February 2018


El hogar. Un lugar diseñado no solo para ser un refugio, sino también para compartir comidas, conversaciones íntimas, grandes sueños y mucha alegría. Un lugar al que muchos están acostumbrados, sin pensar lo que sería no tenerlo, o tener uno que ha sido corrompido por el abuso.

Sin embargo, para muchos niños, el abuso es a lo que se han acostumbrado. La Fundación Poiema ayuda a aquellos que han enfrentado esta realidad. Se dedica a educar al público y fomentar la concientización del abuso sexual, el tráfico humano y otros métodos de explotación sexual.

Poiema, la palabra griega para “hechura”, es usada en Efesios 2:10 para describir cómo Dios nos creó: “Somos hechura de Dios, creados en Cristo Jesús para buenas obras, las cuales Dios ha preparado de antemano para nosotros&rdquo... [continue]


El Día de San Valentín está a la vuelta de la esquina.

Las tiendas están a reventar con ositos de peluche, corazones de chocolate enormes y tarjetas de amor. No pude evitar pensar en el movimiento #metoo al andar por el pasillo adornado de colores rosa y rojo del Día de San Valentín en Walgreen’s. Las mujeres (y hombres) que han sufrido trauma y abuso han alzado valientemente su voz para compartir sus historias.

Al igual que en la Navidad, el Día de San Valentín puede provocar sentimientos y recuerdos dolorosos para aquellos que han sido víctimas de abuso o han perdido a un ser querido... [continue]

Texas Baptists welcomes Tom Howe as Director of Urban Missions

“It's a blessing to have Tom Howe on the Missions Team,” said Josue Valerio, director of the Missions Team. “Tom is a team player that brings his pastoral giftedness, experience and creativity, and a spiritual leader who trusts that God's Spirit is in the midst of whatever reality we face.&rdquo... [continue]

North Texas Ministry Provides Home, Healing, and Hope for Victims of Sexual Abuse

By Abby Hopkins

Home. A place meant not only for shelter but for shared meals, deep conversations, big dreams, and lots of laughter. A place many are accustomed to, never knowing what it would be like to not have one, or to have one corrupted by abuse.

However, for many children, this is what they are accustomed to. The Poiema Foundation assists those who have faced this reality. It starts by educating the public and raising awareness on sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other methods of sexual exploitation... [continue]

A Call to Action and Prayer this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day can provoke a myriad of painful feelings and memories for those who have been abused or lost a loved one.

What if we take February 14 as an opportunity to recognize the pain of those who have been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused? What if we see it as an opportunity to serve our hurting sisters and brothers? This doesn’t mean you need to boycott Valentine’s Day, but it might mean inviting a recent widow to dinner with you and your spouse. It might mean extending sacrificial support, sending flowers to a friend going through a divorce, or volunteering at a ministry aiding victims of domestic violence... [continue]

Churches planting churches through the Cooperative Program

First Baptist Church Caldwell, a church established almost 170 years ago, felt a call to reach a largely segment population in their community - cowboys. With the help of Texas Baptists Cooperative Program and community residents, FBC Caldwell helped start Burleson County Cowboy Church, which has become the largest protestant congregation in their rural community. Learn more about how this cowboy church in a cowboy town is fulfilling its purpose to reach lost souls for Christ. 


´╗┐Pastor Steve Johnson, FBC Caldwell: First Baptist Caldwell has been around for almost 170 years. It's kind of hard for us to step out... [continue]

Texas Baptists welcomes John C. Halton as Senior Consultant of TBMF

We are pleased to have John as a part of the Missions Foundation team. He brings extensive development experience and will be working with donors west to Kerrville and east to College Station. He is a committed Baptist layman with a heart to help people use their resources to make a difference for God's kingdom... [continue]