January 2018

Mind for business, heart for ministry

By: Maxcey Blalock, Media & Communications Specialist, George W. Truett Theological Seminary

At Baylor’s Truett Seminary, student Lauren McCoy is able to unite her passion for business with her call to ministry, creating a unique opportunity to make a difference in the church.

As graduation day approached for University of Oklahoma international business major Lauren McCoy, she anticipated a future of finance and administration. She was interested in microfinance, a type of service that involves giving small loans to low-income individuals to help them start a business and support their families.

“That’s what my hope was, which... [continue]

More than meets the eye

Pornography is like a cancer that can lay hidden until one of the symptoms comes to light. Violence against women is one symptom of pornography. The link between pornography and abuse has been well-identified. Fight the New Drug, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about the harmful effects of pornography, points out that a vast majority of popular porn films contain physical violence in conjunction with sexual activity. In fact, “the typical scene [in such movies] averaged 12 physical or verbal attacks.&rdquo... [continue]

Texas Baptists welcomes Daniel DeLeon as new Area 3 Representative

DALLAS -- Texas Baptists welcome Daniel DeLeon as the new Area 3 Representative of the Rio Grande Valley, from Del Rio to Brownsville, as of January 2.

“Living on the US-Mexico border gave me the opportunity at a very young age to get involved in ministry in exciting ways. My first experiences in ministry included times when I had to translate Bible stories from English into Spanish. God used my bilingual skills to overcome the language barrier, and it was then when I began to enjoy bringing people together, but most importantly connecting them with the message of Jesus,” said DeLeon.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, DeLeon... [continue]

Moldova: God's niceness through the journey there

The story began about three years ago. I was a sophomore at the University of North Texas (UNT), in my rookie semester as an RA in the "artsy dorm" and I had decided to apply for GoNow Missions. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do or who I wanted to serve. I applied for a position in Jamaica because a friend of mine went the previous winter break and highly recommended it. However, I quickly discovered that the timing was not going to work out for that trip. So I ended up going to Discovery Day with absolutely no idea what position I was wanting or being called to... [continue]


Me encanta la historia de Rut. Me gusta tanto que en las últimas semanas he enseñado dos veces sobre esta libro corto de la Biblia; de modo que a la tercera va la vencida, quiero compartir algunas cosas sobre cómo Rut nos inspira a ser firmes al seguir a Dios sin importar lo que nos depare el 2018... [continue]

The Impact Center: Meeting needs and making disciples

By Analiz G. Schremmer, Contributing Writer

The Impact Center at Christian Family Baptist Church in San Antonio ministers to local military members and their families each month through a feeding center.

“We work with veterans and active duty military - those are our primary clients,” said Christian Family Baptist Church Pastor Rob Johnson, a retired military veteran. “That’s always been the DNA of our ministry going on 15 years.”

"from the beginning, the key focus was to meet the needs in the community and make disciples"

The Impact Center, which is a Texas Baptist Hunger Offering ministry recipient, aims to feed clients... [continue]

Training eternally-focused churches in community ministry

The First Baptist Church of Valley Mills sits atop a hill in a community of around 1,200 residents. While the church has engaged in ongoing community ministry since its inception, Pastor John Wheatley was interested in finding new ways to minister. He approached the Baylor University School of Social Work and was soon connected with Travis Engel, a social work intern who began serving with the church in the fall of 2016.

One of Engel’s first tasks was to conduct a community assessment by creating an asset map of the community with the help of an assessment team which was made up of people from the church and the community... [continue]

Entrenar iglesias eternamente enfocadas en ministerios a la comunidad

La Primera Iglesia Bautista de Valley Mills se encuentra en la cima de un monte en una comunidad de alrededor de 1,200 residentes. A pesar de que la iglesia ha participado continuamente en ministerios a la comunidad desde sus comienzos, el Pastor John Wheatley estaba interesado en encontrar maneras nuevas para servir. Él se comunicó con la Escuela de Trabajo Social de la Universidad de Baylor y pronto le conectaron con Travis Engel, un trabajador social quien comenzó a servir en la iglesia en el otoño del 2016... [continue]

Expanding ministry opportunities through new Tech BSM building

As Texas Tech’s campus is growing, so is the ministry and vision of Tech BSM. A new building will generate excitement among an increasing student population and will provide additional space that the BSM currently lacks, including a prayer room, missions room, leadership training area and a larger meeting room. These areas will serve as a catalyst to help them accomplish their vision of reaching the campus... [continue]

Tea and the Gospel

The first day we were in Flushing, New York, my team prayer-walked around the city to find locations for conducting surveys the next day. We were conducting surveys about the new churches to be planted in that area, to determine how people felt about religion in general and new church plants. We prayed that people would take the time out of their busy lives to talk with us and have open hearts to hear about Jesus Christ... [continue]

Ministering to your Muslim neighbors

“Islam” might just have become one of the scariest words in our modern vocabulary. Radical Islamic groups have become household names as they appear on the news daily, aggressively proclaiming their unyielding quest to destroy all things infidel (a term used to describe non-followers of Islam).

What are Christians, specifically American Christians, to do in the face of this very blatant threat from members of one of the largest religions in the world?

Islam is the second largest world religion, after Christianity, and boasts 1.6 billion members worldwide. Adherents to Islam are referred to as Muslims and belong to two main... [continue]

Texas Baptists welcomes Steve Massey as Vice President of TBMF

DALLAS -- Texas Baptists welcomes Steve Massey as the new Vice President of Texas Baptist Mission Foundation (TBMF) as of January 2.

"I am so pleased to have Steve on our staff. His experience as a development officer and a committed churchman will fit well on the Missions Foundation team," said Bill Arnold, president of TBMF.

He began his career serving in various roles in the corporate world before transitioning into full-time ministry. He served for six years as Vice President of Development for Buckner International, and most recently, as Vice President of Development for e3 Partners/I Am Second. Massey has a Bachelors of... [continue]

Seeing God at work in the midst of challenges in Beaverton

I went on my first mission trip when I was eight years old. My parents introduced me to missions when they took me to Reynosa, Mexico with our Spanish church at the time. I was so heartbroken by seeing how the people we ministered to lived, and I could not help but gain a huge ambition to do whatever it took to help them while we were there. Since then, I have fallen in love with missions. ... [continue]

Choosing Faithful Obedience in 2018

I love the story of Ruth. I love it so much that in the last few weeks I have taught from this short book of the Bible twice. So in the spirit of the third time’s the charm, I thought I’d share a few thoughts on how Ruth encourages us to boldly follow God no matter what 2018 holds... [continue]

Sitting at the feet of Jesus

It was Christmas morning. There were 10 of us crowded into my grandmother’s toasty living room. The torn wrapping paper was piled high and the folded gift bags were stacked neatly to return to the box for next year. The smell of bacon and sausage filled the air and each of us sifted back through our hauls to see just how good Santa was this year... [continue]