August 2017

Developing a love for God’s Word through Bible Drill and Speakers’ Tournament

“Bible Drill has given me a love for the Bible and an understanding that I need to consistently be in God’s Word to understand His Will for my life,” said Katie Davidson, Bible Drill participant. “It’s given me more confidence in myself. I was initially quiet, scared to get in front of people and talk in general, but Bible Drill encouraged me get out of my comfort zone and do things I had never done before, including teaching others about Jesus.”

For Davidson and Anna Kemp, First Baptist Church of Allen students, Bible Drill and Speakers’ Tournament is so much more than memorizing words on a page. For them, these events have... [continue]

Opioid epidemic leaves trail of pain

A beautiful young woman gets the job of her dreams. A major airline notifies Rhonda she has been accepted as a flight attendant, and she goes out to celebrate, as anyone would do upon getting her dream job.

The dream turned into a nightmare on that evening in 1987. A car crash broke Rhonda’s back, ribs and almost severed her right foot. “Her foot was literally sewn back on,” says her sister, Kathy. “It shriveled up to size 3 while her undamaged foot was a size 5.”

Rhonda could not have known then, but she was about to begin years of living with severe and chronic pain -- the kind that does not go away, that affects everything you... [continue]

Texas Baptists response to Hurricane Harvey

Updated message posted on August 28, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

Hurricane Harvey’s impact on the Gulf Coast has been catastrophic, and the storm is likely to cause additional damage for days to come. Some 13 million Texans are currently under a flood watch or warning.

At this time, we are supporting Texas Baptist Men in their disaster relief efforts. TBM units are deployed to several areas across the Gulf Coast and are providing meals as well as shower and laundry services. More than 7,000 trained volunteers are on active alert and ready to respond.

Many of our Texas Baptists churches are actively involved in relief and recovery efforts... [continue]

Developing a love for literacy in Del Rio

By Analiz G. Schremmer

DEL RIO–When a family is struggling to put food on the table, stocking the house with interesting literature while fostering a love of reading in their children isn’t usually a priority.

“You can’t normally find a bookshelf in low income housing,” said Janeene Young, who started a literacy program with her husband, Shon, last summer. “Most of these children don’t own their own books.”

The 2016 summer program for children grades 1-5 lasted for 10 weeks and served more than 45 children in three different subsidized housing communities in Del Rio.

Shon Young, Texas Baptists River Ministry missionary for... [continue]

Texas Baptist CLC to host racial reconciliation event in Grand Prairie

For Immediate Release

GRAND PRAIRIE–The Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission will host a one-day conference on racial reconciliation Aug. 26. The event, “One: Unity not Uniformity,” will be at First Baptist Church of Grand Prairie 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

The guest speaker will be Tasha Morrison, founder of “Be the Bridge,” a ministry to equip and provide tools for those who are actively involved in taking the next steps toward racial unity. One: Unity not Uniformity is designed to equip church leaders and lay members to engage in the work of racial reconciliation in their communities.

“Christian leaders need to come together and... [continue]


Una imagen en las noticias este fin de semana mostraba a tres hombre blancos sosteniendo escudos y banderas negras. Me di cuenta de que, aunque eran más jóvenes, se veían como yo. Sin sus trajes de bufón, alguien podría confundirlos con alguien como yo. Estoy seguro de que si los escuchara hablar, quizá lo harían con un acento similar al mío.

Pero yo tengo poco en común con esas personas. Quizá la complexión de nuestra piel sea clara, pero debajo de nuestra piel se halla algo diferente. Ellos vomitan odio; yo ni siquiera siento en silencio lo que ellos sienten por aquellos que son diferentes a mí. Ellos despliegan actitudes de... [continue]

Running the race to fulfill God’s calling

By Cheryl Nafzinger

"The South Texas School of Christian Studies has made it possible for me to pursue my theological education in a timely and affordable manner. This institution has polished the brass on my trumpet which I so proudly continue to sound.” - Eric Tarver.

For Eric Tarver, the South Texas School of Christian Studies was not the starting line of ministry: it was the third lap.

Lap one - The Call

He had a rich heritage in ministry. He came from three generations of preachers and his grandfather led churches all around the Bastrop area. Two of his brothers entered the ministry. But God’s call is never genetic or... [continue]

More than a Meal: Hunger Offering Ministry in Irving Transforms Lives

By Jaclyn Bonner

He came with a humble grin, $60, and one request – “pray for me.”

Jerry* was a changed man. His face was familiar to Ruby, a board member and volunteer at Crisis Ministries, an effort of Baptist Benevolent Ministries of Irving supported by Dallas Baptist Association, but his demeanor had been transformed.

When Jerry began coming to Crisis Ministries for food relief services, he was disrespectful, angry, and prideful. Even though Ruby invested time in Jerry’s life by sharing the gospel with him and showing him dignity by acknowledging him as “Mr.,” the young man remained callous and bitter.

This time, Jerry... [continue]

Fighting For Unity in A Culture of Chaos (updated)

With the white nationalist rally and domestic terror incident in Charlottesville, race and racism is once again in the headlines. It is easy to respond in a couple of different ways. First, ignore it. But here’s the thing, John Stuart Mill is right, “bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

If you have chosen to be silent, because you believe folks know you aren’t like them, maybe you aren’t but that should be all the more reason you are moved to action. Make no mistake, church, the world is watching to see how we respond to those claiming white supremacy under the cause... [continue]

White supremacy at odds with Scripture; time to actively reach across racial divides

The staff of the Christian Life Commission condemns the hateful and violent ideology and actions put on display by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend. We also call Texas Baptists to address the less inflammatory aspects of racial division and rhetoric persistent in our culture.

The people who marched in Charlottesville proclaiming messages of white supremacy and hate toward non-whites are speaking against the truth of God as revealed through Jesus Christ and recorded in Scripture.

The Bible says:

-- All people are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27);

-- In Christ, all persons, no matter... [continue]

Texas Baptists’ Childhood Summit equips leaders to remember the joy

Children need to know and experience love. They need consistent adults and leaders in their lives who are willing to seek to understand them and meet them where they are. That is what the Texas Baptists’ Childhood Ministry Summit sought to accomplish - to equip ministers in childhood leadership to clearly and meaningfully plan, effectively teach and learn to value how children and preschoolers learn so they might have a genuine relationship with God.

“Trust is the foundation piece for almost every single thing we do in our lives. If trust is not wired in a child by 14 months, it’s much harder to accomplish. It takes many... [continue]

Grasping the depth of lostness and urgency for the Gospel

By Madi

John writes about the Samaritan woman's encounter with Jesus, in the Gospel of John and most the focus is how He rescued her from sin. But have you ever stopped to think about why Samaria? Why that woman?

I spent this last summer in the Middle East.  I met a friend who drew me back to this story over and over again. She was beautiful and kind, eclipsing all the generosity the region is known for.

One evening she invited two friends and I to the evening breaking of fast during Ramadan. After eating, we sat around, played with her toddler brother, and chatted. I asked her what her greatest dream in life was, and the... [continue]

Statement in response to fatality at alt-right rally

For Immediate Release 

August 14, 2017


Joshua Minatrea Director of Communications Texas Baptists 214-887-5473

Statement in response to fatality at alt-right rally in Charlottesville, VA

DALLAS–Our Texas Baptists family stands strongly against white supremacy and racism of any kind. The Bible is our guide to faith and practice. We are a people of the Book.

David Hardage, Executive Director Texas Baptists (Baptist General Convention of Texas)


Texas Baptists (Baptist General Convention of Texas), established in 1886, is the largest state denominational convention of its kind, with more than 5,300... [continue]

White like me

A picture in the news this weekend showed three white men holding black shields and black flags. It occurred to me that, though younger, they looked like me. Without their foolish garb, we could be mistaken as being very much alike. If I could hear them talk, we might even speak with a similar accent.

But I have little in common with those people. We may both have light-colored skin, but below the skin there is something different. They spew hate; I do not even silently feel that for those who are different from me. They portray an attitude of bravado; I would much prefer to sit and talk. They bear all the signs of being afraid... [continue]


Por JaclynBonner

Abandonados, aislados y solos: este es el destino de miles de niños en Sierra Leona que han quedado huérfanos como resultado del mortal virus del ébola. A pesar de que el temibleébola ya no es uno de los prominentes encabezados internacionales, los devastadores efectos del brote han cambiado las vidas de miles de personas.

Un reporte del 2015 indicó que más de 12.000 niños en Sierra Leonahabían perdido por lo menos a uno de sus cuidadores primarios debido a la enfermedad. El huérfano del ébola promedio tiene 9 años de edad. El ministerio Esperanza Restaurada (Restore Hope en inglés), un ministerio cristiano... [continue]


Una comunidad en Quebec ha hecho algo interesante. La población de Saint-Apollinaire votó para no permitir un cementerio musulmán en la ciudad.

Lo hicieron por una razón importante. Como fue reportado por Peter Stockland en The Globe & Mail, los partidarios de esta prohibición están en contra de los entierros funeralespor motivo de cualquier tradición religiosa, y punto. Tampoco se permitirá un cementerio católico.

“Quieren expandir el concepto de igualdad más allá de la sepulturaa fin de que todos seamos iguales en la muerte”, escribe Stockland.

El igualitarismo tiene una fuerte atracción para las personas en Norteamérica.... [continue]

Is your church ready for the boomer generation?

In 2011, baby boomers started reaching the ripe age of 65, at the rate of 10,000 per day, or approximately 4 million per year. This huge, growing wave of aging boomers will continue to grow and crest until 2029.

The impact this tsunami of aging boomers will have on every aspect of our society, including our churches, is seen in several stunning statistics, including:

  • In 2017, for the first time in American history, there are more people over the age of 50 than under 50.

  • From 2010 to 2030, just 20 years, the number of people 65 and over in this country will more than double, from 40 million, to more than 80

... [continue]

Seeing the impact of investing in Tahoe City

I have spent a chunk of my life working with children in various aspects. When I went off to college, I learned the important skill of investing in people and through multiple interventions by God, I finally started investing time in children.

This summer has been full of investing in children, and God has really shown me lately how important it is. You see, investing in all people is important and needed. We should definitely do that with people of all races, nationalities and ages, but when we invest in children, we get the unique opportunity to be apart of building their foundation and building their frame of reference.

This... [continue]

Project: Start refugee center to host “My American Dreams” art exhibit at NorthPark

DALLAS–Project: Start, a refugee resource center in North Dallas, will present “My American Dreams” refugee children's art exhibition August 8-23 at NorthPark Center, located on North Central Expressway in Dallas.

Project: Start, a ministry of Texas Baptists, is working to connect refugees in Dallas with the resources they need to find stability. Thousands upon thousands of refugees live within a three-mile stretch of a North Dallas called Vickery Meadow. With over 30 different languages spoken, their needs are as diverse as the community itself, and Project:Start has found this exhibition to be a great way to increase awareness... [continue]

Freedom and equality go together -- the Bible affirms & we proclaim

A community in Quebec has done an interesting thing. The people of Saint-Apollinaire voted to not allow a Muslim cemetery in town.

They did so for a rather high-minded reason. As reported by Peter Stockland in The Globe & Mail, supporters of the ban are against burial on the basis of any faith tradition, period. No Catholic cemetery either.

“They want to stretch egalitarianism beyond the grave so that we are equally dead together,” Stockland writes.

Egalitarianism has a strong appeal to people in North America. It’s an important principle of Western Civilization. All people, we like to say, are created equal. Egalitarianism... [continue]

Campers impact volunteers at Special Friends Retreat

By Ruth Whorton

There are some things in life that make you smile so much your face hurts. These joyful life moments are precious and rare, and the Special Friends Retreat is one of these experiences.

Through support from the Mary Hill Davis Offering and Texas Baptists’ Cooperative Program funding, the Special Friends Retreat is a product of the Texas Baptists Special Needs Ministry which provides an on-level camp experience for people with special needs. The Special Friends Retreat began 41 years ago with 30 campers. Today, there are 400 who attend every year at two locations.

Denny Byers, a camper at Special Friends, looks... [continue]

Answered prayers for softened hearts

By Rachel Scott

In West Africa, people walk around leisurely and talk to everyone they encounter to show them they are important. They do this a lot, so now that we have become more a part of their community, we get to do it as well. It affords us the opportunity to tell stories about Jesus.

One evening, we were making a circuit of the compounds at the far end of our village. We left one compound after an hour and a half of talking and we were feeling really discouraged. We wanted them to know the truth so badly and it seemed like they're trying to understand but something was in the way. As we walked through another compound... [continue]