy a small river boat for indigenous Brazilian Amazon missionaries!

Local media has... [continue]

Finding hope on the side of the road

By Analiz G. Schremmer

Baby Benjamin was abandoned on the side of the road wearing nothing but a small white blanket and bearing a note saying that anyone who wanted him, could have him.

“He was found by the villagers who passed by the road and informed the local authority,” said Rosy Lyn Htut, caseworker for Love for Myanmar. “They took the baby to one of our children’s homes called Kid’s Life.

“The home caregiver once showed me the baby photo when they first found him. He was so skinny, having sores on his whole body. He was about to die, and he couldn't even cry because not enough strength.”

Htut added that another baby... [continue]

African American Fellowship celebrates togetherness at annual convention

The 2017 African American Fellowship Conference (AAFC) was held from July 10-13 at Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Tyler. This year’s theme was Harambee: Bringing Us Together, drawn from Psalm 133:1.

“The Harambee theme was borrowed from the East African nation of Kenya. It means ‘all put together.’ Things really do go better when Christ’s followers work together,” said Dr. Roy Cotton, director of African American Ministries.

The event commenced with a Sweet Hour of Prayer (SHOP) on Monday evening.

“AAFC could not have started in a better way. Anything we do, we want to bathe it in prayer before we get started,” commented... [continue]

Texas Baptists host historic presentation of Uzbek Bible

DALLAS–Texas Baptists, alongside the Institute for Bible Translation (Moscow, Russia) and Global Heart Ministries (Plano, TX), recently hosted a historic presentation of the first translation of the Holy Bible into the Uzbek language.  

Uzbekistan, listed among countries where Christians face the most severe persecution for their faith, has never seen a full translation of the Bible in their language. However, through the work of the Institute for Bible Translation, that has changed.

Now, for the first time in the history of Uzbekistan and its people around the world, Uzbeks will have the complete Bible in their language. This is... [continue]

BOUNCERS With a Servant's Intent

Our last mission of the summer has started off well! All churches arrived safely and without incident to Waco, Texas this afternoon.  BOUNCERS are checked-in and ready to serve the community through rehabilitation projects this week. 

BOUNCERS participated in BOUNCE Bash this afternoon, which included meeting the staff and spending time learning the BOUNCE guidelines through a game of Kerplunk! Later, we gathered for worship and heard from our Worship Speaker, Aaron Austin.  He challenged the participants enter the week with the intent to serve, just as Jesus did on earth.

Be in prayer for a good night’s rest as BOUNCERS begin... [continue]

BOUNCing Into Waco

BOUNCE is in Waco for the last week of summer missions.  Our BOUNCE staff is excited to welcome participants this Monday. We are ready to see Christoval Baptist Church of Christoval, First Baptist Church of Lampasas, and Crossroads Baptist Church of The Woodlands! Columbus Avenue Baptist Church is hosting 60 students and student leaders this week. 

Our coordinators this week include Aaron Austin as Mission Coordinator and Worship Speaker, Charles Carroll as Construction Coordinator, and Scott Rhodes as our Local Logistics Coordinator.  BOUNCE collegiate staff includes Dan Hassell, Jordan Pitman, Amy Prentice, and Isaac Childs. ... [continue]

BOUNCing Out of Jennings

That’s a wrap here in Jennings, Louisiana! Our teams finished all of their projects, receiving more than just sunburns and sore hands.  Through their service this week they have received blessings from the residents and communities here. 

One resident was moved to tears today as she returned home from work to see her finished house.  Lake Arthur resident Victoria and her seven month old received a new roof and paint job to their damaged house.  She was very grateful for the work of our BOUNCERS and will continue to share her store of restored hope to her coworkers and neighbors.

This week could have gone as smoothly without our... [continue]

BOUNCERS Don't Neglect Their Neighbors

BOUNCERS continue to tell us their “Wow Moments” and share their stories of love and encouragement to the residents of Jennings.  Today, one team helped a family push their car out of traffic in order to fix it.  Other teams have stories of decisions being made by residents and participants alike.

Tonight at worship, Eric Martinez our Worship Speaker, had students and adults volunteer to act out the passage.  As we talked about not neglecting our neighbors, BOUNCERS saw a live action skit of the parable of the good Samaritan.  While it was fun and entertaining, we were challenged to live out scripture and not neglect those around... [continue]

Making missions possible through Mary Hill Davis Offering scholarships

By Analiz G. Schremmer

Any student who has benefitted from a scholarship knows what an enormous difference it can make. When that scholarship funds a mission trip, the outcome can be eternal.

Luis Juarez was once the recipient of a Mary Hill Davis Offering scholarship. Today, he is currently Director of Missions and Ministries at Baptist University of the Americas (BUA) and is able to see the impact that the scholarship continues to have in the lives of students.

“This scholarship makes mission work possible for a lot of students,” Juarez said. “Without it, they wouldn’t be able to experience missions and receive funding for... [continue]

Thank you for investing in future generations

By Katie Burkhead

Thank you, Texas Baptists!

When I think of my experience at the University of Texas at Austin, I think of more than my major, my classes, the all-nighters I’ve pulled and the stress I have endured. I always think of my time at the Baptist Student Ministry and how God has used the people there to shape me, challenge me, encourage me and help me pursue God with all that I am. As a young freshman, I (naively) thought that I was following Jesus pretty well and that this was how I would follow Him for the rest of my life. After all, I had been raised in the church, read my Bible most days and went on trips with my... [continue]

Being an industrious pastor

By Danny Reeves

An oxymoron is the combination of contradictory words that have been linked together.

You probably already know a few of these such as jumbo shrimp, pretty ugly, working vacation, or humble Texan, but have you ever considered this one? Lazy pastor.

There is no doubt that a healthy church is not possible with an unhealthy pastor or a lazy pastor. So as a fellow pastor within the Texas Baptists family, I want to take this subject head on with you and encourage the idea of being an industrious pastor.

I want to talk about three principles that pastors must adopt to be diligent and not lazy. First, pastors have to... [continue]

Training DBU business students to serve in the marketplaces of the world

By Ross O’Brien, Ph.D.Director, Center for Business as MissionDallas Baptist University

It has become apparent that too many Christians in the business world believe they are an auxiliary to mission work. They think of themselves as providing means and finances, but they rarely view themselves as missionaries. 

Jesus’ commandments to serve others in Matthew 25 and to make disciples among all peoples in Matthew 28 were not directed solely to those employed by churches or mission agencies.

Incredibly, all followers of Jesus have the privilege and responsibility of serving God in these ways, and He has equipped each one of us with... [continue]

A Report from the Texas Capitol

After 140 days, the 85th Texas Legislative Session has ended and even though a special session will begin on July 18 several important bills were passed over the last five months.

Religious liberty concerns topped the list of Texas Baptists Christian Life Commission priorities. The CLC helped lead efforts to protect religious conscience rights of faith-based child welfare agencies. HB 3859 protects the rights of religious child welfare agencies to place children in homes consistent with their religious beliefs about the best environment for raising children.  

Additionally, the CLC helped stop bills that would have preempted city... [continue]

Compelled to make disciples through Hispanic Ministries

"And Jesus appointed twelve, that they might be with him." Mark 3:14

The problem in this world is not the economy. If so, God would have sent us an economist. The problem of the world is not education. If so, God would have sent an educator. The problem of this world is called sin, so God sent us a Savior. God's plan to change the world is: "Make Disciples". The message of our Lord Jesus Christ to his disciples after his resurrection, and before He ascended to heaven was: "Therefore go and make disciples." (Matthew 28:19) 

I have found in some Hispanic churches today, leaders are involved in so many things, except in that, which... [continue]

Project:Start helps Kenyan church expand capacity for refugee ministry

In January, members of Upendo Baptist Church in Garland gathered to pray and fast that God would grow their church.

Only a week later, Pastor Shadrack Ruto was connected to 60 people in search of a new church home. The initial three visitors to the church were not from a Kenyan background, like the majority of the church membership, but were refugees from the Central African Republic who lived within 10 miles of the church. The families had recently moved to the United States from refugee camps. Ruto heard story after story of trauma and need from the families and the church leaders gathered to see how they could help.

... [continue]

Intercultural churches connect people groups to the Gospel

By Kalie Lowrie and Analiz G. Schremmer

In heaven, people of every tongue, tribe and nation will worship together, yet we tend to separate ourselves out when congregate. At first glance, it may seem wrong to serve separately,  but when you put yourself in the shoes of a recent immigrant, trying to navigate around a foreign culture and an unknown language, it makes perfect sense.

“If you go visit a church where you can’t understand the language, and the culture is confusing, how are you going to meet Christ?” asked Intercultural Ministries Director Patty Lane. “Even if you do somehow meet Christ, how are you going to get discipled... [continue]

Filling Hearts through Lunch Program

By Analiz G. Schremmer

Contributing Writer

Every Wednesday, at least 300 people line up outside of New Light Baptist Church of Lubbock for a sack lunch. They receive food, but are also served a helping of love, respect and kindness.

“I don’t care what they look like or what their hygiene is like, we will treat them with dignity and respect,” said New Light Baptist Church Pastor Kenneth Jackson. “I think a lot of them are shocked by the reception they get; but we are Christians so we are supposed to be full of compassion.”

The Love and Lunch program started in 2008  with a distribution of 15 sack lunches. Jackson said 337 were... [continue]

Hacer discípulos a través de Ministerios Hispanos

“Y Jesús estableció a doce, para que estuviesen con él.” (Marcos 3:14)

El problema de este mundo no es la economía. Si así fuera, Dios nos hubiera enviado a un economista. El problema del mundo no es la educación. Si así fuera, Dios hubiera enviado a un educador. El problema de este mundo es el pecado, por eso Dios envió a un Salvador. El plan de Dios para cambiar el mundo es: “Hacer Discípulos”.  El mensaje de nuestro Señor Jesucristo a sus discípulos después de su resurrección y antes de ascender al cielo fue: “Por tanto id y haced discípulos.” (Mateo 28:19)

La iglesia de hoy en día está involucrada en tantas cosas, menos en... [continue]

BOUNCERS With Some "Wow Moments"

Recovery efforts continue to move along at worksite today.  BOUNCE has twelve teams in Jennings and surrounding communities.  Houses were chosen based on word of mouth, through members in FBC Jennings, Carey Baptist Association, and other organizations that are continuing to help resident recover from last year’s flood.

Due to some storms in the area, some teams had to briefly work in the rain.  However, BOUNCERS are still working hard all day. Some teams are close to finishing and may have a chance to begin work on other houses tomorrow. All teams hope to have as many projects completed by the end of the week!

Ministry teams... [continue]


Por Jaclyn Bonner

“Es la primera vez que he escuchado a los niños reír”, dijo el gerente del complejo de los apartamentos. A pesar de que tanto las familias de refugiados de África como los inmigrantes del sur de Centroamérica son recién llegados al área de Houston, su vecindario carece de sentido de comunidad y orgullo. 

En una semana, el Proyecto Refugiados de Houston, con la ayuda de voluntarios de la Iglesia Bautista Meadow Oaks en Temple, revitalizó la comunidad fragmentada de refugiados con un campamento para niños. Cincuenta niños y adolescentes de 2 a 18 años de edad de diversas etnicidades rieron, jugaron y se... [continue]

El Gobernador Abbott anuncia Sesión Especial

El Gobernador Greg Abbott anunció hoy una sesión legislativa especial que dará comienzo el 18 de julio del 2017. En su anuncio, el Gobernador Abbott identificó 20 asuntos que se incluirán en la llamada sesión especial.

 “Considerando el gran éxito de la 85ª sesión legislativa, no deberíamos estar donde estamos hoy”, dijo el Gobernador Abbott.

Una sesión especial era completamente inevitable, y había suficiente tiempo para que la legislación forjara compromisos a fin de evitar el gasto de tiempo y de dinero de los contribuyentes para llamar a una sesión especial. Como Gobernador, si voy a llamar a una sesión especial, haré... [continue]

Agenda de la 85a Sesión Especial

Vida humana

De acuerdo a Génesis 1:26:26-31, creemos que cada persona tiene una dignidad y valor innatos otorgados por su creador, y que por ello tienen derecho a una vida abundante; aunque esto no les garantiza una vida sin dificultades, debe significar una vida libre de muertes prevenibles y prematuras. Por lo tanto, apoyamos los esfuerzos de la legislación para promover una cultura que valore la vida en nuestro estado.

● Apoyar la legislación pro-vida que reduce el número de abortos, expande el acceso al cuidado prenatal y los servicios a mujeres embarazadas.

● Apoyar los esfuerzos de la legislación por... [continue]

Texas Baptist church lives out Isaiah 58

By Jaclyn Bonner

Isaiah 58 is a call to go beyond cultural religious habits and actively live out faith by restoring justice, sharing food with the hungry, and attending to the homeless. This poignant passage reveals God’s heart, as well as expresses immutable truths and timeless instruction.

It inspired Royal Haven Baptist Church in Farmers Branch to address the needs of the surrounding community by starting a Texas Baptist Hunger Offering ministry called i58, after Isaiah 58.

When church members learned many families in the community face food insecurity and children in local schools are often hungry over the weekends,... [continue]

Go Time in Jennings

Today started well with Go Time! This morning Eric Martinez, our worship speaker for the week, prayed over and commissioned our BOUNCERS as they headed out to their worksites.  As vans and buses lined up to leave, the BOUNCE staff waved goodbye to participants as they left.

This week there are twelve worksites in the Jennings area, including an elementary school in Elton.  BOUNCERS will be working on roofs, installing flooring, painting and doing any other projects needed at their worksite. 

This evening at worship we had our BOUNCE mission offering.  The offering this summer is going to help buy a boat for indigenous... [continue]

BOUNCE Flood Recovery Continues

This week we are in Jennings, Louisiana serving flood victims.  It has been a rainy start, but all churches arrived safely to First Baptist Jennings this afternoon.  We want to welcome Faith Family Fellowship from Brownfield, Texas, First Baptist Church of Beeville, First Baptist Church of El Paso, Parkway Hills Baptist Church of Plano, Texas, Texoma Cowboy Church of Wichita Falls, Texas, and WestWind Church of Keller, Texas. 

Earlier this evening, BOUNCE students participated in BOUNCE Bash, while student leaders went out for a group leader meeting with Michelle Merriott, our Mission Coordinator! Students had fun learning... [continue]

BOUNCing into Jennings

BOUNCE is back after a week break! We are ready to welcome churches from all over the state of Texas to come and serve residents of Jennings.  These residents experienced the flood from August 2016 and are still seeking help on repairs for their homes.

BOUNCE is always excited to partner with local community members, and this week we are serving with First Baptist Church Jennings, who are our hosts for the week!  We are also partnering with Carey Baptist Association and area churches, and the Louisiana Baptist Convention.  We are eager to see the love of Christ being shown this week through these participants.

This week’s... [continue]

The continued ministry of Super Summer

By: Ruth Whorton

Twenty-one years ago, John Davison attended Super Summer for the first time. Then, in 1997, he accepted God’s call on his life to ministry while at Super Summer. Davison is now the middle school pastor at Sherman Bible Church and brings students to Super Summer year after year.

He is very invested in Super Summer because of the incredible impact the ministry makes around the state through the students who attend.

“Super Summer stirs student’s affections for Christ. Knowing there are others who are on the same mission as they are motivates them,” Davison said.

Super Summer taught Davison the importance of... [continue]

Being faithful to ordinary tasks as a missionary in Arizona

By: Brayant Lopez

These first days of our mission trip we have been living in an apartment complex very similar to the one that I live at back home. It is a two-bedroom apartment composed of a kitchen, living room, bathroom and even a TV. The only difference is that I do not have as many distractions as I would in my apartment back home.

Another similarity that we have (and many of us have) is our neighbors–those people which we see every morning and sometimes throughout the day. However, there are some slight differences with these neighbors. For example, they tend to dress in very vivid colors with different kind of fabrics... [continue]

Texas Baptist Elijah Brown elected General Secretary of BWA

Elijah Brown, executive vice president of the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, was elected to serve as the next General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance. Brown is the first Texas Baptist to serve in this capacity, and at the age of 36, the youngest person to be elected to the position. The election took place on July 7 at the BWA General Assembly held in Bangkok, Thailand.

“I am deeply honored and humbled to become the ninth General Secretary of the BWA, an organization that has borne witness to Jesus Christ and the reality of one Lord, one faith and one baptism since 1905,” said Brown. “Over the last 10 years, Dr.... [continue]

Welcome Neighbor: Hunger Offering Meets Needs, Fosters Community Among Refugees

By Jaclyn Bonner

“It is the first time I have heard the children laughing,” said the apartment complex manager. Although the African refugee families and South and Central American immigrants are all newcomers to Houston, their residence lacks a sense of community and pride.

In one week, the Houston Refugee Project, with assistance of volunteers from Meadow Oaks Baptist Church in Temple, revitalized the fragmented refugee community through a children’s camp. Fifty children and adolescents ages 2-18 years old from diverse ethnicities laughed, played, and had fun together.

This brought their families together for the first... [continue]

Feeling thankful and complete through ministry

By:  Danielle French

10:40 p.m. – My eyes want to crumble. My body is ready to shatter with just one touch. I’ve never felt so drained. I’ve never felt so exhausted. Yet, I’m content. I’m not worried about how tomorrow goes, or what I’ll have to do.

I feel at peace with the fact that it is an honor to serve here and build these relationships. It is an honor to reflect Christ’s light onto all of these children, teens and adults. It is an honor to feel like I am about to collapse, but still feel the Holy Spirit working in me, pushing me through it. It is an honor spending the summer working my soon to be shattered body, and slowly... [continue]

From India to Arlington: Serving an undeniable God

By:  Ruth Whorton

ARLINGTON - Originally from India, Lokesh Ganta is a master’s student at Texas A&M Kingsville who came to the United States to study engineering. With many financial obligations, Lokesh was prepared to work all summer to earn tuition money for the upcoming fall semester. Little did he know how the Lord would work in his life to change the course of his summer.

Through Texas A&M Kingsville’s Baptist Student Ministry (BSM), Lokesh was connected with Go Now Missions. Go Now is a Texas Baptists mission sending program for college students supported by the Mary Hill Davis Offering. Lokesh felt called to participate... [continue]