Are you thinking about missions in Mexico?

For the past four years we have not had Texas Baptist Churches working with us during Spring Break on the Mexican side of the border. This year Lamar BC of Beaumont, TX and FBC Vidor, TX decided to take a step of faith and go to Reynosa, Mexico in the spring. They had a medical clinic and VBS. They attended to 251 people in the medical clinic and had an average of 75 children attend VBS. 29 people made professions of faith, 6 were baptized and 1 new organic church was planted.

Here is a short letter from one of the mission team members:

On Friday we went to a small church, not far from where we were staying. We had an opportunity to minister to more than 67 patients. It was a long day, but we met three local pastors and 2 recently retired pastors. The opportunities that God provided so that we could reach into other's lives were amazing. I have to say that I, at no time, have seen, nor felt in any way that we were in any type of danger. Everywhere we have been, even if the people that we talked with did not come to church or did not even to come to the clinic, my team and I have been very safe. The Lord has provided for us in abundance. In the evening we worshipped with Pastor Pedro's small group and listened to a message that he shared. The groups have really come together.Saturday, we ventured to a woman named Jessica's home. It was just in a different part of town, but still close to where we were staying. While we ministered to the patients, Pedro's congregation moved amongst the people witnessing, sharing, and praying. Our team also was doing this. (This is something that the congregation did the whole time we were here.) We had an opportunity to minister to 93 people on this day. That is a grand total of 251 people.
The team ministered as a girl name Yanel, who is 17 and has one child. She came to Christ and chose Him as her Lord. This day was probably the longest due to a constant dust and wind blowing. We had dirt and dust on everything. We came back to the house and shared testimonies and sought Christ's intervention for each other.
The wonderful thing about this trip has been that the church here in Rio Bravo is getting phone numbers, addresses and names and they are setting up appointments in the following weeks to go and visit those who came to Christ earlier in the week, those who are interested in discussing more and those who just gave their information to get in the clinic.
Pedro's church is currently active in meeting in (I think) at least 8 small groups. They meet throughout the week and then on Tuesdays have a small group leaders meeting with them. The trip has been awesome and I look forward to times in the future that the Texas church will reach out and minister again.

If God is calling us, we need to answer His call.

By Daniel Rangel, Director, River Ministry/Mexico Missions for Texas Baptists. Daniel leads ministry efforts on both sides of the Rio Grande River for the Texas Baptists. River Ministry has facilitated hundreds of teams ministering on both sides of the border.

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