October 2017

Reformation is always needed because sin persists in the church

Now I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you be in agreement and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same purpose (1 Corinthians 1:10).

Such verses in the Bible make it strange to celebrate the division of the western church, which began 500 years ago. It was not, it seems, Martin Luther’s desire to split the church asunder when he posted his 95 theses to the Wittenberg door. He desired to remove sin from the church -- primarily the selling of indulgences.

It is inappropriate to think it is only the Roman Catholic Church... [continue]


Por Caleb Seibert

El 30 de septiembre, el Congreso permitió que el financiamiento para el Programa de Seguro de Salud para Niños (CHIP, por sus siglas en inglés) expirara en todos los Estados Unidos. CHIP provee cobertura a niños y familias que no reúnen los requisitos para obtener Medicaid debido a sus ingresos, pero no ganan suficiente para pagar un seguro de salud. Muchos legisladores en Washington le han asegurado al público que el programa será financiado de nuevo pronto, pero los desacuerdos en el Congreso amenazan con prolongar el asunto.

El subsecuente periodo de espera e inseguridad del programa tienen... [continue]


Su nombre es Pedro – el hombre de la fotografía. Tuve el placer de conocerlo fuera de un refrigerador industrial una mañana soleada de martes en Cerdanyola, España. Pedro ostentaba una sonrisa brillante, una disposición positiva y una caja llena de limones; en broma le pidió a mi compañera que le tomara una foto porque los limones de ese día eran enormes; de un tamaño sorprendente.

Pedro y su esposa han asistido fielmente a la Iglesia Evangélica de Cerdanyola por los últimos 36 años. La iglesia tiene un ministerio de alimentación semanal que provee alimento a alrededor de 50 personas en necesidad. Pedro ha sido voluntario... [continue]

Texas Baptists Welcome Dr. Steven Dominy as Area 8 Representative

The Texas Baptists Connections Team welcomes Dr. Steve Dominy as the new Area 8 Representative for the Dallas area on Nov. 1.

“We are very excited that Dr. Dominy is joining our team,” said Director of Connections Dowell Loftis. “He deeply loves the Lord and His Church. Having been a pastor for many years himself, he understands the unique challenges and pressures our pastors face each and every day.”

Dominy received his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and his Doctor of Ministry from George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

He pastored churches in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas for a combined 22... [continue]

By This Everyone Will Know

His name is Pedro — the man on the picture.  I had the pleasure of meeting him outside an industrial refrigerator on a bright Tuesday morning in Cerdanyola, Spain. Carrying a bright smile, cheerful disposition, and a box full of lemons, he jokingly asked my teammate to take a picture of him because the lemons were massive that day — an uncanny size.

Pedro and his wife have faithfully attended Iglesia Evangelica Bautista of Cerdanyola for the past 36 years. The church leads a weekly food ministry that provides groceries for about 50 people in need. Pedro has volunteered since the doors opened 20 years ago.

“As a Christian, it is... [continue]

Caring for All God’s Children: Children’s Health Insurance Program needs authorization

By Caleb Seibert

On Sept. 30, Congress allowed funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to expire throughout the United States. CHIP provides coverage to children and families who have too much income to qualify for Medicaid but not enough money to pay for health insurance. Many policymakers in Washington have assured the public that the program will be refunded soon, but disagreements in Congress threaten to prolong the issue.

The subsequent waiting period and program insecurity have significant implications for Texas and the thousands of women and children reliant on CHIP-funded healthcare. One of the CLC’s... [continue]

TBMF to honor Robert Pinder, Robert Feather and FBC Belton

This year at the annual Mission Awards Luncheon, Texas Baptist Mission Foundation will honor Robert H. Pinder, Robert O. “Bob” Feather and First Baptist Church of Belton for the  outstanding impact they have made in Texas Baptists ministry.

The three awards given include the Adventurer Award for Leadership in Missions, the Innovator Award for Creativity in Missions and the Pioneer Award for Service in Missions.

Pinder will receive the Adventurer Award, which honors an individual or organization who advanced missions through outstanding financial support or leadership in ministry opportunities.

Pinder’s passion for missions led... [continue]

The Body of Christ unified during Harvey aftermath

  • From the hours after Hurricane Harvey, FBC Nederland has reached out to serve their community
  • FBC Nederland is one TBM/Texas Baptists Volunteer Village where churches can send volunteer teams to help with recovery efforts
  • They total number of meals prepared and sent out from the church was just over 318,000

NEDERLAND–“Things really started to get bad on Tuesday night (Aug. 29). It started raining here, and it was raining hard. I kept thinking, ‘this is going to settle down, just like any other storm,’ but it didn’t. About 10:00 p.m., we were at our house, flooded in. We couldn’t get out,” said Jason Burden, pastor of... [continue]

Congregation loses everything but hope

By Analiz G. Schremmer, Contributing Writer

“Winter is coming.” That is the phrase that Pastor David Maldonado kept repeating. It was a plea for help; a cry to God. Maybe both.

In August, Iglesia Bautista Jesus de Nazaret in Houston was struck by Hurricane Harvey. The church building took on three feet of water and almost everything inside was destroyed.

“We saved one of the speakers, two microphones and my guitar,” Maldonado said. “Now, on Sundays my brother-in-law brings another guitar that he borrowed and my brother borrows a base.” It is just enough to hold a worship service in the church pavilion every Sunday since the... [continue]

Loving the least of these amidst Harvey destruction

For Metrey Pheap Baptist Church in Houston, floods are nothing new. However, as they are recovering from Hurricane Harvey, this church is working harder than ever to serve those in need.

In both 2003 and 2005, the church experienced extensive flooding, resulting in a combined $30,000 worth of damage. This past August, the destruction of Hurricane Harvey caused double the damage, with an estimated repair cost of $60,000. Though this is the third time the church has flooded, it is the first time they are experiencing a total loss.

“The first day we were was able to come and see the church after the storm, everyone cried,” said Ty... [continue]


El mundo está turbado. Plagado deconfusión, violencia, frustración y división, parece haber una ansiedad e irritabilidad general en el aire. Esta semana he escuchado a muchas personas expresar lo abrumadas que se sienten. Yo también siento la tensión.

El sábado pasado me reuní con un grupo de veinte personas de la First Baptist Church Covington, su pastor, Dr. Eric Black, un grupo de estudiantes de la Facultad de Servicio Social Garland de la Universidad de Baylor, y Gaynor Yancey, profesora de servicio social y directora del Center for Family and Community Ministries.

En la mañana hablamos de una serie de preguntas que... [continue]

Walk the Way

The world is troubled. Riddled with confusion, violence, frustration, and divisiveness, there seems to be a general anxiety and irritability in the air. In the past week, I have heard multiple people express how overwhelming everything feels.

I get it. I feel the tension, too.

This past Saturday, I sat in a fellowship hall with twenty lovely people. The group was comprised of church members from First Baptist Church Covington, their pastor, Dr. Eric Black, a group of Baylor University’s Garland School of Social Work students, and Dr. Gaynor Yancey, Professor of Social Work and Director of the Center for Family and Community... [continue]

Texas Baptists encouraged to live compelled at Annual Meeting in Waco

Texas Baptists are celebrating their call to “Live Compelled” at this years’ Annual Meeting in Waco, Nov. 12-14. For up-to-date information including schedule, speakers, business and more, go to texasbaptists.org/annualmeeting. Online registration for your church is available until Nov. 1.

“In the Bible our New Testament ancestors were compelled by the Spirit, compelled to preach, and compelled to contend for the faith,” said Danny Reeves, Texas Baptists president and pastor of First Baptist Church of Corsicana. “However, the most striking proclamation came from the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:14. Paul wrote, ‘For Christ’s... [continue]

The Truth No One Wants to Hear or Talk About

By Dawn Irons, M.A., LPC

It’s been 48-hours since the knock on the door, and yet it seems a lifetime ago. It was a persistent knock that would not go away. I made my way to the door, still in my pajamas, and when I opened the door I saw the people gathered around my daughter and holding her up. I ran to them to see what was going on.

They explained how they had been driving down the road and they saw her collapsed in the middle of the street. Her body was involuntarily shaking and she was unable to make clear sentences. It was something I had recognized before. I made eye contact with my daughter and asked her if she had been... [continue]

Evaluations within your church

By Aaron Summers

We all must do them and have them done to us. In church life, this tends to be tricky and messy.  We have borrowed so many terms from the business world that we are fuzzy on the real issues before us. We use terms such as personnel, finance, human resources, etc. It is no wonder we have easily shifted into a cultural version of evaluative measures.

Every year, churches come to this point and feel they must do an evaluation on those who receive a salary. I certainly understand and accept accountability.  We should be holding one another accountable. However, the criteria of the accountability are shifting toward... [continue]

Announcing Tamiko Jones as the New Executive Director - Treasurer

WMU of Texas is excited to announce that Tamiko Jones of Arlington, Texas is the new executive director-treasurer effective November 1, 2017.  She comes to this position with a wealth of missions and ministry experience plus business expertise.  

Read the full press release here at the Baptist... [continue]


La glamorosa Las Vegas es la muestra más reciente de violencia. La muerte acabó con la ilusión de un festival. Lo que sucedió en Las Vegas no puede permanecer en Las Vegas; se ha convertido en una noticia trágica, el peor tiroteo en la historia de los Estados Unidos. Los aficionados corrieron, y todos quisiéramos poder escapar de la carnicería maligna que se nos aparece en cada esquina.

Oramos; aun los no cristianos oran, y al hacerlo es como si pensáramos que no hay nada más que se pueda hacer.La violencia no debe sorprendernos. Este mundo siempre ha sido un lugar violento y mortal. Empezó cuando Caín mató a su hermano por... [continue]

We voyeurs of violence continue to beget real violence

Glitzy Las Vegas provides the most recent setting of violence. Death punctures the illusion of carnival. What happens in Vegas can no longer stay in Vegas; it has become tragic news, the worst shooting in United States history. The concertgoers ran, and we all wish we could run from the malignant carnage that seems to confront us at all corners.

We pray. Even rather irreligious people pray. And as we pray it is as if we think there is nothing else we need to do.

Violence should not surprise us. This world has always been a violent, deadly place. It started with Cain killing his brother out of petty jealousy (Genesis 4:1-16). And... [continue]

Compassion and service after the hurricane

By John Hall, Contributing Writer

When disaster strikes, First Baptist Church in Athens jumps into high gear.

The congregation often responds to needs in the wake of disaster through Texas Baptist Men. So when it saw the widespread devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey, it did what comes naturally – sought to meet the needs of hurting people.

“A lot of church members have friends down there, they have family down there that’s been affected,” said Steve Akin, the church’s minister of missions.

Because of the proximity of the damage, First Baptist Church and other area congregations worked together through Southeast Texas... [continue]

FBC Mineola joins other churches rallying around Pine Drive Baptist Church in Dickinson

By John Hall, Contributing Writer

The devastation sustained by Pine Drive Baptist Church in Dickinson can be summed up with one word: Total.

“We’ve got a sanctuary,” Pastor Ted Duck said. “Then we have a separate building that’s a gymnasium/activity center. Then we have a Christian school, which is where our offices are. We got 51 inches of water. It wiped out everything we have. Everything.”

Everything except the congregation’s belief in God. In the wake of the storm, God continues to meet the church’s needs in remarkable ways. Congregations from across Texas and scattered across the United States have donated money, materials... [continue]


El Gobernador Abbot llamó a una sesión especial que comenzó el 18 de julio y tuvo fin el 15 de agosto. La agenda de la sesión especial cubrió 20 temasque la Legislatura descuidó o no tuvo tiempo de aprobar durante la sesión regular de 140 días que se llevó a cabo anteriormente en la primavera. Oprima aquí para ver la lista de los temas de la agenda de la sesión especial.

La Comisión de Vida Cristiana se enfocó principalmente en tres asuntos que se coinciden con losobjetivos de políticapúblicaque establecieron nuestros comisionados el otoño pasado.

La vida humana

De acuerdo a Génesis 1:26:26-31, creemos que cada persona tiene... [continue]


Hace algunos años estuve postrado en una cama de hospital tres horas con dolores agudos causados por piedras en el riñón. La primera inyección de morfina no tuvo mucho efecto; la segunda sí me ayudó.

Ahora leo en el National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): “El fentanilo es un opioide sintético en polvo que sirve como analgésico yes similar a la morfina, pero de 50 a 100 veces más potente”.

Simplemente se me dificulta entender la potencia de esta droga. Temía el poder adictivo de la morfina, pero el fentanilo es una cosa de otro mundo.

Cuando escuchamossobre la crisis de los opioides, pensamos en el fentanilo, y si bien este es... [continue]


PorJesús Romero

Edith Franco tenía solo ocho años de edad cuando su familia cruzó la frontera sur de los Estados Unidos con el fin de buscar trabajo y un mejor futuro hace 17 años. Ha vivido en los Estados Unidos la mayor parte de su vida, y en el 2012 recibió un beneficio migratorio conocido como DACA (Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia). DACA le dio el beneficio de un permiso de trabajo, lo que le ayudó a obtener empleo, una licencia de conducir y una tarjeta de seguro social. DACA no conduce a nadie a la ciudadanía, pero sí le confiere estatus legal temporal a mucha gente joven.

DACA es un beneficio otorgado... [continue]