A beautiful mosaic

Diverse...We all would love to use this word to describe our worship experience. But is that the true depiction of what we see on Sunday morning?

Texas Baptists is no doubt an ultra diverse association of Baptist churches, but what about each church individually? If we ALL were to assemble in one place, we would resemble a beautiful and grand mosaic art piece. But, this is not what I see in my neck of the woods.

In my city and in most of Texas, Sunday morning worship still is the most segregated hour. We publicly endorse social progression, but then we allow our services to travel back in time to the 1950s. Just being part of Texas Baptists is not enough. It's time for us to use this influential convention to burst thru these segregated barriers. Yes, this is an age-old problem, but its time to make it right.

In my opinion it starts with our leaders. Our shepherds must show their sheep that its ok to feed in other pastures with neighboring flocks. Our Shepherd, Jesus Christ, never promoted a message of separation, but one of love and fellowship. We must fall in love with each other thru the love of Christ.

Just like a romantic relationship, as the two spend more time together, the deeper they fall for one another. What would this love look like in our churches? What would joint youth functions look like? What message would we show the generations to come? What would integrated mass choirs sound like?

My guess is, AMAZING! We must make it our business to institute fellowships with our kingdom comrades. The Gathering gives us the perfect platform to induce this well needed change. So, pastors exchange cards and members exchange hugs. Let's inter-racially build God's kingdom once and for all.

By Tasha Morrison of Greater Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Victoria, TX.

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